Ancient Astral God Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Ancient Astral God


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In a world where Martial Cultivation was everything, a young master of the Xie Clan called Xie Tian was born. His mother died during his birth and his father was the clan's patriarch and he mysteriously died a week after Xie Tian's birth. Xie Tian was then given to his uncle who became the next patriarch. Xie Tian had a special unknown Bloodline, Spirit Root, and Dantain. But he was born with broken meridians meaning he couldn't cultivate the Yuan Qi on earth and so it was impossible for him to follow the path of Martial Cultivation. Due to this inability, his Uncle threw him into a servant home and told him to serve his daughter, and so he was forced to suffer humiliation every day. But one night after he was beaten to near death a light enveloped his body and a small glowing figure appeared in his mind, a red string of fate attached him to the stars above the sky and he learnt of an ancient cultivation method which was called the Astral Cultivation!