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Anno is a popular web novel written by the author Raven_Aelwood, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, WAR, STEAMPUNK, CIVILIZATION BUILDING, MEDIVIAL, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 55K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 8 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 32 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After being reborn as a young nobleman in a war-stricken kingdom, James a history professor back on earth is given a fresh start at life and is transmigrated to another world- Anno. Left with nothing but a small mining town on the brink of collapse and a handful of knights James( now Levi) must use his knowledge of modern earth to device unconventional means if he wants to keep his head in such chaotic times. Follow our unlucky hero on a thrilling journey of romance, adventure, intricate schemes, and intense action as he battles his way to supremacy. Anno~ _____________________________________________ Steampunk elements Historical fiction Wars .......... Cover art, not mine source: Artstation. Discord: https://discord.gg/duAzSF Patreon: Ravenaelwood Twitter: @Raven_ael Instagram: raven_ael Pay Pal: michaelagbaje57@gmail.com


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Important information at the bottom. Plz read to end.... Awesome! Read it! Trust me! Comment, follow, rate, and leave a wonderful review! *Whips out hypnotizing watch* Read it! Give five star rating! Throw power stones at author! Do it! [Ding!] [SYSTEM NOTIFICATION: MILESTONE ACHIEVED] -- Author has successfully reached the acme of shamelessness by unhesitatingly plagiarizing a fellow author's shameless review-- [REWARD: THE BADGE- DEITY OF SHAMELESSNESS] --When equipped this badge grants it's wearer +10 luck, +10 willpower, -50 charm and -100 face value; The user gains an increase in his mental fortitude and is more likely to stumble upon a fortuitous encounter. When equipped this badge also automatically repels all feminine creatures and increases user's chance of receiving the sacred 'good guy card', while also simultaneously decreases the wearer's chance of getting one of those loathsome weekend discounts at the department store. (P.S. No need to thank me, just doing what a responsibly shameless system got to do. (-.-) ) "..." Sigh... Hey fellow comrades and all the beautiful fairy maidens reading this, it's your least favorite author here, Raven. Well i was to lazy to come up with a shameless review of my own so i kinda 'borrowed' one from The juggernaut (To Build An Empire)... "..." *cough* Anyways here are some important things to note before you embark on this wonderful journey into Anno. 1. This novel has a really deep plot. i spent a lot of time structuring Anno to be the world of my imagination, Dutifully, *cough* *cough*( clears throat embarrassingly ) crafting every character to at least try to be what I imagine them to be in this crazy head of mine. While I might not be the most talented author out there i promise to try to keep things as interesting as possible. 2. Yes it is going to be an harem novel. While i might not add this early on in the book i definitely would later into the book when the novel's foundation is set., so please people don't bash me up on the righteousness issue. I mean a man sometimes got to be able to dream... right? 3. In the first 20ish to 30ish chapters i am going to be doing a lot of information dumping so i hope you can prepare yourselves. i can't avoid this because it would be necessary for your convenience on the long run, but while i might do this i would still try to keep things as interesting as possible, also for your convenience. 4. Yes readers input is allowed because I envision Anno as a reason for communal relationships to be formed. In essence the readers can be actively involved in the development of Anno as your ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and comments would all be taken seriously into consideration when I determine what direction Anno would head to later in the future. 5. Yes there would be rated scenes but just not here. Because i know a large percentage of the readers cannot stomach anything more that a couple suggestive sentences, i want to avoid putting of potential members by adding a few excessive scenes. But i still cannot deprive the remaining audience their desires because i also am man of culture myself, so rather than just cutting out the mature parts i plan on removing the from the main platform and instead upload the full uncut version on my patreon to satisfy the wants of my fellow comrades. Thanks for your time From your perpetually shameless author Raven~~


presently: Chapter 10 It's ok, I like this type of novel. I don't have anything negative to say. Author keep it up, I'll be reading it from now on, and expect the same quality!


If your looking for some decent world building, give this a try. It's nothing overly original, but is good and allows ones imagine to roam abit well reading. Which for me is important.


I don't know how to review novels but my friend your work is good as far as i know, well ...................................................good luck


This is an amazing novel. Its truly a hidden gem, one that takes you back to the medieval times and still has a lot of conspiracy in it. A wonderful book from a cool headed author with tons of potential


A very good book that takes you back to medival times, with beauties, nobels and churchs. looking like a harem and lots of conspiracy in it. A great novel to read.


This is an amazing novel. I have read dozens of different books throughout my years on the site and this is truly a Hidden Gem. the author has created a new and compelling world from scratch of which I am truly invested in despite the few chapters that this book currently has (14 chapters when written). In my honest opinion this book have the potential to reach the top. it's have a similar vibe to another great novel named release that witch and I wholeheartedly believe that this novel could challenge that masterpiece. if the author focus on increasing content the he or she provides to a daily basis and just waits till they have at least a hundred chapters published but I do believe they will see a significant increase in viewers because most people only read stories that have a hundred chapters or more. I wish I am also like that but I am extremely happy that I made the decision to read the story when I did. just keep riding off there and you will find yourself standing amongst the greatest.


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