1 Prologue

We have a mouth for a reason. Some people get hurt because people don't understand them, but they don't realize that it's also their fault for not speaking up.


"Ty, can you share with us your reason for wanting to be a lawyer?"

I looked into my professor's eyes directly, showing her a hint of boredom.

Ugh. Seriously? Why does it always have to be me?

I looked around, lowkey counting the students inside our classroom. Thirty. A sufficient number of students to answer different questions, but why does it always have to be me who's answering every question?

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And do I like it?

Who knows?

I'm used to having the spotlight and attention. And lately, I'm getting really bored with it.

Well, I won't deny the fact that I like it whenever our professors throw lots of questions at me that include sharing my opinions and insights. It's in those cases that I'm being admired by a lot of people.

Well, I got the confidence and the brain. It's like, I'm already constructing a sentence even before the question was being asked.

And right now, I felt bored and thrilled at the hm. . .question? I'm not quite sure. And I want to laugh.

'Can', really?

Not the most appropriate modal to use, is it?

The professor just asked me if I can share with them my reason for wanting to be a lawyer.

Well, I could answer: I can. But that doesn't mean I will , yeah?

I ignored that thought though.

That was an easy question and I can answer that with the best ideas I have in mind. But of course I won't do that in just one shot.

Come on, where's the thrill on that?

"Reason, huh?" I paused for a moment, acting as if I'm trying to arrange and formulate my thoughts altogether. "Well obliviously, the world has just become so. . .inhuman. Everyone mistakes a miracle with foolishness. Because they don't know a thing about how the world works---about how the law works. They don't know their rights. That's why the so-called weak are being stepped on by the so-called strong. I want to be a lawyer so I could be the people's voice. I want to be the one to prove them that we have a mouth for a reason. Some people get hurt because people don't understand them but they don't realize that it's also their fault for not speaking up." My classmates gave me their utmost support, and it was obvious with the applause and cheers that I heard.

It wasn't surprising. I never failed to impress them anyways.

Whenever our professors call me during recitation, all eyes are always on me. Waiting for my lengthy opinions. Lengthy enough to be considered as a speech, actually. And of course, waiting for my quotable quotes that they could note down.

They're always like that, but now? I just can't help but to feel disappointed.

They're already satisfied with my answer? Tss.

I don't like boring conversations. What I want? Arguments.

Come on Mrs. Sandoval, argue with me.

"My my, what should we expect from someone who owns the first rank?" Some of my classmates cheered for me because of the rhetorical question, while I just rolled my eyes at the situation.

That's it? No more follow up's? Ugh. Oh Mrs. Sandoval, this would be a great disappointment for---

"But I am afraid I can't be appeased with that type of answer." The professor looked at me, as if planning to know the extent of my abilities.

And I really wanted to laugh because the professor's reaction is a manifestation that everything is going according to my plan.

Yes Mrs. Sandoval, let's make this class exciting and interesting.

"Are you trying to say that you will teach people how to fight? Because I'm sure that's what you are implying in your 'speaking up'. But you know, that's against our rules. Enlighten us, will you?"

Anne Xaye Ty just cant help but smirk.

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