Angreji - The Pursuit of Freedom Book

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Angreji - The Pursuit of Freedom


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In 1900s India, the colonisers have taken control of yet another Princely State with their conniving methods. A 14-year-old boy now struggles to regain control of his Kingdom and most importantly, himself. Devdutt is an ordinary boy in comparison to the Princes from other Kingdoms. He's meek, naive and lacks guts to fight away the White officers. But he has with him a lifetime of learning from Nature, that his teacher had imbibed him with at every step of the way. Will he be able to defeat the Colonisers and take his Kingdom back and restore it to the same old splendour and make his father - The King of Makrai, proud? Will he be able to fight the English by using their own language against them? Here in lies the story of his trials and tribulations. Here in lies the ultimate 'pursuit of freedom'.