1 Introduction

This is a Teen Wolf based story, however, the story mainly centers around Lillian Marie Sanders, when her and her father move into Beacon Hills. 

Lillian has had a bit of a rough early life. Her mother died when she was young, hours before her sixth birthday. She never really had a lot of friends as she wasn't good at keeping them around. Her old best friend, Megan Matthews, spat in her direction the last time they encountered each other in middle school. And she never had a decent relationship with her father as the older she grew up, the more distant and closed she became. 

However, her life changes drastically as she accidentally catches the attention of Stiles Stilinski on her first day, a boy that has a few of his own secrets and demons. And once the first domino falls, a line of others are awaiting to be knocked over as their encounter is the start to it all.

Old friends. Old wounds. New enemies.

All anyone needs is for someone to be there for them. Through the easiest times. And through the most challenging and draining times. Not just a friend. Or a lover. But an anchor.

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