13 Club Hour

Just when I think about what happened today it feels like I am living in a comic book. Seriously! Can so much happen in one day? I am completely tired today. I have reached my daily limit. I would probably need a lot of rest after going home today. My mind needs it.

In no time, it's time for the last hour. It's club time I guess. I still don't know which club Ken has enrolled in. I wanted to ask him but within few seconds after bell rang Ken has disappeared. Where did he go? Was in a hurry? Which club did he join? Probably football. Wait!! He might look cool while playing basketball too. Jeez , What am I thinking?

I started walking to the adventure club. Our club room is at the end of the college block, apart from rest of the clubs. It almost secluded. Guess this club is not that popular. It was a good choice, I guess. Away from all the drama. I entered the room only to find it empty. Not even Ash.

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I suddenly find it bigger than the last time. I guess I din't pay much attention then. There is one big table and another small one at the head of the table with a desktop on it. I guess it must be for the club president. There was a book rack on the left side with many different books. The books look like they have been used many times. I can't wait to explore them.

Why the members are not here yet? Either they are late or I must be in the wrong room. I think I should go out to find them. Then I heard the door open and someone entered the room. I turned around to see and my face immediately paled. It was Jess. What is she doing here? I must definitely be in the wrong room. I tried to go past her and she suddenly spoke "Are you also in the adventure club?" I tried to give a reply but she cut me off. "Oh! The rumors must be true. I was right about you. You are just trying to get boys by coming here. First Ken and now Ash. Just wait until they see your true colours and you would be crawling back to your little town."

What did she just say? She is just too much. Before I could say anything she continued, "Oh wait, was it even a town!? I am sorry you can go wherever you came from."

I tried to defend myself but someone placed a hand on my shoulder which got my attention. I turned around to see that it was Ash. He pushed me to the back and stood in front of me. It was almost like he was trying to protect me. This changed expression on her face. She paled a bit. This is not what I expected. Ash just asked "Why are you here?" with a cold face. Jess answered immediately "To join the club." I could say she is intimidated by his presence. Ash shouted suddenly "Get outta here!" Even I was startled by his voice. Then out of no where Jake answered "But we need members. Ash just think about it." Ash seemed to calm down when Jake spoke. I think Ash respected Jake.

Then Ash answered "But I don't want her anywhere near Chloe. She just spoke rubbish about her. I can't stand her." I never expected him to care that much about me. I was little surprised by hearing his words. He seemed like a nice guy now. Then Jake turned to me and said "Chloe! What do you think about it?"

I was at a loss of words. I spoke nervously " Unm. I don't mind if she is in the same club. We may grow close once we know each other. I think it will be fine." All the time I was speaking with my head down. I lifted my head to see three of them staring at me. The most surprised one seemed to be Jess. But what I said was from the heart, I don't mind being friends with her and the club also needs members.

Then Jake broke the silence " Great! We need just one more member for our club to run successfully." Ash seemed taken aback. I think he was not totally happy by this.

Jess was silent the whole time. She is so quiet unlike her normal self. Somehow we all sat down on chairs. I am beside Jess. Ash and Jake went down into their on discussion. Its probably how to get one more member. Then Jess suddenly blurted out "Thank you. You didn't have to." With this my jaw dropped but I know I have to reply so I said, "Don't mention it. I do really mean what I said." I think we are on better terms now because she smiled for the first time on hearing my words.

Then I asked what has been on my mind for a long time. "What do we do in this club?" Then Jake answered "Everything that a normal club doesn't do." What does that mean? Then seeing the puzzled expression Ash continued "Adventure is exploring. We may be on many tasks. We just try to explore the world around us in a different way. We may go camping or just stay in college. But we definitely do things differently and.." Ash stopped seeing the curious stares. Ash was so excited while speaking about the club.

I could even find myself grinning on hearing his words. Who doesn't like something new? Then Ash continued "Everything would be perfect if there was another member." This made us think for a while.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Our faces beamed expecting for a new member. Ash said "Come in" in a excited voice. Then the door opened.

All of us were expecting it to be a new member. Even I was waiting for someone to join else I'd have to find another club. But I'd love to see what I get to see in this club.

'We often make judgments based on first impressions. We judge a person to be good or bad without much knowledge of them. But I think no one is bad on their own. They may be good and bad based on situation. And moreover, people change. And Change may be good.'


Who is the new member? Try to guess ;)

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