8 Adventure Club?!

Even though we didn't speak, all the while going home, he waited for me as usual. It has become a habit, going home and coming together. Now, in addition to that, we started football too. I almost see him everywhere I go whether it is college or home. After I got down the bike, I immediately put the helmet down and went away in a rush. While I was in a hurry, I almost missed a step and was about to fall. It's as if I am in a slow motion film. I was already thinking how bad it would hurt if I fall. Don't know how, but he was there behind me at the moment. He caught me from falling. Time froze for a moment. Atleast, it seemed that way to me. It took me few seconds before I was brought back to reality and it was only after I got a good glance of his perfect face. "What's happening to me? When did I start having the thought that Ken has a perfect face?" I could see a few eyes staring at us, so I immediately thanked him and hurried to class. Don't know why but I am seeing Ken in a different light today. He seemed more special than any other day. I just stared blankly at the book throughout the lecture. I could feel Ken eyeing me now and then. I couldn't ignore it.

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My mind is in a total mess today and to add to that we had to select out clubs by the end of the day. Atleast I can take my mind off 'someone'. So immediately I started writing all my possible options in a notebook. I can't select football. If I do, being a girl I will definitely be pushed to cheerleading. I don't wanna do that. If its Football, may be Ken will take that. He might as well be a center for his skills. Wait, why am I even thinking of him now? I have to concentrate. Let's see what other clubs are available. Sports and arts are out of question for me. Even though I have interest in drawings, it wouldn't want to select it as a club in college. I want to try something new. Adventure club seems interesting though. I don't know senior students in the club. As if I know anyone. I am new here!!! Isn't that obvious?

Adventure Club!? I guess it would be quieter than most of the clubs. I do hope so. Ken would take sports 99.9% , so he wouldn't take this club. He would probably want to play with his friends. It would be fun. Ahhh!!! Him again!? Why did I? I wish there is a delete button for thoughts. Atleast I would want to archive his thoughts for a while and bring it up later. I should clear my head for now and of course this is a wonderful opportunity to get away from 'The Ken' thoughts. So I picked this club and enrolled in it without any further thoughts.

I heard that college's 2nd hottie, Ash, is in this club. I have never seen him. He's probably a president or something but I don't have a clear idea. He is a bit sadistic that's the reason girls stay away from him. Another good reason to get into this club I guess. No Ken and his fans!! No they can be ACs. I don't prefer AC. HAHA!

I went to the club room in the last hour. There was a boy who seemed to be the same age but short. He greeted enthusiastically. He quickly grabbed my hands together and introduced himself. There's also someone at the back who is sleeping quietly. He might be Ash. The short boy introduced himself as Jake. "I am Jake. I am happy that someone is willing to join the club. We'll discuss all the details when all others join. And..."As I was staring at the one in the back, he warned me "That's Ash. Don't to get in his eyes. It will be a lot of trouble." As soon as he said this I knew that he was the person, I should avoid for sure.

I don't know how the adventure club functions. I would probably die by the end of the hour. What if it is hard? But on the contrary I wish everyday would be this quite. I was waiting for instructions but Jake left saying, "Feel free. Do what you wish for today. Rest up. But don't wake the devil." As he was saying he pointed to Ash.

I could see Ash peacefully sleeping. He looked quite angelic. Completely opposite to what others were saying. Seeing his face, I suddenly wanted to capture his profile with a pencil. So I immediately took a book from my bag and started drawing him. It was quite hard to capture his features. I tried my best though. Sometimes too much good is too hard to draw. Within a few minutes, I was completely immersed in drawing. I took a minute to study him and then put it on paper. As I was doing this, Ash suddenly disappeared from his chair. I started rubbing my eyes to see if I am mistaken. He was just there. Just then someone tapped on my shoulder. I didn't knew when he woke up but he was suddenly beside me. I immediately hid the book. Without a word, he snatched the book away from me. He asked me "Are you the newcomer who joined the club?" I nodded in agreement. "New to college?" I nodded again. I just nodded like hen pecking on food. I wonder if he will be angry. I disturbed him. He saw my tensed face and immediately broke into laughter. He stated "You know how to appreciate beauty, little girl. Nice drawing." I was shocked go hear this. He doesn't seem to be that bad. I smiled a little. Suddenly he went blank with out any expression. Hmm?! What happened? He said "You are" he paused for a bit, "cute?" Is that a statement or a question? I couldn't say anything in response. Just then the hour bell rang. I immediately took my book and ran off. I couldn't get what he was speaking . Not even a bit.

New things are always enticing. We always wish to go to a new place or experience something new. May be that's what everyone wishes for. Everyone wants an adventure. Maybe I just started mine without any preparation. But sometimes going blindly is also best, because what's on the otherside may surprise you.

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