Angels & Virtues; White HorsesAngels & Virtues; White Horses

Angels & Virtues; White Horses

by YourTypicalPsycho

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2 professionals, 1 weapon of mass destruction, Numerous enemies, and a trip from Alaska to Antarctica. This will be interesting... ************************************************************ "The world up there in the mountains would have been engulfed in silence were it not for the howling and the roaring of the wind and the ground was submerged by the frost and the snow as Dominique Virtues aimed his Barrett.50 calibre sniper rifle and prepared to fire." After decades, the location of the "Vulcan's Ember" is revealed to "The World" and it's a race to get to Antarctica, by ship, whilst figuring out the location of the key that might possibly be in ONE of the cenotes in Mexico and fighting back sea monsters and winter's whispers. ************************************************************ (Very Vaguely based on Shackleton's expedition for obvious reasons and will give out HINTS of the Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian horror)

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