7 Happiness Overloaded

While going home, I didn't see Ken anywhere and I was a bit relieved. But at the same time I was disappointed too. Why did I think so?! I am so conflicted right now. It took time for me to reach home cause there is so much to think. Actually, there's a lot is going on my mind right now. I know I can't avoid him anymore. I have to speak with him. But what will I speak? I thought over and over on this. It's better to go with the flow.

I reached home. I passed by Ken's room wondering if he is inside. I unknowingly looked for him. It has become a habit. My heart thumped loudly upon reaching my room. Why? Because Ken was there leaning on the door. I stuttered "Ke.... Ken?!" He must have seen me looking for him. Before I could tell him that I was wrong, I heard him say "I am sorry." Why is he apologizing? He continued "I didn't know Jess did that to you? You should have told me sooner. At least before I heard it from someone else." I replied hurriedly "No, No.. It's me who kept something from you. Moreover you don't have to apologize, it's not your fault. I am happy that I have you as my friend." Then with the brightest smile Ken said "Are you sure you don't want my apology? Because I thought of preparing a delicious meal for you." Oh! I immediately stated, "Then I will be needing that apology then." He broke into laughter and I felt embarrassed. He patted my head and asked me to come to his house later. I walked to my room real quick and just collapsed on my bed. It's a relief that things turned out well.

I didn't dwell on it any longer. I quickly got to my work. I completed my homework before I went to his home. The door was open so I went in. I saw that he already prepared most of the dishes. He even prepared fried chicken. Yay!!! My favourite. I can't wait to eat. Come to think of it, he knows how to prepare everything. Just like a professional cook. I wonder where did he learn to cook! I should probably take some lessons from him. I'll ask him some time.

He quickly set up the table no time. This time he walked over to sit beside me while eating. He said while sitting "Enjoy this to your fill. I don't think I'll be apologizing again next time. " Before I think too much into it, he continued, "I won't give anyone a chance to hurt you again because of me." It moved me to tears. I had a hard time controlling them.

We started eating immediately. And obviously I started my meal with fried chicken. I really enjoyed this meal the most since I have come here. I couldn't stop thanking him for giving me such a wonderful treat. I helped him in washing the dishes. Actually we did them together. No words were needed anymore. We got along really well, to my surprise.

Just when I was about to go home, he stopped me and said "You should always tell me if you are having any trouble. No secrets right?" I replied yes quietly and went out of his room. I wonder if he heard me. I had some mixed emotions. It has been a long time since I found someone who cares for me so much other than my parents.

Early morning I got up without any alarm. This is the first time. May be it was because I was so relieved yesterday and got some really good sleep. I got ready to go and play. This time I didn't wear the mask, I just kept it in my pocket in case I need it. I took the ball and went outside. Before I even thought of how to call him out to play, I got a glimpse of him standing outside as soon as I opened the door. He wished me "Good morning!" And I wished him back. He took the ball from me and we jogged along the way till the playground. We played as if we were on opposite teams. No mercy. Friend or not. It is definitely better than playing alone. We played till we couldn't stand anymore. Then we layed on the grass and burst into laugh. It was really clear that we had a great time playing, a happiness we shared. I wish this stays the same.... always. This moment is something that I can never forget.

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Though the sun was blinding, I wanted to close my eyes for a bit. Seeing that I am tired, Ken said "May be we can rest for a while. We have time." So I covered my eyes with my hand. After a while Ken spoke up suddenly, "Isn't it refreshing to play like this? Let's be friends like this forever." Did he read my mind or what? I was just thinking about that. Then I turned to Ken but I didn't realize that we are so close that there was probably only two inches gap between us. I guess he turned this side when speaking. We were really close. So close that it was over my comfortable zone. I can see from his face that he was also flustered by this.

We both kept staring at each other. No words. We just stared with almost no emotions. It was an unexpected moment but it made me ponder on this more. He also didn't move an inch. My heart was beating quickly. I wanted to calm myself but I couldn't stop looking. Probably much much later, in order to break the silence I got up and stated that "Oh! We are getting late. We have to go home. " He immediately got up and said "Yeah...late!" So awkward. Rest of the way was awkward between us. We didn't speak a word.

Forever is a word that has more weight than anyone can imagine. Though it can be said easily most of the time, it holds a deeper meaning. I didn't know what forever meant because life is uncertain. I am a person who thinks a lot before doing something. But with him I wanted to try out everything. No matter how uncertain I might be or how long forever is, if its with him I think I can do it. We could make it work together.

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