8 June 12, 2020

I felt awful this morning. My head hurts, my hair is over the place, one of my eyes is pink and itchy,and I feel like I am dead. I don't think I am sick.

Have you ever thought that your dreams may be true? This question keeps bothering me. I feel like it is not true and true at the same time.

My dad and Will went home to work on something. Before that we were complaining to Coco. Coco asked mom if we could eat chips. Usually we would get chips we would like, like Cheetos. Since my parent doesn't like Doritos we decided to be nice and eat it for them. However Coco had a different plan. Right when Will and I grab the Doritos and left she quickly grabbed the Cheetos. We started complaining. Finally we cooled down.. I feel like my dad anger and annoyment rate has lower but my mom's has increase. It is just so annoying. Is the day ever getting better.

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