1 A New Beginning

A new place always puts you in a dilemma regardless of whether you can adjust to it or not. Sometimes the people around can change you. This is a new place for me and its a story of how this changed me and my life. And I guess, I changed a lot. Changed for the better. And change is something that makes life more interesting and adventurous.

I just moved here from my hometown for college and to have better opportunities. I got up early as I always do. I rented a single room because I am not accustomed to hostels. I still haven’t greeted my neighbour. I will have to do that later. I could only get instant noodles for breakfast and it was my dinner for yesterday's night too. May be I'll buy something else while coming home as mom said she'll send me some money. UGH!! It's already tiring to be alone away from home.

I don't want to be late on my first day so I just grabbed my bag and went to college. So, to tell you about me. I can say that I am neither modern nor too old fashioned. I am someone who cannot be noticed easily. And that means I can disappear in a large crowd very easily. I guess it's my skill or my own superpower. I don't know whether to feel happy for this or not. HAHA! Note the sarcasm.

As I am lost in thought, I bumped into someone. Oh no! First day at college and I already messed up. I am too afraid to lift my head up. Lifting my eyes, I saw a tall boy with a book in his hand. He seemed to be reading that book while walking. He immediately apologized but, I couldn't even utter a word. He smiled and went off. It's as if he could read my mind. I smiled to myself at this first unexpected encounter.

Being a transfer student, I know it is hard for me to make friends. I expect everyone to be in groups and that they may be a tiny bit hostile to me. My lecturer took me to the class. I introduced myself with my name and couldn't say any further. The class was dead silent. I know they were expecting more to hear about me. Being tensed and all, I could only see an empty seat, so I silently went and sat there not even lifting my head to look at the person beside me. Why am I so afraid? Have I always been such a scaredy-cat? I just ruffled through the pages and started taking notes. I completely concentrated on the lecture. So typical of me. It was a short lecture yet a long one.

Now comes the main part. I have to make friends, but I am too shy to approach anyone. A familiar yet unknown voice greeted me “Hello there!” It was the same guy I bumped into. I couldn't help but smile. At a second glance I could tell that he is handsome. I greeted him in response. What's happening to me? Why is my heart beating like crazy? Maybe handsome guys are not good for health. I just stared at him, as he was telling me about next lectures. I am just happy that I came to this college. This encounter today really made my day. As I am slow, just a bit later I noticed all the other girls glaring at me. What might be the reason? I didn't do anything wrong. Is being new a sin?

Lunch break!!! My favourite time of all since school. I tried to find my way around the Cafeteria and I saw the girls were just squealing as they follow him everywhere. This is not normal. I asked a girl who is beside me on this matter. She said “Oh! You mean him? He is the super hot guy in the college, Ken. Prince Ken”. No words were needed further. I just suddenly realized the reason for the glares before. Now I am even more afraid to sit beside him, because of his high profile. But I am little bit glad that he was the one to speak with me first. Is this what they call Heaven and Hell at the same place?

I don't even remember what I ate, but I somehow found myself on my desk? Is it okay for me to sit here? Should I find a new place to sit. Is it even allowed to change places at will? So tired. I guess their glares are too piercing. The girls are scary here. I miss my old college. With a sigh I just tried to get some rest on my desk and someone knocked on my desk. Knock. Knock. Who dares to disturb my rest? Not even letting me get some sleep. I will...I just closed my mouth before I could utter something stupid. Who was it? And the obvious answer is Ken, the handsome guy.

"Hey, How do you find college? Is it good? Any new friends?" Ken asked. I instinctively replied, "It's good. I didn't speak to anyone but..." I looked at him as I spoke. Ken immediately said, "Oh really!! By the way I forgot to tell my name, I am Ken." I laughed to myself "Yeah, I know. So much for knowing you." Our conversation got interrupted by next class. What a day!! I guess all I could tell about today can be told in one word, 'KEN'.

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