9 June 13, 2020

Today is Jojo's birthday and I gave her a "wish" bracelet. This morning Coco and I fought over is she is doing dance or not. It irritates me because my mom seems to let sister do things that sometimes doesn't allow me. I understand that my sister is my mom's favorite but sometime I get jealous.

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I ate a total of 11 fortune cookies because I was hungry. I ate 5 in the morning and 6 at night. Just now Will got injured. It was kind of funny. He was swinging on the chairs and I was in the background telling him to be careful and instead fell on his head. What's wrong with Will and chairs?

Now Coco is mocking me about writing a "stupid" diary. She wasn't even suppose to say that word. now she is also writing a "diary" to annoy me. But is isn't working. The reason she was acting like this is because my siblings were wrestling and my dad saw them and told them to stop so they wouldn't get injured. When my dad left they continued. I told them to stop and Coco yelled at me that she also want to play with Will, that I'm not the only one who want too. When is she smart enough to do smart things?

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