1 Seven Days

If today haven't stressed Akaashi enough, the view of his apartment door opened wide by who-knows-who was enough to bring both his knees down. After his overtime that lasted until midnight, he wanted nothing but a good rest. But instead, he perceived his place—presumably—got robbed.

"Oh my god, oh my god… "Akaashi was not even religious.

But picturing all his electronics essential and valuable collection being robbed was enough to kick off his atheist side. His first instinct was to call his landlord (it was rejected )and the police. After giving information, they need to know whether the intruder was still inside before they send anyone to check his place.

After a few good minutes of collecting his nerve, Akaashi brought his feet closer to his opened room. Holding his briefcase and phone tight, if the intruder was still inside and police did not make it in time, he was prepared to fight even if it cost his own life.

Inside his apartment, he spotted someone with Adidas training pant and jet black hoodie. His intruder was going through his refrigerator, munching on something. Akaashi informed the police while sneaked his way inside. On the front door, he stepped on a black and white Nike that was not his. Judging from the size this one belongs to a man.

"Only one pair, he is alone. "whispered Akaashi in his call

He took off his shoe, is he an intruder?

Even if he was not, what kind of visitor came to his place without telling him first and didn't even bother to close the door? Plus, no one else but his landlord has access to his room, and he was probably still snoring at this moment.

Akaashi kept his presence as thin as possible while on the sly sneaking his way behind the robber. Lifting his hard thick briefcase to the air, he was more than ready to knock him up before handing him to the police.


It was too late for Akaashi to noticed the spiky white hair behind his hoodie.

Akaashi knocked him hard, and the intruder passed out with Akaashi's leftover pizza hanging from his mouth.



It took a good 15 minutes for Akaashi to explain that his intruder turned out to be his old friend from high school. Akaashi never meant to hit Bokuto that hard, but under adrenaline rush, he was strong enough to overthrow a professional volleyball player. Damn, his time spent in the gym was not for nothing.

"How did you even enter my place at this hour? "after making sure that his ex-captain in the volleyball team was still alive, Akaashi dragged him to the nearest sofa and check his head where he got hit.

No blood or indication of a cracked skull, Akaashi sighed in relief.

"bueh…bueh… "Bokuto started opening his mouth, muttering something.

"Bokuto-san, please don't tell me you have lost your mind… "Akaashi could not afford brain surgery if that was the case.

"HeeeEE agha- kuh!!! "he kept talking with closed eyes.

So Akaashi went to the kitchen to get some water. He besprinkled some water on Bokuto's face.

"Can you open your eyes? "

"Akaa…shi? "slowly, a pair of eyes opened.

"Yes, Bokuto-san? "

Finally, the volleyball player opened his eyes. Akaashi was all over his face when he did.

"am I in heaven? I am so happy they also have an angel who looks like Akaashi here~ "

"Oh you will be, Bokuto-San, if you failed to explain to me how and why did you break through my place "

"I-I can explain Akaashi! "

"I still remembered where you usually hide your spare key! Am I amazing?! "

With a little bit of patient left within him, and Akaashi also feeling guilty for making Bokuto lost his consciousness, Akaashi cooked two ramen noodles for both of them.

"No Bokuto-san. Infiltrated someone's residence was not cool at all! I could report you for that. Can't you at least gimme a call before? I thought my place got robbed, Jesus Christ! "God needs to thank Bokuto for making Akaashi remembered God twice today.

"I told you I am sorry! It was Emergency! I used to enter your room when you are still living with your parent! "Bokuto grabbed his bowl of ramen after Akaashi put some green vegetable and boiled fishball to their ramen as finishing.

They both sit across the table with Akaashi rubbing his temple.

"That's different! They live in housing. If something happened with you or me, my parents, or at least the neighbor can do something about it. I live on my own here! If something happened, no one knows! And please for god's sake DO NOT forget to close the door! It's very dangerous! What if something happened to you?! What if it was not me who found the door wide open and decided to do something that could harm you?!"

"…okay! Okay! fine! I was wrong. I won't forget next time…but I can't believe you don't know anyone here at all Akaashi. You are so kind and considerate after all…"

Bokuto almost got Akaashi there.

"I see you haven't experience living in an apartment. Good for you. This place might look similar to your dorm but it was completely different. My next-door neighbor was passed away due to overdose a month ago and no one realized it until the third day when the landlord entered his place because of his water and electricity late payment." Akaashi coldly slurped his ramen.

Bokuto lost his appetite imagining what Akaashi's neighbor's corpse looks like.

"-are you mad Akaashi? "

"No, I am not. "

"For real??? "


Bokuto-san, please eat your veggie! you are not a kid anymore! "

"I will eat anything you cook but those green beans. "Bokuto puffed his cheeks.

"I can't believe you still eat like this… "Akaashi reluctantly collecting all the green beans Bokuto left on his ramen bowl.

Just like how they used to do in high school, Akaashi finished everything Bokuto's left on his bowl. He can mentally hear Bokuto was thanking him from his eyes expression. Those eyes never lie. After they both emptied their bowl, Akaashi opened two can of beer and so, he believed that they are ready to talk.

"Now, Bokuto-san "

Bokuto instantly straightening his posture as he familiar with Akashi's serious tone. He only used it when he is dead serious.

"Care to explain why you end up at my place without telling me first? "

Bokuto could felt the room temperature dropped to minus. He knows he would be dead if he gave an unsatisfying or nonsense answer.

"I…got kicked out of my dorm. "

"How's so? Aren't you living in an athlete's residence? "

"A few accidents and a late payment…"

Akaashi can see how a building consists of Hinata, Atsumu, and Bokuto was every landlord's worst nightmare. Their loud voices, and when they decide to so anything borderline dangerous, Akaashi felt sorry for their landlord.

"Don't you have your family? Why my place? you don't even bother to bring anything but clothes you are wearing and a backpack! "just recently he noticed Bokuto's backpack, with a big owl keychain, on the sofa.

"This…was not the first time. My parents are no longer accepting me after the third time I got kicked out. 'A grown man should no longer live with his parent!' they said! I rarely use my place because we keep moving around for practice, that's why I only bring some clothes and bag…"

Honestly, Akaashi would do the same if he was Bokuto's parent.

"And…what is exactly your plan? "hopefully living inside a car or being homeless was not being considered by Bokuto.

"My payment will be down in seven days. "

"And where you will stay during those seven days? "

Bokuto was down on his knees, cupped Akaashi's hands.

"AKAASHI!! can you let me stay at your place for only seven days? I have been considering sleeping in the park but I am scared of homeless people and drunk old men at night! "

If it was not because of what he said, Bokuto's pose looked as if he was trying to propose to Akaashi. It was a cold silence between them. Akaashi needs a few minutes to mentally slap himself and to react normally.

"…Bokuto-san…This is why money management is important. "reluctantly Akaashi letting goes of Bokuto's hand.

He never realized how his hand felt so much smaller to Bokuto's.

"How could a professional athlete like you have zero skill in money management? Don't you have any manager? "He brought himself to sit in front of Bokuto who still on his knees.

"That's the problem! None of those managers stayed longer than three months with me! " Bokuto's looked so desperate.

Why Akaashi did not surprise? This is Bokuto we are talking about it. Akaashi sighed heavily. Bokuto with his best puppy eyes and internal praying begging for the mercy of lord Akaashi. His right hand took off his glasses and look Bokuto in the eyes.

"Alright, Seven days…Only seven days? "

"Only seven days! "Bokuto jumped from the floor.

"Just think of me as your pet! I will be a good boy! Woof! Woof! See??? "

Even Akaashi didn't see that coming.

It's almost 3 a.m, but Akaashi's body refused to go to sleep. Since he only has one bed, Bokuto slept on a sleeping bag he brought himself. He was sleeping like a baby, Akaashi reminded himself to at least buy a new futon for Bokuto tomorrow. Since he rarely invites anyone at his place, he never thought he will ever need one.

A few minutes ago, Akaashi asked Atsumu and Hinata via chat whether they had Bokuto's stuff and just like his assumption, the rest of Bokuto's room belonging was currently at Atsumu's and Hinata's place. They have also distributed it equally, wonderful. Akaashi will ask Bokuto's to bring his essential belonging only to his place tomorrow. The rest can stay at Atsumu's and Hinata's before he finds a new place.

Akaashi slept on his right side as he watched a sleeping Bokuto who currently being illuminated by moonlight from his opened curtain. He forgot to close it before turning off the light in his room and now he was thanking himself for that. That moonlight highlighting every curve of Bokuto's face like a view from cinematic drama.

"God gimme strength…"Akaashi covered his face with a pillow.

"To not falling in love again with my high school-crush "he could practically listen to Bokuto snoring and his heartbeat.

'He only saw you as his friend, you used to be his setter and vice-captain. He trusted you, that's why he choose you to stay with. That's it. Thay's fucking it.'

'Stop it with your one-sided feelings! Don't egoist!'

In the end, Akaashi fell asleep at 3.45 a.m. In his sleep, he was dreamed of becoming a cute kohai with long silky hair who confessed to Bokuto behind the schoolyard. It was a day before Bokuto's graduation, and the sakura three looked so beautiful. A warm drop of tears running down on Akaashi's face.