1 One life

In this swirling world with billions of people.Listless children sob for an uphold. Perchance I can be a biographer.Perhaps I could commence. Mr Johnson Ms Amelia had agreeable,daughter angelica . Her brown and black wavy hair with her green hazel eyes made her alluring but she is little bizarre . Even though they decided to defenestrate her, I will elucidate slowly. Between Johnson and Amelia there has been tremendously long fights , they had their own life and their problems and more than you can imagine. they care for money the a life . Such an atrocious parents, Is there anyone worst. They decided to put her in an orphanage. They packed her things and they left. Not knowing this happening 15 years old angelica with her parents in a car."honey,I bought what you asked for your present "her mom said . "You got me iPhone 8 but mom my birthday is next month "with an excitement utterance .the car stopped in frontof orphanage, "why are you stopping infront of the orphanage "she said. Ms Amelia said "can we have a talk" with dispointment . She nodded. Mr Johnson had no words,so he didn't even move from his place. Ms Amelia and angelica gotten down the car. "Mmm..mom and dad are not so well lately. And we are really sorry ...but we have our own life ... ". "How could you just me leave me here I want you mommy l don't want anything else "angelica said with quavering.Ms Amelia couldn't hold her tears so she get into the car,Leaving her child in an old , big orphanage. How could anyone leave a child like that, is this even real

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