5 Bare Faced

I was more dedicated today in today’s class . I didn’t have an appetite, so I went to library to study. But its strange, I cant forget what happened today. Doesn’t matter! It’s my life. I'll be like I will always be. But I have to keep my distance from Ken in college. I wonder what Jess will do if she finds that we are neighbours.

In the afternoon class , Ken passed me a note. He asked me what’s the matter ? I just answered nothing. But he didn't seem to believe me. I just smiled. Watching him reminded me more of what happened in the afternoon. He didn’t ask me more but asked to wait till he picks me up in the evening. I wonder if he will ask something about today. I waited near the gate. He came a bit late but he asked me if I would like to watch the game. As I was already down, I am absolutely in need of refreshment. I sat on grass to watch the game. Most of the time, I had an urge to go and play but that’s impossible. As I observed, I noted that Ken controlled his moves to play to the level of those kids. How sweet of him. I found him more handsome but its cute to see this side of him. Some of the children talked to me and invited me to play but I refused saying that I don’t know how to play. They seemed disappointed, but I don't want anyone to know that side of me. It's an absolute no.

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It was pretty late so we didn't get any groceries on the way home. But I don't have to worry, it's his turn to cook today. Let's see what he does. Before I went to my room he asked me to come after refreshing. It didn't took me much time but I stalled here and there before I go. I knocked the door. What I saw made me awestruck. He wore a white shirt. A black apron, sleeves folded above his elbow. Oh my god! I might faint. Even an apron suits him. His muscles were really emphasized in this attire. I bet the girls in the college would die to see him like this. I froze at the door. Ken had to wave at me to wake me up out of my fantasy. He invited me inside. He was already cutting vegetables. He was also boiling something on the gas. "Are you making ramen? " I asked instantly. He nodded. I immediately sat down at the table. He was very quick. I didn't expect him to be an expert. The smell itself was so tempting. I had good noodles after a long time. I am so lucky to savour the taste of the noodles made by Ken. But suddenly I was reminded of today's events. I could not control my emotions. I have to retain my tears. I can't cry in front of him. He asked me if I played video games. Yes, but I was not in a mood to play. I said that I like to play but not now. He asked me why I was down the whole day. I couldn't answer him. He replied, "I am your friend, you can confide in me. No need to suffer by yourself.” Those words comforted me but I can't tell him that he was the reason for my sadness. Rest of the time went in silence. We bid each other good night. I thought aa lot before sleeping and finally came to the conclusion that I have to face them otherwise all my dreams would go in vain.

I got up early in the morning. With my attire to conceal my identity, I went to the ground. I have decided to sweat out all my worries. I practised to do goals from critical points. I ran around in the ground with the ball. I ran out of breath so I lied down on the grass. Wow, so refreshing. I fell asleep for a moment. I opened my eyes. It feels warm. OH! There is a coat on me. I turned my head only to find Ken sitting beside me. I hurried to get up and run but stopped by his words "I know that it's you. No need to run". Then I sat beside him. He asked me "Don't you consider me as a friend? " I replied saying that I do consider him as a friend. "But why don't you tell me anything? I even told you yesterday. I consider you as my best friend. I share my ideas with you so I expect you told do the same, I feel like you don't like me." said Ken. I was upset at this but I didn't want anyone to know. But I couldn't even say anything to him. I remained silent. As if he could guess the reason, he said that he is not mad at me and stated “ I am quite happy that we have similar interests, let's play together from tomorrow” And smiled. I am really glad that I have found someone to play and share my interests with but is it for good. All these thoughts occupied my mind. Before I entered my room he said that I can at least remove the mask in front of him. I smiled and went inside. I wonder if he can guess that I am smiling, as I did not remove the mask. I dint think that he would find that it was me so soon though I expected this to happen someday. But what has happened has happened. HMPH! I wonder how would today go?

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