251 251. I Kidnapped You All

The monster tamer didn't understand what Izumi said to Kyouya, but he knew that Izumi was surprisingly able to release the slavery magic that was on Kyouya. Besides, Kyouya spoke for the first time, this took him by surprise. Ever since the monster tamer found him, he could only scream and groan, but didn't utter a single word like he just did.

"He can talk? What magic did this guy use to make this goblin talk?"

The monster tamer could only say in his heart. Then his index finger pointed at Izumi while saying.

"You, what are you doing? Why did you free that goblin!??"

With the monster tamer saying so to Izumi, the other soldiers raised their weapons even though they looked frightened by Kumoko's presence.

Izumi just said.

"Do you want to die? Well, I really don't care though. But, I'm just warning you, this goblin is an old friend of that spider monster you previously called the Nightmare of the Labyrinth."


Suddenly Kumoko seemed to stumble after hearing Izumi's words.

Kumoko stood up again after a while. With her foreleg like a sickle pointed at Izumi. She asked.

"Oi oi big bro, what's with that chuuni-like name?"

"Your nickname, who else if not you?"


"Seriously serious."

Everyone was surprised that Kumoko could talk. Not only them, but even Kyouya was also so dumbfounded that it was rare for him to see this old friend of his talking.

"Well then, let's go back. Kumo-chan, use your teleportation!"

"Why not just use yours?"

Kumoko was sure that Izumi could also use teleportation magic after feeling the magic fluctuation earlier. But Izumi refused by shaking his head.

"It's not that I don't want to use it, my space magic is quite special and can only teleport in a short distance."


"Wanna know?"

Looked at his fake smile, of course Kumoko immediately refused.


"You have to say yes!"


Kumoko crossed her spider's front legs. She more or less understood that Izumi liked to tease her.

Hearing their conversation, Kyouya knew that he would be taken to another place using teleportation magic. He interrupted their conversation.

"Hey, can you save my brother? Please!!"

Izumi turned to Kyouya.

"Tell me the reason!"

"He's the only family I have left."

Izumi sighed. Then, he explained.

"I'll make it clear. I intend to bring the rencarnators back to earth, because all of you are not residents of this world. So don't expect me to bring your brother to earth too if he can't evolve to at least have a human appearance."

"Then you don't have to bring me to earth."

"Even if this planet is on the verge of collapse? You still want to live on this planet?"


While Izumi was talking to Kyouya, everyone in the settlement had surrounded Izumi and the others. Izumi looked at them with a grin. He said to Kyouya and Kumoko.

"I'll explain later. Kumo-chan, maybe this will surprise you, don't faint, okay?"

Kumoko didn't know what Izumi meant. However, Izumi suddenly released a powerful pressure that made her soul jolt as well. Kumoko, who felt that she had become so strong, couldn't even stand up straight because of it.

Meanwhile, the people surrounding him were unable to withstand the pressure and they fell unconscious one by one.

Kumoko was so dumbfounded by what Izumi did. It was like Izumi dominating her willpower that make her submit after he released it. The pressure was even scarier than the pressure Ariel had ever released. She thought, even if Izumi didn't use his IS, he was still very strong and might easily defeat the demon lord.

Izumi saw that only Kumoko was still holding on after Izumi released his Haki. Izumi just thought, if his Haoshoku Haki was only like this, sooner or later it would be useless. Either way, he had to increase his force of willpower.

Accepting Kyouya's request, he also saved his brother, then left with Kumoko using her teleportation magic.


Three weeks have passed. During that time, Izumi traveled the world with Rori and Hiiro to examine the things that could allow Potimas to escape his grasp. Potimas can transfer fragments of his soul to others for an emergency if his original body is killed or destroyed. With it, he can fully transfer his soul to the person who possesses his soul fragment.

Not only that, but Izumi also destroyed the slave trade run by the elves from the shadows. He traveled the world with Rori who was able to manipulate souls, then destroyed Potimas' soul fragments that were implanted into people around the world.

Of course that caught Potimas' attention. However, he didn't know the cause of the fragments of his soul that had suddenly shattered. When he tried to contact the spies in the demon realm, all he got was negative because all the spies he had there had been cleaned.

"So, Ariel is starting to move, huh?"

He became oblivious to the outside world and began to prepare his weapons that had been stored for centuries. He was pretty sure because soon, Ariel would attack. He didn't know for whatever reason she was acting now, even though she was unable to break the barrier in the elven village.

"Probably because of that person. However, there's no way he can break the barrier that uses planetary energy."

Potimas only thought that she had help from people he met in Keren county, Izumi.

Then, the following week, the Kingdom of Analeit was alarmed because the prince and his pet and the daughter of the duke had disappeared from their residence. Not only that, but 3 talented rencarnators from the Holy Kingdom of Alleius were also reported missing. Only the 2 remaining reincarnators don't really attract much attention because they live in the border region of the mystic mountains.

With this, Izumi had secured 11 rencarnators. 3 people have died of which one of them was killed by Potimas. And the rest are in the elven village.

At first they were afraid because someone had kidnapped them. However, they were surprised when they saw Kumoko's face. In addition, Kumoko's appearance is undeniably a monster.

Izumi gathered the rencarnators in one room along with Ariel and started talking.

"Reincarnators. You may be wondering why I gathered you here. But you know her face, right?"

Izumi pointed at Kumoko. They were surprised when Izumi said that, they came to know that they were all classmates.

Izumi continued.

"Yes, as you think. You are all classmates who died from the magic explosion that came from this world. Oh yeah, maybe you guys can't speak the language of this world, but I'm sure you can speak Japanese right? Though it will be difficult with your small mouths."

Izumi had come across something surprising when he traveled the world, in addition, the time in his world stopped while he was carrying out the mission in this world. So, with his discovery after he traveled the world, he decided to tell everything, including Kumoko, since D couldn't peek into this world for a while.

Izumi began to tell the cause of their deaths caused by the former hero and former demon lord, and Potimas who stole the planet's energy to make the planet on the verge of destruction. He said that he wanted to save the rencarnators who were being held captive in the elven village. They were all captured by Potimas and his men. But Izumi's words became questionable.

"Didn't you kidnap us too? Then what's the difference between you and that guy named Potimas?"

"You guys are not from this world, so you have no idea what was going through Potimas' mind. Too bad your teacher was born as the daughter of Potimas and as a result, he knows several people have been reincarnated into this world. Without knowing the nature of Potimas, your teacher is relying on him which he just wants to experiment with you."

"Why are you so sure Potimas will experiment with rencarnators?"

"Because, the current demon lord has been a victim of his experiments."

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