14 Get Out!!!

Four pairs of eyes were eagerly watching as the door opened. All hoping to find a new member for the club. But the door revealed a cleaning lady who said "Oh! I thought you guys left as its almost time. I'll be back in 10" with that she closed the door. I just heard Ash sighing.

Just then the door opened again. I thought that she forgot something. Then I found myself staring at Ken. I turned to see others and they were each showing different expressions. Jess looks really happy and Jake was relieved I guess. But Ash din't seem happy at all, for which my mind couldn't make out an answer.

Ash abruptly stood up and Jake slowly followed him. Then Jess and I. Ash asked annoyed "Why are you here?" Ken replied with a smirk "I am joining this club." Then Ash suddenly said "No need!" There was tension building up in the room even a knife can cut it. Then Ken spoke up "But you need a member for the club to continue, don't you?" It was Jake who answered "Yes and Welcome to the club!" Then Ken turned to me and smiled which I returned. Ash then shouted "We are done for today leave!" Then Jess just scurried past Ken. Then I left with Ken right behind me. Then I heard a loud bang from the room. Then I turned to go in but Ken just said to not to worry.

I went together with Ken to a nearby supermarket to buy groceries. Ken insisted that he will cook but I refused by saying that he still needs to recover. We went home and agreed to meet for dinner in my room.

As soon as I closed the door, I just went for a shower to cool my mind. Today was full of strange events. The cold exchange between Ken and Ash. Ash defending me and most importantly Ken joing the club to which I expected him to not even show a glance.

I just reviewed today's lectures and went to cook. I din't want to something extravagant so went with egg rolls and veg frankies. I was almost finished then I heard a knock. I thought it must be Ken as its time for dinner. Then my jaw dropped to see the person I expected least. It was Ash. Why is he here? How did he know where I lived? I just tensed thinking about the possibilites.

He may have sensed my discomfort and said "Relax! I came to give you the book you forgot in the club and found your address in the club form." Then I stuttered "Th....thank you, but you could have returned it tomorrow." Actually there was no need to give it to me now. Ash replied "I thought it may be important. By the way your sketches are good, escpecially the last where you drew, a handsome boy. You have a good taste." I thought of the last one and suddenly realized that it was his drawing. Seriously! Did he just referred him as handsome boy? Then I was cut off from my thought by Ash clearing his throat. He trailed "So.." I gave him a pointed look not understanding anything. He continued "Will you just make me stand here?" I honestly din't want him in my house but remembering how he defended me, I think it is the least I can do. Then I asked him to come in and pointed to the chair by the table. He sat and I gave him some water.

He then said "To be honest I wanted to eat something you make. Can you do that for your handsome senior?" This guy can be soo typical. I sighed and went to bring the plates. Ash saw the food and questioned "Are you expecting someone?" I was thinking how to answer and then I heard footsteps. I turned quickly to find Ken staring at Ash. He then asked loudly "Why is he here Chloe?" My mind just blanked. Then Ash stood up and turned to Ken. Ash shouted "It's none of your business. Why are you even here?"

Oh no!! This is not happening. I wish I become invisible now. What will Ken say? Then I heard Ken say "I live here." That's it I am finished. Then Ash blurted "You mean you live here with her in the same room?" What!!!! Is he insane? Then Ken shouted for me "You idiot. Where is your brain? In the gutter? I live next door." Then Ash sighed in relief and answered "Oh! I came to return her book and thought to stop for a bite. But you should be next door not here." Ken started "I.." but was cut off by Ash who said "Wait a minute. So you were waiting for him. Then this explains the lunchbox. But why were you both absent yesterday?"

Here goes nothing. I even lied to him in the morning. Ken then said "I fell ill and she took care of me." Ash face darkened a bit. I though I have to do something about them and said "Why don't you both sit and eat? I think I made enough." They turned to me and suddenly I felt a chill. They complied and sat facing each other. I took it as a cue and brought the remaining food. They didn't even utter a word and started eating while glaring at each other. I think they even forgot that I am even here. They were eating like they were competing each other.

They almost finished everything in 5 minutes. I just kept staring at them. I din't even take a bite. This is so much similar to lunch. I barely ate even then. Then my anger started piling up. I tried to calm down but it din't as they finished everything I prepared for dinner. Then Ash said while turning to me "Thank you Chloe. It was deli...." but he stopped seeing my face. I just stared at him blank. Then Ken turned and stopped before saying anything sensing the atmosphere. Then they both saw my empty plate as good as a new one without a stain and widened their eyes. "I'm sorry ..." they both tried saying but were cut off by my voice "Get out!!" I tried to be as calm as possible. Then they started a fight whether I was referring to Ken or Ash. "You mean him right?" started Ash which was countered by Ken. "It's you idiot! I live here."

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Then I lost it. I shouted "Both of you GET OUT OF MY HOUSE." raising my voice. They flinched and got out quickly and stared at me and I shut the door on their faces.

'Do you know the feeling of preparing everything thing to eat and finally when you are about to, the food is nowhere to be found. Just thinking about it makes me angry. I am usually good but I can be as bad you want me to.'


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