Angel of Demons
novel - Eastern Fantasy

Angel of Demons

Stacy Mevoli

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What is Angel of Demons

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Micca steps down to earth with a mission to search for heaven's lost precious soul—Human. He has accidentally possessed Amber's body as his vessel and couldn't get out. However, Amber's dark emotions and lustful desires create an unpredictable switch of personality between them as Micca eventually develops feelings for her. On the other hand, Amber is unaware that she is being possessed by an angel. With the guidance of Gideon and an hourglass that limits his time on earth, Micca continues his search for Human without knowing that Amber and Human are one. Would Micca ever find out that Amber is the lost soul that heaven is looking for before it's too late? Will he succumb to a forbidden kind of love that could turn him into a demon?

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I have been enjoying the book So far, it is so interesting 😅, I recommend everyone to try it out 😊. As the book is so amazing 😘. Keep Writing Author 💞.


I rate the story 5. I am surprised at the first part and the message. I was surprised also with the transformation of the first part and the second surprising connection. I not finished the story but the cross over chapter is shocking and creativity. Micca the angel is very funny and the cat. I was confuse also because the boy disappeared maybe a twist. there is also a very many twists here I can feel. I like amber the girl who switch personality.


What an interesting concept! The synopsis may capture anyone's interest in angels and I love how the author ties up the story together. I also love the character development in it. Great job author! Keep it up!👍 I highly recommend this😊


wow[img=recommend] nice work author. the synopsis alone got me hooked. I haven't read anything like it.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I really like your story, you are a great writer! Keep on doing what you do because it makes readers like me happy and it makes us forget reality because your world is better. :)


Hello dear author. i have to say that i am really intrigued with your story. ESPECIALLY, thE beginning. The way the beginning starts and pulls you into a cycle with the characters and escalates easily is a goid way for readers to get invested. ill definitely add this to my reading list. Good job!!


I can't stop scanning the pages. I love how the started. I love how it flowed all along. I love the plot. it's so very uniquely made and reading the chapters feel like watching a movie. I love the funny moments of the characters. I love how confusing Amber and Micca are. Kudos to the author..,


Another interesting piece of story I do like this kind of genre and reading it makes me want to read it more🤗🤗🤗Really appreciate how the author deliver it well hope Micca and Amber end in a happy ending way😄😄😄Kudos Author👏👏👏


The title was intriguing. And the synopsis just pulled me in. Can't wait to see how Micaa realises the truth. Good work author. Keep updating.


I loved the synopsis. It was filled with suspense and made me laugh. As I began the book, the story just flowed. I like the development. This is a very promising book. A must read. The book and author has so much potential.


the story is fantastic! I love your synopsis and even impressed with the chapters inside! I can't wait for another update from you.[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Must Read Book! this book is amazing throughout your reading u won't get bored...it's so very interesting and it could turned into a movie if I were a director I would have bought this script or offered her to sign with me. Hats off!


I read all these chapters really quickly. Because this story and my imagination made me forget about the passage of time. I like everything here. Characters, the idea itself. I am honest here and I recommend this novel.


One of the best synopsis I've read so far. I couldn't stop myself from reading the book. It's so well written and the words are so well put together. The storyline is interesting. I'm very intrigued to read more.


so this was interesting. It starts off as a quick cool fairy tale. It's interesting and had me curious as to how it ties to the story which begins shortly after. From there it was funny and a little confusing. by the end of the second chapter, everything made sense and I was rolling. Definitely a good book. I hope the author continues.


Reveal spoiler


This book is really interesting. The two worlds is distinguished really well by the author here. My favorite part here is how the worlds are created by the author. I am interested in more creative work that will progress in the future chapters.


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