11 It's Chloe

For the first time, I went to class together with Ken. Before I was afraid of facing the ire of his fans. But something changed between us which gave me an immense courage. Everyone suddenly became quiet. Why? I thought there may be an uproar but this is odd. May be it is a good sign. But I can sense something is strange. They were never like this when I was with Ken before. We went to our seats. Then everybody started whispering. Ken also seemed to have noticed this.

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Just before class started, Ash came to the class. He scanned through the class and as soon as he saw me, he shouted "There you are!" Why would he be here? He should probably be in the senior section. I have a bad feeling about this. He came to my desk and sat on it, facing me. I couldn't get what was happening. He immediately asked "Why didn't you come yesterday?" I couldn't say that I was taking care of Ken, so I stuttered "I..I had some work at home?" more like question than a statement. Without any further enquiry he asked me where would I eat my lunch? Talking against a senior, particularly Ash would get me in trouble so I told him that I'd eat in the cafeteria. He said "Ok! See you then" and took my hand and kissed it on the back. WHAT!!! Why would he?! The whole class was in a uproar now. He smirked on seeing my reaction and went away. I just turned to find that Ken witnessed all of this. He seemed really quite. I couldn't tell what was he thinking, which got me more puzzled.

The whole lecture went quietly. Ken wouldn't even look at me. Why this again? I thought we were on really good terms this morning. I think I need to tell him how I know Ash. But why should I tell him?! Ugh...my mind is in a total mess now. Before I knew, it was already lunch break and there goes my appetite. HAHA! Note the sarcasm.I turned to Ken to talk to him but he went away before I could say anything.

I was walking down the hall to the cafeteria fighting my inner thoughts to no go in. On the contrary Iwould definitely get in trouble if I don't show up. And another reason for going into cafeteria is to give Ken his lunch box. Before I could give him, he went away. When I entered, I could tell that everyone looking at me. The gossip in this college travels faster than the news on TV. I can tell that they are talking about what happened in the morning.

I entered the cafeteria and found it swarming with a lot of students. It must be the effect of Ken and Ash being in there. Two polar opposites but magnets of attraction.

I found an empty table in the corner. My first goal is to get there quietly without out getting noticed. I really want to be invisible right now if that is even possible. I almost reached the table and someone grabbed my backpack. "Hey, there!" Ash shouted loudly and all the heads are turned to me now, if they weren't before. I know I am stupid to think that I could be invisible but I could say, atleast I tried.

I was turned around by force until I was face to face with Ash. He was really smiling widely now. What is making him this happy? He immediately said "I was waiting for you, princess..." Princess? What now? I thought I am a commoner, I didn't know my father was a king. Just kidding. I didn't know I could joke even in this situation. I immediately blurted out "Sorry, but I am not princess. It's Chloe." This made him smile even wider. Why did I say a joke or what? Ash then said "Then Chloe it is." It seemed like he didn't know my name so did most of the people because they didn't even bother knowing it.

Ash then asked me to sit with him and that he saved me a place. But I wanted to sit in the corner table so I said "But I am sitting on that table" pointing to the table in most pleasing way I could. I really don't want to get on his bad side, do I? Before he could say anything I darted past a few students and sat on the table. Then he went back to his table. Yes, finally I avoided him. I feel like I won a championship. I happily took my lunch out of my bag. Oh, no! Ken's box is with me. I took his box out and looked for him around. I almost immediately found him. He was also looking at me. He seemed like he noticed the box and got up. He was smiling and suddenly his face turned angry. I could tell that he was really irritated just from his expression. What made him so angry? Is it me? Or? I then turned behind only to find Ash coming towards my table.

What is this situation? God, help me.....Please!! Ash came and sat in front of me. He said "I just went to get my bag. Did you miss me? CHLOE...." His face was full of amusement. I was about to reply and Ken shouted "Chloe!!!" Did he just call me by my name? Now that's a first. "My lunch box?" he continued. Ash then turned around so fast that I thought his neck would break. I handed Ken his lunch box while Ash was observing the box. Then out of the blue Ash stated "Oh! He must have forgot his box at the desk and you brought it, right?" Ken was about to leave but when he heard this he turned back and sat beside me.

Ken said "No, she made it especially for me, the lunch." and started smiling at me. Oh, this is awkward. Ken doesn't care about these things and he answered for me. This is just great but I can't say it. His smile really does magic. Just then Ash shouted "What the hell! Why will she prepare a lunch box for you?" and he tried to snatch Ken's box. Ken on the other hand opened the box and started eating saying that he was really hungry. Gods must be crazy. I am sitting on a table with the most popular boys in the college.

Most of the time we meet people unexpectedly. Some they leave and others stay in your life longer than you can imagine. I wonder how long these two will stay.


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