1 The Nightmares

She was standing in a tunnel holding a lantern. There were skulls of humans everywhere half buried in the soil. She heard footsteps behind her back and got really scared. She slowly turned back and started following the voice. Suddenly a hand grasped her neck strongly. "No! Stop! who are you? why are you doing this to me?" she shouted...

"what happened jess? it's all fine... come on wake up! " spike shaked her.

she horribly opened her eyes and hugged beatrice. She was breathing heavily.

"Are you again watching a nightmare?" Beatrice asked to jessie.

"Yes like always.... it's the same nightmare i have been watching for last few weeks. i don't know why is this happening to me. I don't want to sleep again." jessie replied with trembling voice.

Ok just relax we are all here. You are fine. Thank God it was just a nightmare.....

She woke up and came out in the street. There was indistinct chatter in the street. She was still unconscious and scared. She has been watching these nightmares for a last few weeks but didn't know about what these nightmares are. She was told that her mom also used to see nightmares like that and later on she went crazy and died.

Jessie and her sister Beatrice live in an old house with their two friends billy and spike. They were all grown up in an orphanage. And since that time they are all together.