2 Church part - 1

"Anna.... Anna " A soft angelic voice was ringing in her ears. It was very deep, like coming from a deep well. Anna opened her heavy eyes with difficulty.

"Queen mother" Mumbled Anna.

" queen mother .. Where are....Are you?" But there was no reply.

Her body was shivering, she hugged her body and looked around but there was no one. Anna dragged her body to the nearest tree for support. After that she looked around. Her predators were gone.

No, she can't die here! She has to move out of here and find a cure. Anna told herself. She started to drag her body on the ground to move forward leaving a trail of blood.

After some distance she realized that the place was familiar. There weren't any perfect landmarks but she knew these trees. She came here before with the queen mother. She remembered the day when her queen mother had brought her into the forest in the name of hunting. But she knows better that the queen mother will never hunt innocent animals for no reason.


(A distant memory.)

"Queen mother. How long do we have to walk? Where are you taking me?" Asked the girl to a woman walking beside her. The woman has golden brown hair and blue eyes. She was a hundred and fifty years old but only looked like a woman in her mid-thirties.

" Shh don't ask any more questions. We are just a little away." The woman said in her angelic voice.

Soon they reached the deepest part of the forest. The woman glanced at the girl and said " Now listen and look carefully." The girl just nodded.

"Did you remember the road we just passed?" Asked the lady and Anna nodded her head in yes.

Anna and the lady walked for two more minutes in the woods and stopped in front of a huge ancient building. It was like a small church. The building was in very bad condition covered with green vines, it was also broken at some corners. It gave off an eerie feeling just by looking at it. The atmosphere was also very dark around it. The sound of tree leaves and branches rubbing each other coupled with the sound of other small animals and wild birds make it look more and more creepy. Both of them entered the church.


Yes, this is the same place Anna thought to herself. After frantically looking around she started to move forward. It was painful to move an inch, but she has to. With determination she dragged her body forward after around thirty minutes she reached near the church.

The church looks the same as one in her memory. It was deserted and there was no one to help her but for unknown reasons she felt that she could get some relief here. Anna entered the church and stopped at the chapel. There were no benches to sit, the chapel was empty. Vines have covered some part of the building inside also. There were also big spider webs.

Anna has drained all her energy to reach here. She fumbled in her steps and fell on the ground and slowly lost consciousness.


The royal castle of soulwoods.

Rosalie was pacing in the room with a worried expression on her face.

" Calm down Rose .. Your worries are for nothing." Said the middle aged woman clad in red robe.

" They were gone for more than half of the day, mother. Why is it taking so much time?" Rosalie said.

" Don't worry Dear. She is just a small fly. Who is now almost gone from your ways to become a queen of all the witches?" Said Rosalie's mother Augusta.

" But she is the chosen one mother. What if she has hidden power we are not aware of. Then she will be able to escape." Rosalie voiced her worries.

" Shhh .. Don't you dare say that thing aloud again, you are the chosen one, the next queen. understand?" Augusta reprimanded her daughter.

Rosalie wanted to speak something but the maid interrupted them "My lady Mr. Ruth has come to meet you."

"Send him in" replied Augusta

After sometime one of the men who she has sent to kill Annabelle entered the room.

"My lady" bowed the man

"Did you complete the work?" Asked Augusta

"Yes my lady, we have poisoned her with Shura in the deep woods." Replied the man.

"Where is the body?" asked Rosalie.

"After stabbing her with a poisonous knife we left her in the woods my lady." Answered the man.

"That means you left her there alive, not dead, I have told you to kill her not leave her half dead." Barked Augusta. Before the man could reply she spoke again.

"Let's go, take me there." With that three of them left the castle in a hurry.

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