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Announcement is a popular fanfic written by the author NEIGH, covering SYSTEM, others genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.54/5 and 109 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


I will have to repost the novel entirely, it seems like some problem occured after putting some Japanese characters in one the latest chapter. Everyone will be able to find the novel since it has the same title "Nurarihyon System in Another World, and if possible please write some review. Thanks! Next chapter will no longer be posted here.


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You know - I've watched this anime as many times as Bleach and Naruto - I got really excited when I saw your fanfic and to make it even better for me I have read ATG. It takes a very creative mind to pair them together - I would never have thought of doing it. As a reader, I am so glad that you did. I am enjoying every chapter. You are doing an excellent job of combining the two and creating a cultivation system for the Nura Clan that is actually believable in the world of ATG. I am looking forward to your future chapters!


-Writing quality : No grammatical errors, and nice style of writing. -Updates : There never was a single day without an update, kudos author. -Story Developement : Great. I won't expand much on the subject, lest there'll be spoilers, but all I can say is that it's interesting. Don't be turned off by the seemingly slow pace at the very early chapters tho. It has a nice steady pace, with no bullsh*t illogical power-ups every damn chapter for no apparent logical reason.(glances at a certain Shisui Reincarnation atg fic), and everything has an explanation. Everything is logical or at least have a bit of that in it. There's no : "Why do I have this power? Because. Why does it work like that? B.E.C.A.U.S.E." In short it's not a "wish fulfillement" type fic. It's a bit similar to HN1F too, as the MC is not solo and has a clan to take care of too, tho it may not be THAT obvious in the beginning XD. Going by the readers reactions (and my self), I can safely say that you can expect hype :D. See for yourself for the rest :) -Character Design : No one-dimensional characters. Characters are well portrayed, the interactions are meaningful and most importantly the characters stay true to how they were portrayed (Glances again at a certain Shisui atg fic -_-). -World Background : Not much can really be said about this since it's already been established in atg. Tho the authors added some bits in it ;) In short it's a great fic with a lot of potential. The only reason why it hasn't claimed it's place in the top 20/10 is that Nurarihyon is not THAT popular, so readers are not immediately attracted. They'll say something like : wtf are youkais doing in atg? I know since myself didn't begin to read this until I was VERY bored. Didn't regret this I assure you, a great read. And tho it's fan base might be small (for now), it's a devoted one this fic has. Please spread the name of this fic for others to discover this gem.


This looks interesting, I really loved the anime and I hope you can make Nurarihyon more badass in the upcoming events! DON'T DROP THIS! Please! I already added this on my list.


Very interesting take on ATG fanfic and trying to merge it with concepts from nurarihyon. I dont have much problems with the story so far except in the early parts MC trained for months and barely progressed in cultivation. However author patched this up a bit later down the line to compensate. Another thing I worry about is that nurarihyon in the anime when he got older had a head that looked like a fkin pickle which I beg the author not to implement. I hope chapter release can be faster as well.


i found hidden gem... The story is good already so 5 stars The characters too 5 stars and by the way Author-san it's good if harem but.. well up to you i guess 🤗


This is one of my favorite anime. You are a god! But don’t disappoint me because I have high expectations for this novel. My impression on the novel is deep. You have my full support!


From child i always like all Nurarihyon anime & manga so cant comment anymore. Make sure story stay with the flow, dont rush so that u dont drop this. And take all girl from the Rapist!~


So far a okay story. Nothing new though. The characters are pretty bland, the flow could be better. A lot of plotholes and a writing which is mediocre. Nonetheless I would be interested in the novel if not the scenario would be so overused and generic. My goal is not to discourage the author. I just want to say that there is a lot potential to improve.


This is an incredible history! I really like it. But... Rihan has the same power level of Nurarihyon (10 sky profund realm)? . He also has the Sky Poison Pearl (He have inmunity to all the poisons, have and infinity storage space, and a treasure's finder). And he have 10 years, that is more badass than MC. Jazmine also can give him a lot of powerful techniques. You have to give more Bloodlines to Nurarihyon, like the the bloodline of the Kyubi or the Nue (abe no seimei). Also you can go to another animes or novels to find a few power ups for the MC (no too much). Because his soon is more badass than him.


Plss update more author sensei...i hope u can update more, plss 2 chapter a day if u can hhhaaha.....hope u have more time and health to write a novel


Author san. Can i ask for the chapter release schedule please? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


First of all well done author for such a great story But I want to say , don't make all story around revenge only Like if you plan to write 500 ch. Then around 150 to 180 ch. Close the revenge part. And introduce new characters and villains or enemies . Just don't make it like at last ch. Revenge will end Ok it will make it too forward. Straight forward , make some twists , and also plan to send him to other world Don't just trap him in ATG world , ok I like dragon marked war god Or asura one Chu Feng Real name don't come to mind now, Or anime ok Swallowed star and such . Try ok Well done . And you can request. Web novel though email or any other way you can find door ADs or other way to let author earn extra 💰. I hope thee shall continue .! 😁😁😁😁😄😃😎😎😘😎😎😆😆😘☺😚😚😝😝😫😓😢😡😡👹😳😈😱😳😡💀👻👻👻👻💀👺👨👮👮🚣🚣🏊⛹💑💖💕💕💋💄💄👡👢🎩🐺🐩🐆🐇🐇🐻🌳🌴🌵🌾🍓🍓🍏🍝🍠🍢🍦🍼🍰🍬🍶🏣🏣🏥🏥🏤🌎🌃🌄🌅♨🌅🚝🚞🚞🚨🚨🌟🌠🌠🎏🎏🎐⛸🎮🎮🎯


First this is a great novel. Currently I m at ch 13 , I was going to read next but I think one review is must for the feeling I just feel. Man fuc k ing awesome . Ok I was thinking of writing a bad review , but after just another para I change my mind and this thing happen 2 times. I thought mc is too weak as he depend on his clan to fight instead of solo. But another para change my mind I thought mc summons are of same strength as him . Wtf , then change my mind A as it is due to a technique and can work on Max 10 people I thought mc strength is too low then you gave him senbonzakura , man seriously. It's like when o thought this novel is bad , you just make me wrong in another para , you know . But man seriously it is awesome , and I want to read more. Here 3 stones. Ok , don't drop it , this novel is good man


Apart from unnecessary back story of his revived previous family, the story is good.. the yun che is never been a spotlight and Author aims to make a clan building which is suit to my liking. Im not a fan of nurahiyon, but the way his subordinates act remind me of overlord.. we have setsura as albedo here.


Dropping this book seeing as how the mc ended up getting changed to rihan. No point in reading a book where the actual mc gets little to no screentime it basically ruined my entire experience I had reading the first 28 chapters. Other than the mc swap I love everything else about the book.


Come on why would anyone not want to read this, you got our nura young master as a half-mc and father as a mc. I love this. Not many bull**** just enough to make you understand and bam straight to face punching part. I think a bit more gore would be perfect, and dont forget about more chapter.




I am surprised, this is a realy good novel to read, unlike most other novels, on this one you actualy enjoy every single chapter wich kinda feels unique and even if they end with cliffhangers, you barely notice them. I will give it a 4.6, it is still too earlier for me to give it a full 5 and there seems to be a few issues like minor plotholes, minimun world building&character variation. (But then again, theres only a few dozen chapters) Will update this review after it gets more chapters, and I pray this doesnt into 10+stones per chapter as most of the decent novels of this website are doing wich let me to drop them.


Plss...just make the story of MC ... we reader just want to know the stroty of Mc in againts the god world..we dont want to know the strory of other character... i think u just want to make the story long for make stORY of other than Mc and when u stroy of other character i think it will make ur story more bland author cause this is the story OF MC NOT HIS SON OR ANOTHER CHARACTER..PLS UR SINCERE READER


One of the best I hope this novel will be continued . Author don't drop it and if you wanna drop it then drop it now . Out or after you complete a event. I vote for you . I hope you still continue and improve and learn new things. Best of luck buddy.


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