2 GOD{Remastered}

"Arghhhh!!!!. My head huurttss!!!. WTF JUST HAPPEN!!!"

"HAHAHA, Of course, it would, your head got severed, young man" A majestic spoke into the visitor's head

"Huh, what--!" The soul felt as if he was forcible dragged somewhere, causing it to go unconscious, even though it was already dead

"Ohh my bad"


"Arghhh!....What just happen am I not dead?. If that's the case I can finally say these lines."

Cough!! Cough!!

"Did you really think killing me would be enough to make me die??"

"Hahahaha, What a lad!" A familiar yet majestic voice sounded in my head again. It was almost as if I heard it before

"Huh" My vision seemingly got restored in an instant making me a bit dizzy, however, I could now see where I was after a blinding light passed. I stood in what is an open grass field with nothing but the hot piercing sunlight and a surprising mix of cold breeze which felt relatively comfortable.

(Wow, this feels amazing and I'm Alive!)

"Over here young man"

Hearing this majestic voice again, I turned towards it. Sitting down on a golden throne was a middle-aged man with long flowing white hair, definitely the most handsome being in existence dressed in a simple white robe, he seems to be around 6'5" much taller than my height of 6'. All of this didn't matter to me much though, I was mainly wondering who this mysterious fellow was

"Hello mortal welcome to my domain"

"Who are you?.... Are you god?? I asked pretty shocked at my revelation

"HOHO, good guess but I am not just any GOD, I'm what you would call the 'SUPREME GOD', I AM THE TRUE GOD YEZMETOZ"


My mind was quite blown, one moment ago I was attending the opening ceremony for Uni, An Anime character showed up in the real world,. I got killed by him and now I'm meeting the mightiest being in existence. With all in this in mind the only thing I tried to do was bow down, but my body was frozen

"No need to bow young man, we ought to talk about what just happened to you" said TRUE GOD YEZMETOZ

Alex stood there for a while, like an absolute idiot staring at this God before him. He was quite lucky that TRUE GOD YEZMETOZ had the patience to allow him to do so. It took minutes but it seems Our mc finally managed to process the information that was feed to him.

"Finally done, take a seat" A chair formed beside Alex as his body moved automatically and sat down

"Yes, My lord...ummmm how did that happen???" I asked confusingly, still wondering how an anime character was real

"Actually, you were going to die that day anyways, so I just gave you a unique way to die"

"Ehhh!!" I froze stunned at gods words, as my mind went haywire

"Well, young man, don't sweet the details, just know a subordinate of mine responsible for governing the birth of new born messed up a calculation for you causing you to only live for this long




"Don't be sad now, I'm giving you another chance of life because of that, so now are you ready to reincarnate

"OK, I'm ready to reincarnate, I can choose where I want to go and do I get wishes of some sort?"

"Yes young man, you can choose however no wishes as I've got a system premade for you. It shall guide you and allow you to travel throughout the multiverse"

(A system, haven't read a novel with that in it in a while)

"Thank you God for the opportunity" I said as I gave a bow

"HAHAHAHA, I like your spirit young man, now come through this portal to begin the process of reincarnation and don't worry you will have all of your memories "

After True God Yezhmetoz said that a purplish portal was opened and it pulled me in, the last thing I head was

"Reach the apex and join me for a drink one day, see you then my boi"

(You aren't Krato--)

Sometime later in a small compact room, a figure was pushed through a portal



"My head hurts" I looked down on the floor holding my head in severe pain. As I began observing my surrounding

(Where am I?)

I wondered, standing in a white carpeted room, that was quite small, with 5 strange futuristic holographic displays on the wall in front of me and a queen-sized bed at the center on the room

{INITIAZING THE SYSTEM.....3...2....1}



(Why do I imagine some immortal tsundere loli shouting that with the smuggest expression possible)


(Seems like I stand correct)


(Alright, what's your name)


"HAHAHAHA!!!, a mighty system such as yourself self doesn't even have a name!!, HAHAHA!!" I couldn't help myself from laughing at this tsundere

{Youuu!! HMPH!!}

"Fine, Fine. I'll give you a name that suits you, How about 'Aura' it means soft breeze, as you feel refreshing to me and quite cute also call me Alex

{HMPH!!!, Like I need a name from the likes of you.....thankk...you....}

(You act so cutely, Aura)

I thought as a silly smile was plastered on my handsome face


"So where are we Aura?" I asked her a question as I ignored her last comment, observing the room

".... Think of this room, as a main hub of some sorts, the holographic display are responsible for selection and transport to a world, whenever you want to have a quick rest the bed is always available"

"So that's it?"

{I'm not finished yet, one year in this room is equal to one minute in the different worlds}

(Ahhh, that's extremely useful, I could recover in the middle of a fight and train quickly, or use it to have fun with women)


"Ahhh let's get started then!, I am fired up now, FireDrag-" Ahem

Listening to Aura instructions, I walked towards the screens where I was given a choice of 5 different worlds I could go to




- Chivalry of a Failed Knight\\PEAK MORTAL TIER


- My Hero Academia\\ MID MORTAL TIER

- The Testament of Sister New Devil\\MID MORTAL TIER


{Choose one of the following worlds and let's move on, also you can only choose one world here until you've surpassed that worlds limit}

"What's with the limited choices?" I asked

{Right, almost forgot, your soul isn't strong enough to reincarnate in stronger tier worlds at the moment, yes there are more low tier worlds but you can't reincarnate into those worlds due to the law of most of those preventing reincarnation and the list would be too long for you to decide anyways however you can travel to those in the future}

"I understand, but its quite strange, most of these worlds, main characters are low-class harem protags....is there a reason for this?" I asked, I mean I will have a harem as well but I'm curious as to why I'm starting here

{This.....you must be stronger to know}

"Wow, just wow Aura"

{Shut up hentai!!, You think I can't read your mind right now}


{ ( ̄m ̄) }

"Let's get going, I choose Chivalry of a failed knight. Spawn me in age 7 years old, near the vermillion Empire 8 years before the main storyline. As the first Harem-Hentai protagonist, I will ensure that those who I've been interested in, fall in love and become my women. Starting with the vermillion sisters, sorry Ikki Kurogane, you were the protag, but now it is I ALEX" I shouted the last section quite a bit with pride

{Confirmed Reincarnating in minus 30 seconds.....29}


"Ohhh, Aura I hope we get along throughout our life together"

{...Yes!!...Prepare for extreme pain}

"You BI*TCH!!!!!, AHHHH!!!!"

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