2 My Neighbour

After college, I went to shop to buy groceries for my dinner and some fruits to gift my neighbours. I'm just so tired after such a hectic day, I just want to get to bed as early as possible. I freshened up, changed into something comfortable and made myself some quick dinner. I grabbed the fruit basket and knocked my neighbour's door. I am just curious to know who they might be and what kind of people they turn out to be. I hope I can find some company for my free time.

My jaw just dropped by seeing the neighbour. It was Ken. I could tell by his face that he is just as surprised as me. He just invited me in. And I just went in with a chaotic mind. It's very clean house with only few furniture. A table with lamp for studying with two chairs. He served me a glass of water. This is different side of him that I never expected rather I should say no one would expect. "What's this coincidence?" I just thought to myself. He just said the same thing as if he had read my mind. He startled me, "What's in your hand?" Oh my God with the sudden surprise I forgot him to give him the gift. I just handed it to him and mumbled "I just wanted to say hello to neighbours..." He thanked me immediately "Wow, really!! Thanks and you wouldn't have to get me anything."

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Today's events were as if they were straight out from a novel. First, I bumped into him, he's my desk-mate and he's popular and out of my all expectations he turned out to be my neighbour. He brought me out my thoughts by asking "Did you have your dinner?" I said "No." He instantly said "Then that's great. I am starving. Let's get something together outside." What's so great about not having dinner? I am also starving by the way. I need to eat and...Woah!!! wait a minute. Did he just say together? Yes, he did. And did I answer my question myself? Forget that. I didn't expect him to invite me out to grab some dinner. But I already prepared mine. What to do? "But I already prepared dinner." I hesitated a bit and asked "If you don't mind, I'll just bring some for you. I think I made enough." He sternly said "No." I must say, I am a bit disappointed. Just a bit late he added "I think it would be better for me to come over. It'll save you the trouble."

Am I dreaming? Someone just pinch me, so I can wake up now. Is my room clean now? I don't remember how it was? I blankly nodded and started walking out of the room. I didn't know that he immediately followed me until after. What's with this new development? Seriously! A boy in my house, and more over to eat.

I just immediately got to work and arranged the table to serve the dinner. I couldn't speak anything more while eating, except for stealing glances of his face and the way he eats. While eating he mumbled "The food is really good. Perfect to my taste. " I don't know why but it pleased me the most. Before parting he added, "With this we are considered as friends and really good ones at that. Good night. Sleep well." I just replied him with my best smile.

It took me while to sleep that day because it took a lot to gather my thoughts around. I got my first friend. But I was unaware of new feelings inside my heart.

Getting up early is something very difficult for me. But I have to, since I have to prepare my own breakfast. I just went to the balcony to see the city life in the morning. I guess everyone doesn't wake up early in the morning. The weather is so cool. I want to go to sleep again. No... no, I have to do my work. So I stretched my arms high up to decrease my sleepiness and tried to do some exercise. I turned on my favourite song 'Dynamite' to cheer myself up started grooving. I know I am bad at doing exercise, so I kept on laughing to myself while doing that. I guess I should stretch my neck to get rid of stress. Left, right and I froze. I blinked my eyes several times to see if I hallucinated. I'm so embarrassed now. I forgot that his house is beside me, so the balcony is very close. Ken, raised his hand laughing probably to say hi. But I could care less, I immediately ran into my house. I must be crazy. Oh wait! My phone! I just rushed out to get it and saw he is still outside. He just said "Good mo..." and I rushed back inside like someone was chasing me. Thank god I got my phone this time. If I am not embarrassed before, now I am surely am. How should I face him today in class?

I was hesitant before I stepped into the class. What should I do? I sit beside him in class. But I have to go in right? I took a deep breath and stepped inside. I'm saved today. He didn't arrive before me. At that very moment someone shouted behind me “Hello,” it's him again. I really wanted to shout "Stop showing up everywhere out of the blue!!" I quickly walked to my place. I didn't dare to lift my head. I pretended to be immersed in my books, but I can clearly hear his voice while talking to others. My heart went thumping as he came to sit behind me. I wonder how my face looked now because I'm so shy now. He bended over to my side and whispered in my ears "It was refreshing to watch you today." I couldn't say anything in response and stared in surprise. Then he smiled. The way he smiles made him more charming. Our conversation didn't go any further. I just couldn't concentrate on my lecture. I couldn't ignore his presence. I was just happy that he sat beside me the day before. But now, I I doubt I think like that.

Everyone was staring at me during the lunch break. I guess our exchange didn't go unnoticed by those girls. Words travel fast. I just sat alone and started eating my lunchbox. I could just tell by the noise that he is near me. My eyes searched for him without any reason until my eyes meet his. I just avoided it and dumped all my thoughts in my lunch. Just a moment later, there was no more noise. I wondered why and lifted my head only to find him at my table. He sat right across me, while others concentration shifted to this table. He immediately tasted my food without any words and smiled in approval. Oh! Again? Why does he smile like this? Now I'm even bothered by his charming smile. Seeing his smile made me feel like it's only both of us in the whole world. He said, "I am expecting a good dinner tonight." What? Do I have to prepare for him today? Does this mean he will come to my house everyday to have dinner? May be I didn't hear properly. Oh my God! What should I do? While I was pondering over this thoughts he took a spoon full of rice and pushed it into my mouth. I wasn't expecting that. There was a huge roar in the cafeteria which pulled me into reality. I just gulped it down and stared at him as he joined his group.

On the way back to class I was cornered by a girl. She is just too gorgeous but would be more pleasant if she didn't have the scowl on her face. She just declared "Stay away from Ken. He is mine." and went away. What was that? Did I go to him anytime? The rest of day I couldn't even look at my book properly. But I just know this girl may be bad news.

Now I have come terms to it. He is Ken, my annoyingly handsome neighbour. But looks like I have to stay away from him. But he is my neighbour!!!

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