7 June 11, 2020

I got invited to 2 graduation parties, Apparently because of the Covid-19 I can't go. I really wish theirs is a cure or something.

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Again my mom is becoming more angry. At this point I don't want to be pretty so my mom won't yell at me. Reasons I am not pretty is that I have pimples all over my face, blackheads on my little big nose, I am short like 5'3", my thighs are also fat which makes me inflexible, and dandruff in my hair which I tried to remove multiple time and it never seems to work. Sometime I feel like to be a rebel. My sister, Coco, is all perfect and also my mom's favorite(and almost my dad), what is the point. They already have a perfect daughter, why need another one. When will I ever feel appreciated?

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