2 Idea Number Two (Bleach)

First, this idea came to me realizing that they are creating a lot of Bleach Fanfic, one of my favorite anime / manga ... Reading some, I come up with great ideas for a story that is not focused on the Soul Society or the Human World, and yes, it would be focused on Hueco World.

The idea is based as many as in reincarnation, where our protagonist gains the chance to Reincarnate wherever he wants, gaining a System ...

As expected, the character will choose Bleach and for some factor that is not of his knowledge, he dies on the day of his birth, causing his soul to be taken to Heuco World, there is where the story would begin.

Because of his System that was given to him, he managed to maintain his consciousness even after becoming a Hollow, in the weakest form, a Gillian.

With the help of the System, his conscience and memories were retained, meaning he would be a strange Hollow. His System would be nothing special except to make him stronger quickly, level up, and also gain access to his stats and abilities, which he could administer with the help of the System. (Simplifying, this system would not be the ones that come with store missions and etc.

He would only come up with the leveling function of Killing, Defeating or Training to raise his stats. It would be a System, as Simple as Possible, as it would only use it to raise Level, Evolve and Manage its Statistics.)

With this, in Heuco World, he would be a Hollow that devours other Hollows by killing ... Making him stronger and not having the original story ... As you all know, a Hollow that devours other Hollows has 3 Forms:

Gillian - These being the lowest rank and the weakest among them.

Adjuchas - These having gained a strength above other Hollows.

Vasto Lords - These being almost unseen in the series, but it was shown that their powers were so great that 10 of them, Aizen could overthrow the Soul Society, ie they are not for fun.

As the character would have to go one by one to become stronger and stronger, the system would work with a counter for its evolutions, for example:

1 - 100 = Gillian in his weakest form up to his peak of strength, where he would gain the chance to evolve into an Adjucha, who would also have a paramenter of levels from his weaker Self to his Peak ... Making this become so :

Gillian = 1 - 100> Adjucha = 100 - 1,000> Vasto Lorde = 1,000 - 10,000

Now, you ask yourself, 'Why would Vasto have a Level Limit?'

That's where another factor comes in which I would like to add, plus two Lost Evolutions to Uncountable Years, Animas and Imperatores, or created from myths that many did not believe and was left behind.

With these two new evolutions, there would be more challenges for the Character to become stronger, new powers ...

(Since I did not create any power other than some characteristics of the two Ultimate Evolutions, I'll leave it to anyone who gets the idea to create ...)

Anima = 10,000 - 100,000> Imperatore = 100,000 - ???

The Animas, it could be said the redemption of a Hollow and the creation of a new Race between all the Bleach Universe, so that the character manages to evolve for such a 'New Race', he will have to buy certain requisites:

1 - That you accept it the way it is, and destroy your links with your Human sides (which still exist even when becoming Hollow) and Hollow ...

2 - When they buy the first step, they will have to destroy their bodies, by destroying them, they have to find something material or organic, to create a body based on that chosen "Something" ...

(For example: If he acquaints with a Wolf, his new main body will be that of a Wolf with him being able to make a metamorphosis and create a second Humanoid body, that is, a Human body and etc...

With this evolution his power is something as powerful as any existing God, and also by having a Main body (Object or Something alive) and a Secondary (Humanoid), he would be a kind of Immortal, because to his secondary body it is always destroyed he may rebuild it, but if his Main body is destroyed it is certain death.

The last evolution, Imperatore, is the apex of its "Species" having an infinite growth which can not be calculated. Also, with that evolution he became a true Immortal, because he would no longer have a "body", he could be anything he wished to be.

Thus, like the Anima Evolution, the Imperatore also has requisites that must be attended to for its evolution, in this case, it is only one:

1 - Get rid of everything and everyone.

Well, translating would literally 'die'! Hahaha


As I said, I did not think too much about this idea, just a plot to create a story ... But, as you would already know a way for the MC to climb in strength ...

As for the Plot ...... That, depends on head to head, because with its latest evolution, the Character is no longer connected to any Law, that is, he can be wherever he wants and whenever he wants, always growing stronger and stronger.

So, just like the Rendering of a Story with this Plot, it could be with him as part of the story of Bleach ... Or later, he went out through universes ... Who knows, that part did not think ... What I came was just the Plot of how Strength growth.


So this time it was just that, I wanted to get that idea out of my head, because it was already bothering me. As I said, put these "Ideas" to anyone who wants to pick up and create from them or be inspired by them, so if you want to create something on top of that, go deep.

Well, I force you to attention again.

Until the next crazy idea.