12 I don't mind

How many situations have ever put you in a dilemma? I bet there may be many instances for anyone else but for me it was a rare thing. I never had to deal with situations that put my nerves on the end. But now its an entirely different.

Here I am, sitting with the two most popular boys in the college. If this was what someone said said to me a few days ago, I definitely would have laughed at them. It's funny to even think about it. While I am analysing the most unexpected change in my life, Ash and Ken are just glaring at each other like they could even burn each other with those stares. Ash, no, no, probably everyone around now got to know that I prepared that lunch box for Ken and it was straight out of Ken's mouth. It's like he opened the Pandora's box which I was eagerly trying to keep close. It will ultimately be troublesome for me.

Then for some unknown reason Ash lost his cool. Ash shouted "What the hell! Why will she prepare a lunch box for you?"

If there was someone by chance not trying to eavesdrop on this conversation, Ash voice would have made their heads turned to this table. I feel sorry for the table it must have wanted to be alone, just like me, unnoticed.

Ash's voice startled me but it brought a smirk on Ken's face. What just happened? I can't believe it. Ken replied within a few seconds "She would. Just for me." Now this has definitely put me on the edge. May be I can escape. It's worth a try. These two boys are so deep in their conversation they definitely wouldn't notice me. I got up from my chair safely and was about to turn around when they starled me saying "Where are you going?" at the same time. Wow, they can even pull that off. I laughed nervously and said "Ehh! For water?" Then they both were staring at my bag almost instantly. God is not with me today. Defintely not. I gave up and sat back in the chair and said "HaHa! May be later" almost to myself not even sure if they even heard. But I guess they heard that and went back to their glaring contest.

This time Ash asked me "Why would you prepare a lunch box for him?" pausing at each word. I turned to Ken for help but he din't even try to correct his statement earlier. Again turning my attention to Ash I stated "Because.." I paused literally looking around for answers as if I could find them written on the walls. "He was sick!.Yes, sick." I convinced myself with that answer.

This changed the expression on Ash's face but he just directed another question at me "How did you know that he was sick?" Now I really needed help for this one. Like reading my mind Ken answered this time "She, supposedly, met me yesterday when I was buying medicine and offered to make me lunch at the go." He was grinning from ear to ear satisfied with his made up answer. Then Ash turned his gaze on me questioningly and I immediately said "Yes. Yes, at the store" nervously laughing to myself. I was wrong to pity the table. I should just pity myself. Ugh!!

Now seems like we have come to end of this nerve breaking scrutiny by Ash. I was relieved for a few seconds and Ken stated proudly while eating "This is so tasty, Chloe" My jaw just dropped at his declaration. Not at this time. Just what I don't need now, is this. Why did Ken felt the urge to complement me now out of all times. Then Ash got up abruptly and banged on the table loudly and said "Chloe, I'll meet you in the club hour." I just nodded and smiled nervously at him.

Ash just smiled watching Ken and went away. Why, what did Ken do? Did he make some funny faces like Shinchan? I just turned around to see that the box was turned over and the rice fell on Ken's hand staining the edges of his shirt. Ken just said "Will you just stare?" to bring me out my daze. I just handed him my Kerchief without any response.

Ken looked questioningly at my gesture and was shocked but he took it anyway. I don't share my handkerchief with anyone. My cheeks heated up on realization. Ken then asked "Do you mind?" He must be silly I gave it to him so he can use it and he is asking me if I mind. I just quickly answered "I don't mind."

He wiped his hands clean and kept staring at the kerchief. I started eating my lunch as it was getting late. I then saw him staring at me. He was probably waiting for a chance to give it back. I took it from him and then he thanked me "Thanks". I just nodded in response. Just then the bell rang signalling for the next class. I closed my unfinished box and shoved it in my bag together with Ken's. These days I don't even eat properly. My food!!!

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Rest of the way to class we din't even utter a word. It was the same for the other classes. Occasionally my eyes met his and everytime they did, my heart quickened its pace. I was afraid if it would stop beating.

All this while I unknowingly clenched my kerchief. I looked at that constantly thinking. Ken and me sometimes we are very close like we are the best friends. But there are times when we aren't. I always want keep him out of my mind but he ends up always being on my mind.

We always want to not to think too much. So much that we end up overthinking. We are atleast occupied by the thoughts of keeping it empty. Human mind is the most complex puzzle in the world. It's because the more we try to solve it, the more we become puzzled. Isn't that so?


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