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Read Angel & Agent novel written by the author rayroy on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, revenge, contemporaryromance, secret. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


'One Shot' is the nickname of the best sniper and secret agent who's about to get a promotion - if this mission goes well. But little did he expect to meet an 'Angel' on the roof that night who'd mess up his chance. But that is only the start of the weekend. The drunk angel is not who she seems to be, and soon, both fall into a web of intrigues they might not get out alive. Watch out for this action romance drama! If you only have one shot, you better make it count. Weekly updates planned. SPOILER ALERT: Now for those who want to figure out the story and the character background themselves, I'd advise you to stop reading from this point as the next paragraphs will contain SPOILERS of season one and the characters. SPOILERS AHEAD! (proceed with caution): Three candidates have made it to the final round to the next promotion as top secret agents. Alexander (aka "One Shot") with a perfect record is in the lead; Jack, a self-proclaimed rival, is close behind, and unknown to both, a third candidate is in the race: Angelica (aka "Angel"). The two followers pursue different strategies to make One Shot fail: Jack wants to make him mess up, but his plan fails when Angel interferes. She has a different motive: to make him choose her out of his own volition and give up his position as a secret agent for love. Jack mistakes her for One Shot's girlfriend and changes his plan. His new idea: kidnapping Angel and threatening One Shot to give up the promotion. Things become even more complicated when friends and family become involved, an ex-best friend's betrayal with the ex-boyfriend, and a wedding. Who of those three will win the promotion? But maybe more importantly, what are their motives behind getting it? A new order comes in and only the one who successfully finishes this will be promoted. The mission: find the traitor among the spies.

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I just started reading. I really enjoy the story so far. Many of the books on this sight are not as easy to follow as this one. I'm excited to run into twists an turns! fingers crossed. I don't really know about the world background but I just started reading so I hope the writer will get into that. If you have time to read some chapters of my book I would love feedback from you because I like your story flow so far. Either way keep it up!😁


The writing is excellent, the scenes well described, characters well made. It's more of a matter of taste, the reason I am writing this review. The story seems excellent, interesting. But it is done at a much slower pace than I would like to read. Believe me, it's slow. Not a bad thing though, as I wrote, a matter of taste. It is written scene by scene. Which makes the chapters very short, and the updates takes too much time to proceed with the story.


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