18 Fishing

I was all excited until I heard we were going to fish. First of all, I knew nothing about fishing. Not even the basics. I never even got the chance to try such things. I didn’t know how to say this to them. It seems Jake borrowed some equipment from a shop before we came here. He got enough for all. I don’t know how I missed this during briefing. I was so lost in excitement.

“Unmm! Guys..I don’t know how to do this.” I mumbled. Ash asked “What don’t you know?” All the eyes were glued to me. “Fi..shing!” I blurted out. Then I started a starting contest with my shoes and very beautiful one’s at that. Then I heard a cough and just looked up to see Jake and Jess stopping themselves from laughing. Even Ken and Ash were smiling. I was embarrassed and frustrated. I almost teared up but heard Jess saying, “Why were you worried about that? We aren’t pros either.”

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