15 Is it a dream?

I closed the door too hard to my liking. I just went and cleaned the table quickly. I just dropped on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Unknowingly I released big sigh. Thinking over the day's event I drifted into sleep in no time.

I woke up feeling hungry. Not even bothering to look at the time I just made some orange juice and tried to gulp it down. I almost choked seeing the time. It was half past 4. I don't wake up at this time unless it was absolutely necessary. These guys are really affecting the functioning of my brain. I never shouted at anyone but they just made me last night. Just because I am seen with them all the girls are probably killing me in their head. Or atleast poking me with knives. I drank the remaining juice and thought there is only one thing I can do. Just sweat it out! Changing into hoodie and tracks, my usual attire, I went out for a jog.

There was a lot on my mind and I just ran a bit farther from the ground. It's almost morning as I can see sun peeking from the horizon. I slowed down a bit, took a uturn and started walking back. I almost reached the ground and heard someone calling my name. It was so obvious that it would be Ken because we come here everyday. I turned and saw Ash standing there instead of Ken. Then without my consent words came out of my mouth "You are not Ken!"

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Ash narrowed his eyes then I realized what I did. Ugh! Before I could say anything Ash apologised "Sorry for yesterday. Ken told me that you din't get to eat even in the afternoon." I am surprised that Ken knew about that. Wait! Did they really have a conversation? Like exchanging words not fighting a war??? "It's ok" I replied and started walking home. I didn't even see him walking behind me until he spoke "So you come here every day? To the ground?" I just nodded not wanting to tell the details. He asked me another question "Alone?" Before I answer someone shouted "Chloe?!" This time it was Ken. He came near me and said "Why din't you wait for me?" This must have answered Ash's question and he growled. What's with Ken? He somehow answers questions for me. Even if it's out of his character.

"I just woke up early because I din't eat at all yesterday." Ken and Ash's faces turned a bit pale with my words. I could sense them being guilty. I have to say I am enjoying to make them feel guilty but I just maintained a straight face. I hardly could though. Ash immediately recovered and said "How about I take to you to dinner today?" I was cut off by Ken "It's we. Not I and you can't say no Chloe. You are definitely coming." I just nodded and Ash went after a bit. Ken and I went home almost in silence.

As soon as I went home I took a shower. I was drying my hair then I heard a knock. I went to open and saw Ken with sandwiches in a plate. I just kept staring until Ken said "This is the least I could do. You must be hungry." Just as I was about to say no my stomach grumbled making me embarassed. Ken was holding back his laugh and I narrowed my eyes. He stopped and gave me the plate with a straight face. He said that he will wait to take me to college as usual.

Today I din't prepare lunch boxes and thought to grab something in the cafeteria. Even though I could, I didn't have a mood to make it. I am on strike. I went down two stairs at a time and saw Ken waiting. We went to college. As usual people kept whispering while I walked with Ken. I went to my locker and saw Jess waiting for me there. Ken was still beside me. People noticed the situation and started to gather around as we walk to my locker. It's like they wanted something to happen. Then Jess saw me and shouted "Hi Chloe!" Everyone around gasped and I could see that even Ken was confused. I smiled at Jess and went to her. I replied in the same cheerful tone "Hi Jess!" She immediately hugged me out of blue. Everyone was watching with wide eyes. I could also see some people asking their friends to pinch them not believing if this was real. Jess whispered a thank you in my ear and smiled standing. I could barely hear it, I wouldn't believe if it weren't for her smile directed to me. She said "See you in club" while leaving. This was the first time she ignored Ken almost like not even noticing him around.

Ken came beside me and asked "What happened?" I just shrugged and took my books while leaving for class. Ken soon followed me. The rest was as usual.

It was soon lunch time and I went to cafeteria while Ken went to his friends. I put my bag on a table in the corner and stood in line for lunch. Then Ash somehow appeared beside me and asked "No box today?" What's with this guy and his never ending questions? Why would I stand in line if I had a box? Is he sane? Just then Ken came and stood behind me. Then Ken said "I'll get yours too go and sit." I thought of refusing but then Ash spoke up "It's we. You go and wait for us Chloe."

Being ignorant I asked the most obvious question "Are you guys sitting with me again?" They both nodded and Ash took my place in the line. I went to the table just replaying what just happened in my mind. When did these guys think of being grouped together?

Soon they came with three plates. They sat in the same place as yesterday. We ate silently with few words in between about the club. I am just surprised how these guys can fight one day and talk as if they have been close all their life on the other. But I have to agree they make a good frame when they are together. But still I feel like it is a dream seeing them together.

Chloe is changing. She is expressing herself more with Ken and Ash beside her. And her relationship with Jessi seems to be on a positive turn.Is it a good change? Where will it go in the end?

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