1 Prologue

I will start this story by introducing myself. I am Shanelle Park, the daughter of the well-known owner of Dream High Academy where rookie musicians and artists start their dreams to become good and even the best in the world of entertainment. Most of the famous boy groups and girl groups of this country and even all around the world began to dream here at DHA.

Well, I am into entertainment also. Not to brag about it, but I have not only beauty, but talent also. I can sing and dance. But, my mom wanted me to act because she was an actress before when she's still alive. The problem is I am not blessed with acting skills.

Because I was dumped by my 7th boyfriend (yes, you heard it right. He's my 7th ex bf already but like them, he also left me alone), which is a musician and my childhood sweetheart, I lie-lowed to auditions and I focused on sketching.

My life is simple. I am not like those rich bitchy girls who love to showcase how rich they are. That's why I was called a nerd here at school. I am known as the most unlucky girl of town because of being so unlucky in everything. In love, in life and in my career.

But then, everything changed when that one unexpected night came.

And that is when my sketchpad came to life...

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