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[ANIME multiverse system]

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[MC] My name is hmm.... seems I forgot about it but I know it has tempest in it why can't I remember my name. where what who am I..

[GOD POV] Seems like I forgotten about a soul no wonder I felt soul energy here..dame overtime well time to get chew out. Let's read who he is from his soul" hm " this is rare and his soul is unique.

[MC] it seems like I'm dead. huh who that wired old man looking at me. hello do I get to go to heaven or reincarnated with wishes or something also where am I at?.

[GOD POV] One question at a time. kid it seems like your name is abyssal tempest

and you are in the void where souls get reincarnated or go to heaven. So what would you like to do.If you wish to get reincarnated I'll give you 8 wishes because I forgotten about you. so what will it be kid?.

[MC] Well can I choose the world I can be reincarnated in and does it count as a wish also old man and can I pick a time to reincarnated in and place?.

[GOD POV] yes you can and since your not so bad I'll give you a gift but you have to figure it out.It seems like you can control your emotions quite well and you got a pure soul and thanks for not chewing me out for my mistake "hahahaha" as a thanks agen I'll restore your memories. "snap fingers"

[MC] I see...So for the world I'll like to be reincarnated in highschool DXD 2 years before the plot. I want to be reincarnated in the dimensional gap .Can I keep my memory's or do I got to wish for them?

[GOD POV] Well since your a rare case I'll allow it. so have you decided on your wishes yet."hmm"

[MC] "Yes" I decided for my first wish I want to be a "DRAGON / Titan" that can change its form and size to anything.

[GOD POV] "Done"

[MC] My second wish is to be able to use "creation powers" where I can create anything I think of.

[GOD POV] "Done"

[MC] My 3rd wish is that I have the strongest primordial body no matter where I go or am at like if I go to another universe and I still have the strongest body.

[GOD POV] "Done"

[MC] My 4th wish is that I'm immune to anything and everything unless I don't want to be on command of though.

[GOD POV] "Done"

[MC] And my 5th wish is to have instant mastery and understanding with perfect memory.

[GOD POV] "Done"

[MC] I also wish to have all the powers of the infinity stones from marvel with no limits also can I save my last wishes for later so that i use them whenever I want or need to?.

[GOD POV] "Done" wait what yes sorry about that I'm really tired "hahahaha" anyways yes you can but I'm gonna give you a system sinces some of those wishes can be to op.You got to work for 2 of those wishes with this system you see I already seen the future so I have no dough that you can figure it out. Anyways kid good luck "snap his fingers" now time to get some sleep I'll check in with the kid afterwards "yawn"

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