1 Idea number One! (Naruto)

Well, the idea itself is as follows, the main character, a Japanese who was in a car accident with his parents, where he was the only survivor.

With no other living relatives but his Grandfather, he lives with him in an inner city, where he isolates himself in his room for having mental sequelae because of the accident.

Having stayed four to five years inside a room, he fell in love with the Otaku culture and stayed in his room living like a Hikinomori ... At the age of 10, his grandfather could not stand it anymore as his grandson wasted his life, out of the room, showing him the martial arts, which for some reason he called the MC's attention.

With a new motivation, he began to train martial arts with his grandfather and it was discovered that he was a kind of genius when dealing with the arts of fighting and battle ...

At age twenty-five, his aging grandfather died, leaving him alone in the world with a Dojo as an inheritance, for finally found him worthy of the title of master to see his incredible progress ... He took care of the dojo and never stopped training and perfecting, adhering to new martial arts, he became the strongest power in the world of martial arts.

At age 56 it was discovered that he forced his body to the limit and could no longer practice martial arts, because by force his body would very greatly result in his instant death.

But he still did not stop and continued to practice martial arts and enter tournaments to perfect himself, and in the last of these tournaments, in the end, he against his opponent, ended up winning the fight but losing his life.

Dying in a fighting position, the greatest martial artist has passed away.

The same, after his death found himself in a completely black place, which he could not see, could not feel anything, something really strange to him that had raised his instincts to the peak of the human body ...

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After some time, a voice was heard, saying that he died and how his soul had evolved, he could not get in the way of reincarnation and because he had accumulated much Karma in his life, it was impossible to receive a new life.

Hearing this, he asked this voice, if he had some way to turn it over, because staying in a completely black place forever would not be cool.

The voice said that he could reincarnate in exchange for his Karma, he accepts the proposal and the voice asks if he wishes to be reborn in a world of his choice ... He is surprised by the question and thinking of several world of animes , light novel and etc, he chose the World of Naruto.

The voice accepted his fate, and when he finally reincarnated into the world of Naruto, the voice told him that even with his reincarnation in exchange for his Karma, there was much Karma still in his soul, the voice then made him another proposal, he could choose three characteristics of his choice for his new life, could be any one.

The voice said that whatever he chose would be changed to the world he would go to, so as not to cause imbalance in the world. With that in mind, he thought for several hours when he gave his three characteristics.

The first being a Zanpakutou, the perfect weapon attached to his own soul, taken from the great world of Bleach.

The second being a Mark in his right hand which could store anything, even living people, with infinite capacity.

The third being an unusual choice, he chose to be born with his unique elemental affinity, Space and Time.

After citing all three characteristics, he finally managed to reincarnate, with a 'Good Luck' from the mysterious voice.

Upon entering the cycle of reincarnation of the Naruto world, he lost consciousness and only recovered when he was already being born ...

He discovered that he was born to an Uchiha couple who fled the nation of fire and lived as peasants in an isolated village.

He began to walk with his 10 months and speak at 1 year, being seen as a prodigy by his parents ...

At 3 he began to train his physical strength and control over his Chakra which was abnormally large ... Having a birthmark in his right hand a strange symbol, it was discovered that in order to access his "Infinite Inventory" he needed a great control over your Chakra ...

Having as its only element Space and Time, he could not use it immediately, because it was a element that would take a long time just to have a glimpse of his abilities, it was discovered that he had some connection with the environment, making him feel and later you can use the energy of nature.

As he had no elements and was not in a village of ninjas, he could not learn jutsus, but it turned out that he could learn / recreate some jutsus through his memory of Naruto's world ... With that, he eventually created his own Jutsus in the future ... At 8 years old, the village that he and his parents lived with, was devastated by the war outside, and his parents saved him at the last moment and with a map and money he had, he went to Konoha ...

There would officially begin the story, after the events of the Extinction of the Uchiha Clan ...


Some Jutsus that he created or would create over time:

Invisibility: Throwing your chakra around your body and blending it with the Chakra of nature, eventually erasing your awareness completely and disappearing from view ... A complete invisibility.

Intangible: This was based on the Obito Intagibility, using his mark he ended up realizing that His Existence was made of two Parts, the Body and the Soul. Then, with his mark, he threw his body into her and with the help of his Chakra he was able to leave his Soul form as an Astral form or a ghost to the eye seen. Being able to maintain it for as long as he wanted, but for this he had to have control over and Chakra simuntarily, that is, it will take time to reach the point of perfection.

Telekinesis: Using large amounts of your Chakra and Natural Chakra in your mind, resulted in him being able to manipulate objects with the mind.

Telepathy: Like Telekinesis, he eventually discovered that he could connect his mind with someone else's and listen to his thoughts, control his mind and so on ...

Minor Teleport: With some control over his element Space and Time, he created a teleport, which was used at close range, based on Hiraishin no Jutsu, where his mark was his eyes, that is, wherever his eyes could see , he could teleport.

Major Teleport: Here, with great control over his Element, he could teleport to places he had seen and stored in his memory.

True Teleportation: I already understand the laws of Space and Time, could teleport to any corner that existed in the Cosmos.

Well, I'm only going to put those if you want more, then say that I re-edit and put more Jutsu ... And yes, before they speculate that he does not have Jutsus of the original series, he HAS YES, of course, without being Jutsus Elementals, he uses a lot of already existing Jutsus ... And also uses many as a base to create his own.

As Kage Bunshin in Jutsu, based on it, he has created a Jutsu which is called, Temporal Clone, how he can advance in time or regress in time, using large amounts of Chakra, he advances his body by creating a clone of himself .

To imagine better, imagine him breaking the space like a mirror and from there get a "Clone" with a few hours in the future, he could dissipate it just like any Kage Bunshin in Jutsu, only that his clones would be real, and even the experience of death would come to him, something scary to anyone.


Now, about his Zanpakutou:

When he began to interact with Naruto's Chakra, which he had understood more of himself, he had come in contact with his Soul and thereby release the seal of his Zanpakutou, it would have the appearance of the Sword of Nier: Automata, YoRHa No. 2 Type B Virtuous Treaty Silver, a Katana with a very dubious and stylish apence in my view.

When you take out your first Seal, the Shikai, your sword will become a little larger and a White Chakra Mantle will cover you, think of Naruto when you use the Kurama Chakra, increasing your strengths by 10x the value he had ... Of course, this value can rise, the more he has control and synchrony with his Zanpakutou.

When taking the second Seal, Bankai, his sword disappears and what will happen is the following, with large quantities of his Own Chakra and Chakra of Nature, he a new Chakra Mantle will be formed, being white, but with a different appearance. With his Bankai activated his abilities would be multiplexed in 1000x, and also power he could use any existing element with full force ... He could sort of be alternating between elements, which would cause his Chakra Mantle to change color, of course , when he has full control over his Zanpakutou he can use all the elements at once.

As for his sword, he can create any existing weapon out of nothing. Think of a Truth Seeker Sphere, which can shape into anything, it can create any object..

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