8 The correct way.

The Breeze was blowing slightly on the rooftop of the Kuoh Academy as it slightly moved the hair of two people there.

Those two people were a boy and a girl. The boy had black hair while the girl had white hair which quite the contradiction between them.

Two were sitting normally in two separate benches, as they were staring at each other with their blue and golden eyes. But what was seems to be normal will turn instantly awkward if someone was to come here.

The boy and the girl were staring at each other for almost 10 minutes now without blinking, as the atmosphere between them got more awkward.

The boy was holding his phone and the girl holding her bag of cookies but no one did a move which seems to be childish. But if the girl was staring seriously, then the boy was having other things in his head.

{... She reminds me of my cat} Leo didn't change his expression while looking at the girl, as he felt she is familiar. But his mind wasn't really focusing on her.

Leo was thinking of that state he was in earlier. It was like he resonated with the whole nature, which opened him the door to read will and thoughts by Ki.

{It happened after my words...} Leo thought for a moment before he noticed a certain truth {There's Chinese mythology here, and they use Ki... Does this energy have an enlightenment property like cultivation techniques?}

Leo suddenly felt he grasped the truth and this world might have cultivation techniques, but before he thought more. His phone started ringing which startled him and made him blink.

Leo didn't look at his phone because the girl in front of him nodded like she won something before opening her bag and eating cookies. But even if she didn't have an expression, Leo felt she had a smug look now from her eyes.

Leo squeezed his phone that would be already broken if the Chat Room didn't reinforce it before looking at the caller... It was Saji.

Leo looked at the name for a moment before he answered the call and said "Give me one reason for not coming right now and break your phone"

"Well, sorry if I ruined something important, but didn't you promised to have a football match with me after the lesson?" Saji didn't care about Leo's usual way of communicating.

"The match? Well, sorry something important happened so I might not arrive" Leo remembered the match so he apologized. Leo doesn't like to break promises with his friends, but the conditions don't allow it.

Saji knows Leo very well, so he understood that something happens to Leo before he said " Did something happen? Where are you now?"

"Nothing important but I might need a favor..." Leo turned to look at the white-haired girl that was still looking at him before he said " I'm in the rooftop of the Highschool section, but... Are children allowed to enter this section?"

The girl that was eating cookies almost crushed the cookie in her hand and the bag while her gaze turned dangerous as she stared at Leo that didn't care about her.

"Favor? No problem, but children?..." Saji was walking in the hallway next to the cafeteria before he stopped as his expression turned serious before he said "Leo can you describe the person next to you?"

"Hm? Well..." Leo looked at the girl scary eyes before he said " A white-haired Loli, but why d-. Hm?"

Leo looked at his phone because Saji hanged up the call, but he didn't notice the girl atmosphere is getting more dangerous.

However, Leo didn't wait for long before he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the rooftop door.

After a few seconds Saji came sprinting from the door before he rushed towards Leo that didn't understand what is happening.

"You traitor!" Saji held Leo collar and started shaking him left and right "Was your important thing dating, huh?!"

Leo watched Saji that kept shaking him left and right before he raised his fist and at that moment Saji jumped backward, leaving Leo. This is not a joke, Saji saw what Leo can do, so he isn't willing to take risks.

Leo lowered his fist slowly before fixing his collar and said" From your reaction, I guess you know this white-haired Loli"

"You don't know Koneko Toujou?!" Saji had a shocked expression before starting to talk about a mascot or something as Leo nodded.

{No wonder she felt familiar...} Leo looked at Koneko that was shaking her fist from anger and dropped the cookies bag.

"Enough with that. I have something to talk with you about" Leo looked at Saji seriously. Saji stopped his acting before nodding, but at this moment Leo did something that surprised him.

Leo walked towards Koneko that was mumbling " President told me to not hit normal humans" before he picked up the bag and put it in her hand.

"Don't throw your things to the ground" Leo walked away as he dragged the shocked Saji, leaving Koneko that was frozen from the shock in her place.

Koneko looked at Leo that was dragging Saji before he disappeared from her sight. After a while, Koneko looked at her hand where Leo slightly touch her.

"Ki..." Koneko had a complicated expression on her face before she said "It was happy around him"

Even if Koneko didn't want to have anything to do with Senjitsu, but her instinct as a Nekomata is still working. She didn't feel anything weird from Leo, but wherever he walked Ki would become happy for some reason.

Koneko shook her head before walking to her place that was occupied by Leo before she sat down. She pulled a cookie and ate it, but even if her expression turned back to cold, there was a slightly complicated look from her eyes.

Leo was dragging Saji before he stooped and looked at him "What happens to you?"

"You, you, actually helped her" Saji shocked expression didn't fade because he knows this guy in front of him, which makes him unable to understand what happened and why did that girl got a VIP treatment.

"Hm? Yeah... Is it weird?" Leo looked at Saji that was nodding while he said " Yes, It was very weird"

"Well... She kinda reminded me of someone" Leo walked downstairs before he said " My cat"

"Your cat?..." Saji mumbled before something flashed in his mind as he remembered something important about Leo.

This guy in front of him even if he doesn't want to admit it, has a thing for cute stuff. Saji remembers the time when he and Leo were little kids.

Because of the influence of his unawakened memories, Leo was more mature from the other kids and didn't like to play childish games and kept a serious expression most the time, but that instantly was broken when Saji saw him playing in his home with a cat.

Saji remembers the happy and childish smile on Leo that didn't appear a lot. That cat was raised by Leo's mother, but it disappeared one day and Leo was really sad about that.

So even if Leo doesn't admit it or even if he doesn't have any evidence, Saji still believes that Leo has a soft spot for cute things.

{Hold on...} Suddenly, an idea flashed in Saji mind {If the cat was cute and Koneko Toujou look like a cat which means she also cute and from the equation of cuteness plus the look multiplied by the cat look divided by his soft spot will equal me having a camera and recording an embarrassing moment of his}

Saji felt like everything has sense now, like the universe secrets opened for him just from the thought he can see Leo embarrassed face. But he didn't know that this state actually helped him to unlock his Sacred Gear faster than the original.

Leo looked at Saji's expression that looked like his mind got blown before he said "What happens to you?"

"Nothing!" Saji hit his chest and flashed Leo with a bright smile before he said " You need me in a favor, right?"

{Fishy... Very fishy} Leo watched Saji bright smile as he felt something is hidden under that smile, but he doesn't have time now.

"I need to spend the night at your house and at the same time I don't" Saji looked at Leo before he said " You need me as a cover?"

"Yeah, I have something very important and I need you as a cover for me" Leo looked at Saji seriously before he said " Can I count on you?"

" Yeah, no problem" Saji waved his hand before he said " But are you going now"

Saji didn't question Leo's goal because after all these years if Saji learned something it'll be that Leo is very smart and can take care of himself.

"Yeah" Leo nodded but Saji frowned before he said " You know even if the class in the afternoon aren't that important, but if you absent for two days straight then you'll be called to the student council even if you have an excuse"

"I know" Leo smiled before he said " But you know me, so it better to face them now than later"

{Also I need to see something with my own eyes} Leo looked at Saji that was nodding.

"Okay, I got you covered, but you owe me a favor" Leo looked at Saji before he said " Sure, if you need me just scream my name, who knows, I might appear from nowhere"

"Huh? Are you joking with me? Before something like that happens you'll be screaming for my help" Leo raised his eyebrow as he smiles before saying "Ho? Then let see who will scream for help first"

Leo walked away, leaving Saji that had a helpless smile on his face.

"I need to take the bus to reach there" Leo looked at the long trail of light before he said "It'll be a long journey"

(Time skip)

Leo walked out from the bus as he was staring at the mountain in front of him.

The sun has already gone down bringing the sunset and this bus was the last one for this location next to the forest.

"Kid, if your home isn't here then ride the bus to go back to the city" the old bus driver looked at Leo before he said " These woods aren't safe"

"... What do you mean?" Leo frowned before the bus driver said " There has been a lot of missing people in this forest but no one knows why"

If this was his old world, Leo will laugh in the driver's face, but if it this world, then everything is possible.

{Is it a stray?} Leo looked at the driver before he said " Don't worry old man, this is my station"

Leo walked away from the bus while the driver sighed before driving away.

Leo didn't follow the road and moved directly into the forest. He didn't need direction because the beast inside his soul was guiding him towards the exact location at this moment.

Leo kept walking slowly while paying attention to the surrounding before something flashed in front of him.

The Chat Room screen flashed with a short message.

[Advocate of gender equality is inviting you to chat]

Leo looked at the message for a moment before login into the Chat Room.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin) is Online]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): What do you want?]

[Advocate of gender equality: My weapon, so I can level up already]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): You already sign up in the guild and got that card?]

[Advocate of gender equality: Yup, and I don't want to spend my time working those side jobs to have enough money for equipment]

{Should I tell him?} Leo that almost wrote a message looked at Kazuma other message.

[Advocate of gender equality: And how do you know about my world this much?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): The same reason you know Fate]

[Advocate of gender equality:.... Those worlds exist? Then my world]

Kazuma that was in the stables stood up instantly from the haystack and looked at Leo's message.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Yeah, there's an anime about your world]

Kazuma took a while to respond.

[Advocate of gender equality: Then my world…]

Even if Kazuma didn't finish his word Leo was able to guess them.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Do you feel like your life is fake?]

[Advocate of gender equality: No, to tell the truth, I felt more alive this day than all my life]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Maybe because you died once *First Blood.JPG]

[Advocate of gender equality: Yeah, yeah, very funny]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Don't think too much about it, Kazuma. Our future is always made by our hands, take it as an example. There was no Chat Room in the anime or an asshole willing to help you. And honestly, I wouldn't mind having me in a book or a novel, but I'll probably kill the author if he does it bad]

Kazuma looked at the message for a moment before laying down on the haystack again before writing.

[Advocate of gender equality: I have one thing to ask]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): What?]

[Advocate of gender equality: Please... Tell me I'm the protagonist]

{He recovered faster than I expect} Leo smiled as he kept walking in the forest while the sun was almost fully gone down before he wrote.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): You want plot armor? But first, what makes you think you're the protagonist?]

[Advocate of gender equality: I reincarnated into this world?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Thousands of people also have been reincarnated]

[Advocate of gender equality: I have the goddess... Don't count that, She is more useless than helpful]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): The only time you'll have protagonist treatment will be when you visit Eris]

[Advocate of gender equality: The other goddess? But why I'll visit her?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Let's just say you'll need a head for that]

[Advocate of gender equality:..... Do you know? I'm not gonna question it, just send me my weapons]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Don't worry and stop nagging me for it. It already finished, but there's something I have to do that'll make that beast better]

[Advocate of gender equality: Hold up. A beast? Wasn't it a sword or something?]

Leo had gone very deep inside the forest, as he felt he was close to the dragon vein before replying to Kazuma's message.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): A beast in the shape of a sword. Well, my ability is your usual bullshit imagination-based ability that doesn't have limit except its user]

[Advocate of gender equality: Beasts making ability with imagination... What the fuck with this OP Demon Lord type ability??!!]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Deal with it]

[Advocate of gender equality: But to think about it, beast making...]

Leo grinned as he looked at Kazuma's message.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Don't worry, one day I'll come with Goetias to knock on your door]

[Advocate of gender equality:.... Why it plural?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): *Ars Almadel Salomonis.GIF*]

[Advocate of gender equality: That doesn't make me feel better!!]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Exactly. But if you finished your questions, I have one to ask you]

[Advocate of gender equality: What?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Answer me honestly... What was the content that the Chat Room click baited you with?]

Leo already knows all the reasons behind the other members. Whitebeard because he thought it was a challenge. Misaka probably because she got insulted. Saitama joined for a challenge or a supermarket sale automatic alarm.

[Advocate of gender equality:...]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Don't try to log out *Goetia.JPG*]

[Advocate of gender equality: *Sigh* It was... You know]

Leo's eyes widened when he looked at Kazuma's message.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): You are telling me that you, Kazuma Sato, joined a multiverse Chat Room for P*rn????!!!!!]

[Advocate of gender equality:..... Yes]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin):....]

[Advocate of gender equality:....]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin):... You're a man]

[Advocate of gender equality:... Thank you]

[Bri-Bri: Can you two stop these kinds of conversations in the main Chat??!!]

Misaka was inside her room as she was lying on her bed ready to sleep, but she was blushing from these messages.

[Advocate of gender equality: Where did you come from?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): I don't think she left from the start or from the moment she logged in]

[Bri-Bri: Yeah, I didn't log out once]

[Advocate of gender equality: How can you tolerate a glowing and flashing screen in your face??!!]

[Bri-Bri: Can't you guys just close it every time when it flashes while doing your work?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Well sorry for not having a supercomputing brainpower of LVL 5 esper]


[Bri-Bri: Anyway, can't you guys move for a private Chat or something]

[Advocate of gender equality: Yeah, we can do that but...]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): The reaction of people like you makes us want to continue, and I'll appreciate it if you send me your expression now]

Leo finished Kazuma words as Misaka had an electric current flashing on her head from anger.

[Bri-Bri: You two... Really enjoying this!]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): You have no idea]

[Advocate of gender equality: You have no idea]

Misaka started to generate a lot more electricity, as the darkroom lighted, but she stopped because she didn't want to wake up her roommate.

{Just wait when we meet} Misaka turned her attention back to the Chat because Leo wrote a message.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin):Bri-Bri, you are doing it wrong. Anger will not help you in online chats, let's me show you the correct way]

"The correct way?" Misaka whispered as she looked at the screen.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Hey, Kazuma, remember the time you choose a job. What did you choose?]

[Advocate of gender equality: I feel this is going very badly. It was an adventurer, the weakest class. Why? Are you going to laugh at me for it?]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): I never laugh at the weakness of someone because I know I'm also was once weak, but please look at the store in the ability section]

Kazuma frowned before choosing the shop and looking at the ability section before his eyes widen.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): There is a little thing called 'overall body reinforcement' which you could get after a few days of logging and you'll be able to choose a good job but now you're stuck with the adventurer]

[Advocate of gender equality is Offline]

Kazuma raised his head and looked at the ceiling with eyes that lost hope in this world before he screamed "GODDAMMIT!!!!!"

Aqua was sleeping and drooling before she startled and fall from the haystack.

Leo smiled while looking at Kazuma leaving as he spotted a cave in front of him.

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): And this is how it done, Bri-Bri]

[Bri-Bri:..... By being a total jerk??]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Basically, yes]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin):Well, I'm leaving now I have a beast to make]

[Bri-Bri: Beast? Can you open the Stream function? I'm curious about the ability in different worlds]

[Annihilation Maker (Admin): Sure, why not? I mean, it free points, but my gut tells me it will be painful and full of suffering for me. Are you sure you want to watch it?]

[Advocate of gender equality is Online]

[Advocate of gender equality: I remember I forgot to ask when my weapon will be ready, but now I'm staying *Waiting for your suffering.JPG*]

Leo's expression darkened when he looked at Kazuma, sending his image laying on a haystack while digging his nose. But he didn't have time to respond.

Leo stopped his footsteps and stared at the cave in front of him. This's the entrance of the dragon vein.

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