1 ANNAH: The Last Titanian

Author: Princess Gold

Genre: Vampire

Language: Tag-lish


Vampires: Are they real? Or just a pure fiction?

By: Eva Reyes


What are they?

Where did they came from?

Are they real?

Or just some pure myth that was created by our ancestors a very long time ago?

Some evidences showed that they have actually existed a very long time ago. But nowadays, they had became only a legend that we can only see on the movies or can only be read on the fiction novels.

We seek questions and yet we can't find the answers.

Most of us have actually believed that they've gone extinct and doesn't exist in this world anymore.

But they're not.

They still exist in this world.

Not in the human world.

But into their own world.

Okay, let me tell you something. I want to share a big secret that was been sealed many centuries ago but now, I'm going to reopen it to all of you.

This big secret was all started when the first vampire was created.

Darius Edmond Montez or also known as DEMON is the very first vampire who has been created into this world and he became the original vampire's ancestor.

Why original?

Because after him, came the new generation of vampire's ancestors that was created even more powerful by their power of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.

The vampires who was born from these four new generation was called Argons or the power using vampires.

The four new generation of vampire's ancestors are named: Xander, the ancestor of the fire Argons. Edward, the ancestor of the water Argons. Adelaine, the ancestor of the earth Argons. And Sky, the ancestor of the wind Argons.

And from these Old generation Vampire's Ancestor, DEMON and the New Generation Vampire's Ancestors: Xander, Edward, Adelaine, and Sky, the vampires are divided into four groups of Vampires:

The Argons, are known to be the most powerful type of vampires because of their power using abilities.

The Aletheans, the vampires who came from the old generation vampire's ancestor. They are known to be the fastest, the bravest, the strongest, and are known to be the most excellent in the battlefield because of their battle techniques.

And the third type are called Corrigans, or the vampires who are half human and half vampires.

But even if divided, they feared and served no one but only one master. And that is the Original Vampire's Ancestor, Demon.

Throughout the history of vampires, they are known to be the deadliest and the most fearsome creature in the human world. Humans for them are nothing but a flock of sheep, ready to be served as their meal whenever they wanted.

But Demon is not happy about this truth. Especially that he and the EXODUS, or the anti-vampire organization made a truce that no human should be harmed anymore by any vampire.

And so, he decided that to stop the killings and to prolong the peace in the human world, he used his power to create a new world that only vampires could exist. He created a new world so human can live peacefully without the threat of the vampires.


He made a barrier which separated the human world and the vampire's world.

No human can get into this as no vampires can get out of its gates.

But after making this powerful and indestructible barrier, he disappeared without a trace with his mate, Jane and until now, nothing has ever heard of them. And so, his rulings and his power to control the vampire world was passed on to his only direct descendant and his only son, Calixus, who became the King and the new master of this new world that his father created.

And you've been wondering what is the fourth type of vampires?

Then I'am here to tell you, that this last type of vampires is Calixus family who ruled the vampire's world. And they are called...TITANIANS.

And so, through evidence and through thorough studies, I have therefore concluded, that...

Vampires are real.

But not into this world.

But into their own world.

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