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Annihilation Rising


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Humans have long since spread amongst the stars. However, towards the beginning of the third millennium, humanity’s alliance, the Federation, finally made contact with other sentient species. Among them were races once considered to be found only in fantasy. The Federation was dismayed to witness these elves, dwarves, high humans, demons, etc. bear powers beyond the capabilities of any human. Fearful of the vast difference in abilities, humanity began to take measures to close the gap. Now, in year 3271 A.D., the Federation has developed a new generation of super soldier. SS1701, a twelve-year-old girl, was raised by the government and subjected to all manner of experiments, injections, trials, and tortures. As a model super soldier, she is obedient and ruthless: a perfect assassin. However, things went wrong in her most recent mission and she is pursued by the enemy. Not wanting to risk the Federation being tied to the recent string of assassinations, the military abandons her. Now, severely wounded, SS1701 must think for herself and find her place in the world. Is she just a killer? Will she fall, or will she rise above all others? Journey with her as she gains the strength and mentality to stand on her own. ================ 1 – The release rate is unknown as of yet. After a couple weeks I’ll post an official schedule once I know what is manageable. However, except for Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 chapter a day should be perfectly feasible. 2 – I labeled this as a fantasy, but it also has elements of Sci-fi, romance, eastern fantasy, martial arts, and war & military. 3 – If you are expecting constant action then you’ll be disappointed with this novel. I firmly believe that character development and world building are of ultimate importance in a novel. If only the plot/action is present, then eventually (with rare exceptions) the book will fall flat and the reader will lose interest. That being said, I believe there will certainly be plenty of action to sate your thirst. 4 – The cover is simply the best thing I could find that looks like my vision for the MC several years into her future. Should someone want to do a cover for me, post your desire to do so in a comment or review and I’ll get in touch with you. Also, should the creator of the image I’m using want me to take it down or give credit, I’m more than happy to do so.

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Author here. Naturally, I'm going to rate my book highly. That being said, I'm sure there will be flaws as I write this. Please point them out! Though I will not change the plot/characters/world according to the whim of the reader, I am certainly open to constructive feedback. I hope you enjoy it!


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