2 Hiatus on Inseparable Paths and Why I didn't sign the contract for it

So around December last year if I recall correctly I transferred from wattpad and started posting my novel here. Fortunately it was able to receive a contract and it has achieved lots of views. I'm extremely grateful for the people who read my book and I'm planning to sign the contract eventually. Unfortunately, that won't be anytime soon. In fact I will probably sign it in 2 years. Why is the reason for this? I definitely don't take this contract for granted but one thing else I don't take for granted is my health. From January till now i was battling an illness and i haven't fully recover from it. I was planning to continue after the illness but I also had a discussion with my mom about the contract and she wants my main focus to be school for the time being. Something else happened that caused that to happen but I won't disclose that right now. So from January 5th 2023 I will turn 18 and I'll publish the next chapter then. I'm sorry for the long wait but it couldn't be helped. I am sorry this has to happen but just know in these two years I will be working on the story and other stories and hopefully Inseparable Paths will be finished by then. Because y'all will have to wait for 2 years I will not fail to post a chapter each week until the book is done as long as I can do so. I hope understand and trust me this was a hard decision for me to do. I will keep u updated with other stuff using this so please stay tuned. Bye

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