And It's All About You
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And It's All About You


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What is And It's All About You

And It's All About You is a popular web novel written by the author Aitneony, covering MODERN, FANTASY, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, LOVE, VAMPIRE, THEORIGINALS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 43.8K readers with an average rating of 4.93/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 34 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Edmund Aldrich, a guy stuck in his past life , didn't think his life will change so fast until he met this one mysterious girl who turned out to be his strength. The one to shaken his static world. Elora Noelle, a mysterious beautiful woman who turns out to be the immortal soulmate of Edmund's. Inspite of having so many ups and downs they managed to set for their future life. But there comes a time where Elora has to choose between love for Edmund and the reason for his death. Forced to confront painful memories, Edmund will discover undeniable truths about the choices Elora made. But can they overcome all these uncertainties and move towards a better future? . . . *A part from story* I kiss her again, then move down her jawline to her neck. I trace my fingers across the thin skin of her collarbone. She closes her eyes, her cheeks are flushed and she bury her fingers in my warm hair. Telling me how much she likes this, likes me, loves me... "I have loved you for a very long time, Edmund", she whispers against my breath. "From even before that farewell. And that's why I insisted Charlie on taking me to the farewell so that I could meet you." Meeting her again was never a coincidence. Her words surprised me. "But I was at the farewell you know." "Yeah I got to know that but not before I met you the day of our introduction and I read your mind." I smile. I don't know why I smile but thinking about all these, how we met and how we fell for each other makes me smile. But it came out bit like a chuckle. She laughs. When she laughed I wanted her again. I love the sound of her laugh. I take both her hands on both of mine. "Pretty dramatic way of founding each other I see." "Surely". "Oh wait! I'm thinking I'll take that as my inspiration for my novel." "OH MY GOD! EDMUND." She laughs even louder this time. . . Cover credit: Author Hesreth


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Its worth your time. Can't wait for the next chapter. The special bond that they share despite of their short time together is the beauty of their relationship. good luck


Reveal spoiler


I am loving this story. Great plot and character formation. I particularly liked the mysterious character of the girl. I strongly recommend it . And also best of luck to the author. Looking forward to ur next projects.


Omg,loving this already. Please read this. It is bound to grab your attention. Good combination of imagination as well as realistic feelings.


Their chemistry is sooooo good. I wonder what will be the ending. Please dont let them separate at end. And interesting twist of plot. I wonder if almund aunt is also a vampire?!


Refreshing story. Elora is trying to stay away from Edmund because she is a danger to him,but why is her uncle behaving weird? There are so much things to be revealed yet. Hope that you can continue it well.


I like where the story is going. The back story of Edmund's dad was shacking. I think it also explains his mother's behaviour. Looking forward to Elora's story.


Excellent writing and very good thinking skills.you are one of the best i must say because you describe every charaters perfectly.there is lots emotion,melo drama and the main point- the way you describe the story was outstanding.I am proud of you.you will be the best writer in the upcoming time.carrry on.


the plot is really great. exciting, breathtaking and fascinating. good luck author and i hpoe you will continue to excite us. and also we all have that one Jason friend in our lives XD


This story is quite good. I like where the story is leading. I wonder why she keeps on running away. Im curious to know aboit that. hope people will like it too


This is quite an interesting story I see. I like it much... waiting for other chapters. Keep up the work author... Looking forward to it. Good luck


This novel is so nice. I like it very much. Jason is a nice guy. Edmund is quite intelligent. But it has sad moments too. Good luck author. Keep it on.


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