1 The End Is Just A New Beginning

Two figures blur as the air cracks around them. Punch meeting punch, kick meetings kick. Almost invisible by the untrained eye, the two figures fought at speeds that most of the universe's fighterz could barely compare to.

Their clashes almost seemed scripted as each movement was perfectly mirrored by the other, though one of the figures was clearly at a disadvantage while the other carried a certain wild and corrupted feeling along with its blows.

They clashed again, this time coming to a stop as both sets of hands grabbed the other trying desperately to push the other back gaining some sort of advantage. Although subtle, the woman engulfed in the lighter aura was slowly but surely being pushed back.

"I can't believe this! What are you doing? Get out of my waaaay!!" a distorted voice screams out as her hands are held in the firm grasp of the other person identical to herself.

"Goku, what's the holdup?!" A slender blonde woman shouts up to the sky. A man can be seen hovering in mid-air, completely defying all known laws of physics. He, like all the surrounding others, appears to have been severely damaged, yet he pays it no mind as he continues his self-appointed task. Above his head, a shining orb radiating the purest of energy most of them had ever felt.

"Thanks everyone! I'm all good to go!" Goku shouts down at his comrades, having finally gathered enough energy from every willing living thing in the universe to complete his strongest attack.

The blonde woman breathes a small sigh of relief, then looks over at the ongoing struggle. "21!! It's done!" she yelled urgently.

"I know…" The one dubbed as 21 replied softly.

21 is tall, pink-skinned, and has pointed ears, and a curvaceous body. She has bushy pale pink, almost white hair, and stunning baby blue eyes. Wearing a black tube top, keeping the arm sleeves, and wearing white baggy pants, she could only be described as a world-class beauty,

Unfortunately, her beauty was slightly marred by the various injuries that adorned her skin, though if one looked closely enough, they could see those slowly healing over time.

21 pulls back from her clash with her identical purple-tinted evil twin and fires a ki blast point-blank range to her face.


The explosion produces a shock-wave powerful enough to push her back far enough to regroup with her comrades.

"This way, hurry!" The blonde woman shouts to the group and they all proceed to evacuate the area, all aware of the destructive power the technique about to be fired holds.

Back at the center of 21's last attack, her evil twin stands firmly with her arms crossed. She shows no visible damage from that last attack, having mitigated most of it even though she was caught off guard.

Uncrossing her arms, the vicious scowl adorning her face quickly turned to shock and fear as she finally had the chance to take notice of the glowing ball of light in the sky. As a being made of pure evil, she feels an instinctive danger towards her very being at the mere sight of such pure energy.

"DO IT NOW, GOKU/KAKAROT!" All of the spectating warriors, though low on energy, shouted out to their last hope to finish the job. Knowing that should this fail, unless a certain lazy cat got involved, this would be the end of the universe.

"Okay, here it goes!! Spirit Boooomb!" Goku shouted out as he thrust his arms downward right in the direction of the evil Android 21. The ball traveled at speeds that didn't match its massive size.

"You can't...ever stop MEEEE!!" With a crazed yell, the evil 21 shoved a single arm forward barely in time to catch the spirit bomb preventing it from contacting the ground around her. The energy radiating off of the bomb burned her hand but otherwise made no further progress as the winds whipped around her and the ground started cracking under the pressure.

Raising her other hand, she completely stabilized herself and managed to slightly raise the bomb above her head, though not enough to prevent it from weighing down on her. A crazed sneer developed on her face and her red bloodshot eyes gazed at the shocked spectators directly behind the bomb. She knew it was only a matter of time before she overpowered the ball, and when she did, there would be hell to pay.

"Gggghh…!!" Goku in the sky continued to use what little remaining energy he had to try to force the ball to overpower the ultimate android. But he could tell he was slowly losing ground. If nothing changed, he may not be able to keep the spirit bomb in proper form any longer and all of their hard work would be for nothing.

"Ugh! I can't believe that wasn't enough?!" a black-haired man with a face similar to the previous blonde commented at the current situation.

"You've got to be kidding me…" an angry faced blonde-haired man with the most impressive widow's peak the world had ever seen, vented his frustrations as he knew he no longer had any energy to spare to make a significant difference.

"But...we've used up all our power!" A short bald man called out helplessly, knowing should things continue he'd likely be the first to die...again.

"Damnit…is there nothing we can do?" The blonde woman slammed her fist on the ground. She had wanted to avenge the death of their friend at the hands of this monster. But it seems that task was beyond them.

21 watched the situation around her with melancholy painted all over her face. She knew this was partially her fault for not being able to control herself, yet no one around her had blamed her. They all accepted her, though some with slight reluctance and the time they spent together meant more to her than any of them could possibly realize.

Ever since she was born in that lab, she had been alone in the world. Given a task she had not wanted to complete, she tried everything in her power to find a different path. She rebuilt the body of her template's son and tried to start a family of her own. But all of her efforts were for naught. The hunger kept growing by the day and she soon had trouble even forming conscious thoughts.

It was then that due to repressing her hunger for so long, her mind finally split and gave birth to her evil half. The side of herself that had no issue with completing her mission. The side of her that wanted nothing more than to feed on the universe itself and turn it all into delicious, mouthwatering, mind-numbing…

She stopped her thoughts there, having finally come to a grim realization. Although the agony caused by the death of her son managed to split her evil half from her mind, at her core, she was already beyond saving. The hunger would resurface again, eventually. It was only a matter of time. In these 10 years, she had not found a cure and she couldn't be sure she would hold it off another 10. Especially not without the support of her son.

She had made her choice.

"18…" 21 stood and turned to the blonde woman who had a confused expression, an android similar to herself. Her first genuine friend in this world who tried the hardest to save her from herself.

"Thank you...and goodbye," she said with a breathtakingly serene and pure smile

"21?!" 18 could only call out in confusion as realization dawned on her and she stared at the receding back of her new friend. 21 dashing off before anyone could properly comprehend what she intended to do, however, a few recognized the look in her eye.

A fierce determination that showed her resolve kept any of them from moving forward to dissuade her.

She flew fast and low to the ground, right into the direction of the spirit bomb and her evil twin!

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? YOU CAN'T!!" Her twin only noticed her at the last second, visibly shocked and outraged.

"We're going to disappear! Together!" 21 reached around and grabbed her out of control double by the waist and dragged them both back, forcing her evil double to lose her grip on the spirit bomb.

Her last thoughts as the all-encompassing white took her was only a wish that she could have made it up to all those she had hurt along the way while her evil side was in control.

"21!!!" she only faintly heard the scream of Android 18 before everything went dark.


"NEXT!" a loud and powerful voice called out as the floating orb in front of her was escorted to another section. 21 floated forward, honestly very confused at the situation. She had thought she died taking her evil have with her, but here she was still existing.

She didn't want to say still alive, since she was surrounded by what she could only imagine being souls, though she was the only one around that still had a body. Only more questions piled up and the line was called to move forward again.

She had no idea how long she had been in this line, but it was likely more than a few days by now. It was hard to tell, seeing as she felt no exhaustion nor hunger. That last one was one reason she was so content to wait the situation out.

She wasn't hungry!

This was the first time since she had been born that the mind-numbing hunger had completely disappeared. The cravings were gone, the voice in her head telling her to consume the universe had vanished. She was alone in her head and she had never felt so great.

If only she didn't have so much time to recount all those she had harmed thus far in her newfound clarity, she would have thought she was in paradise.

"NEXT!" it was finally her turn to step into the door. The times the floating souls took in the room varied, so she had assumed this was likely the place souls get judged before going to otherworld or hell. She was already pretty sure where she'd end up, so she wasted no time before entering the room, resigned to her fate.

The room, itself was rather empty except for the single comically large desk directly in the center. Behind the desk was a very, very large red-skinned man. He was gazing at a book in one hand while resting his head on his free hand. He looked up (or maybe down in this case?) from his book at her, before doing a double-take back to his book.

"Hmm? Geh! So you're the famous Android 21? You must really be important if you got a god to make a personal request on your behalf," The large man said as he started visibly sweating, clearly intimidated by something.

21 however was slightly worried about the man's health and she thought he might be eating too much. She felt no need to comment on this declaration about the gods as she knew about Lord Beerus from her talks with Goku.

She figured he must have directly ordered she be sent to hell or likely worse for her crimes. She had already accepted her fate, so there was no need to question what the request might have been. At least that's what she thought at first…

"Hhmp hmm. Congratulations! You've been graciously given the opportunity to reincarnate with some extra benefits! How lucky!" After clearing his throat, the large man said with obvious forced enthusiasm.

While 21 could only say…


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