205 205. I Will Remember This

Exams at school are only held for four days from Monday to Thursday, and Friday is the handing over of exam scores to students. After that, next Tuesday is the ranking of the exam results which will be divided by grade. Besides, that day was also the closing ceremony before the summer holidays started.

On the third day of the exam after school, Izumi happened to get a call. It was Mihari from Gongon Publishing company. Mihari calls him to come tomorrow as she has something to talk about. Izumi also happened to want to go there, but because there was an exam tomorrow, he asked to be postponed to Friday. Izumi also asked why Mihari was looking for him, but Mihari didn't say so and just told Izumi to come.


The next day, when the final day of exams was over, all the students cheered up as if they were free from disaster. Tooru, Hiroyuki, and Shou approached Izumi and thanked him for helping them. The three of them wanted to take Izumi out and treat him to a meal after school as a token of gratitude. Of course, Izumi agreed. How could he possibly miss a treat from his friends even though they knew that Izumi could finish a few servings of food when he ate?

The four of them walked out towards the school gate. While they were having fun joking around with each other, they saw the crowd in front of the gate as if they were surrounding something.

"Ufufufu, I finally found you!"

Izumi stiffened when he heard that voice. He saw a little girl dressed in a gothic lolita dress while walking out from the surrounding students. Who else if not Rori. Izumi doesn't keep activating his Kenbunshoku Haki in his world, so he doesn't notice Rori's presence. Even though his instincts were starting to sharpen and he would immediately know if there was danger accompanied by malicious intent, Izumi didn't feel it in Rori.

When Rori approached him, he pointed in a random direction with his index finger while shouting.

"Go back to your nest!"

"How cruel! I'm having a hard time looking for you, you know! Fortunately, Tabane helped me."


Izumi immediately understood, if it was Tabane who helped her, it would not be surprising if Rori could find him. Tabane could create a device that could detect a person's location, just as she did with her younger sister.

Izumi asked.

"Then, why are you here?"

"Did you forget what you promised? And of course, I want to see Japan."

As the two were conversing, Izumi felt everyone's eyes on the two of them. He remembered that he was still at school. He also saw Kyouko with her friend, Yuki. When Izumi's eyes fell on Kyouko, Rori turned her head and immediately knew that what Izumi was looking at was his ex.

Rori approached Kyouko by walking slowly. Izumi who realized what Rori wanted to do tried to stop her, but his body suddenly froze. He couldn't move at all.

Rori looked at Izumi with a smirk.

"You should stay here for a while, brat!"

Izumi immediately thought. "Don't tell me she used the Soul Manipulation ability? The fuck! Isn't this ability too broken?"

Rori used her ability to trap Izumi's soul and prevent him from moving his body. Izumi has an Internal Skill that can nourish the soul and allow him to launch soul attacks. But it has been a long time since that ability's level has not increased as if it was stuck in Echelon level 4. And because of that, he has weaker soul force and no soul defense to defend against Rori's soul manipulation.

Rori can manipulate souls if her opponent's strength or soul is weaker than hers, other than that, her soul manipulation can be prevented by soul defense. There is no doubt that Rori's strength is much stronger than Izumi's. What's more, it's been 800 years since Rori has been dealing with souls, let alone her curse that can affect a person's soul. It was undeniable, both her strength and soul were all stronger than Izumi's. That was why Izumi couldn't do anything against her.

"This loli!! What the hell she's gonna do!" He said inwardly.

Tooru, Hiroyuki, and Shou were shocked after Rori said "want to see Japan" which means the little girl came from overseas. At first, they thought that Rori was a descendant of Japanese and foreigners who had lived in Japan for a long time because she spoke Japanese fluently. But they don't know that Rori is a genius who can learn a foreign language in one month. They tried to ask Izumi, but strangely, Izumi didn't respond at all as if he had been hypnotized.


Rori's approach to Kyouko makes the atmosphere heat up like a confrontation between an ex and a crush. Rori looked at Yuki and said.

"Could you go away for a minute, I want to talk to her!"

Yuki didn't want to leave Kyouko alone, but Kyouko hinted at Yuki because this was a personal matter. Seeing Rori who recognized Izumi with an unusual-looking appearance, Kyouko could tell that Rori was someone from another world.

"So you're his ex huh? I've heard many things about you from him. It's a good thing you didn't tell anyone about his secret."

Even if Kyouko said about Izumi's secret, people wouldn't believe her. That's why she didn't say anything.

"What do you want from me? We already broke up, so what happened to him is none of my business anymore."

Kyouko looked wary of Rori, however, Rori casually said while chuckling.

"Ufufufu, none of your business? Well, at least I can still forgive you for not revealing his secret. I thought you were the girl he deserved, apparently, just hearing one of his secrets you already want to break up. Well, you better not dream of getting back with him since you won't have that chance anymore!"

Izumi once said after breaking up with Kyouko that it was better not to be in a relationship with ordinary people. He also doesn't want to be in a relationship with someone who can't accept who he really is. That's why Rori said that to Kyouko.

After saying that, Rori didn't wait for Kyouko's response and walked away.


Rori snapped her fingers which made Izumi move again. But it was too late for him to stop Rori, so he said with a sigh.

"Can you not make trouble?"

"Trouble? Why did you think I would make trouble?"

Rori just answered with a sweet smile.

"So, what did you just say to her?"

"Want to know?"

"Tsk, forget it."

And at that time, Tooru asked Izumi.

"I-Izumi, don't tell me you broke up with Hori because of this little girl? I didn't expect you to be this beast."

Hiroyuki and Shou nodded, after they saw how Rori's looked, they also agreed with what Tooru said.

"Wait-wait-wait... Don't misunderstand me!!!"

Izumi dragged his friends away from Rori. Then, he continued.

"I broke up for a different reason, not because of this loli girl."

Even though Izumi tried to convince his friends, they still didn't seem to believe him. They even looked at him weirdly.

"Hey, even though she looks young, she's old..."

Izumi's words were cut short and he instantly stiffened. He already felt Rori who suddenly stood behind him.

"Hooo, I didn't think you dared to talk behind my back like that."

"Ummm, I didn't talk about you though." Izumi just replied to her with his fake smile.

"Ufufufu, you can't fool me, you think I'm a kid?" Then, Rori's gaze turned to Izumi's three friends. "You want to know why this kid broke up with his girlfriend?" Rori said while pointing with her index finger at Izumi.

"Hey Rori! What the hell are you..." Izumi wanted to protest, but again Rori cut him off.

"Ufufufu, you don't have to worry, I know what I'm doing."

Izumi finally gave up, he had no strength in front of Rori. He only hoped that one day he would surpass Rori and would repay her for how it felt to be helpless in the face of absolute power.

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