1 An Unfornate Encounter

(Warning! Sexual content in Chapter.)

Many decades gave passed since the era of the humans' reign had come to an end on earth. Mystical beings and beasts were now the rulers and took humans and any inferior beings as slaves or servants. Each being of a specific race had claim territory for themselves to dwell. The rules were simple, if another being was to step foot into someone's territory then they would be marked as that being's property. And they would see fit on what is to become of the trespassers. That is if they were most likely to get caught. As normally each species didn't dare try to leave their territory unless they were banished. This would make it difficult for the banished to live as they would either die trying to survive or they would be imprison and would not be able to live a normal life.

Despite these rules being placed there were a few skilled rogues and beings that dared challenge this. Some do to curiosity, others just to fight, and others were in desperate need to escape from previous territories. Some but just as many perished or were made into slaves, breeders, and servants of those territories. Just as much as people continued to try the less likely people would stay within their species territory. But this was going to be broken once again. As on the border lines between wolves, minotaurs, witches, beasts, and demons. A young looking feminine had crossed over all the territories when venturing into the wolf lands.

Her body was covered in a brown cloak, but she had additional features showing off who she truly was. Large, black, bat-like wings, a long tail with a sharp spade shape at the end and curled red/black horns on top of her head. Long red curled hair that reached to her lower back, long smooth legs that wore hunter shorts, and armor along her chest. Amber colored eyes that resembled fire itself. This girl appeared to be of the demon race. A prideful race that was considered more chaotic than the beasts and orcs. Having top mastery skills of magic and martial arts. Not one could be considered incapable of taking care of their own. But this one was testing the waters as she ventured deeper into the wolf forest.

Collecting and scavenging for herbs and food. Having a blast as she was gathering so much. Usually, the forest would have little resources due to so many beings coming out and gathering all for themselves, but this demoness was hitting the jackpot as she stuffed her bag full of goods. Soon enough she came upon a field that had a herd of deer. Her eyes catching sight of them, smirking as she pulled out a bow and arrows. Hiding high in a tree camouflaging as her appearance changed from demon to wolf. No longer having the horns, wings, and tail of a demon, replaced by wolf ears, tail, and claws. Not many demons could have shape shifting abilities, but she was different. Drawing the arrow back before firing and managing to hit a buck in the neck killing it instantly. Not hesitating to go over and claim her prize as she used her demon strength to pull it along to where she came from, wanting to get a good spot to skin it for its meat and pelt. Little did she know that soon enough she was going to have company.


It was a rather calm and quiet evening in the lands of the wolves, a place of magic and mystery filled to the brim with all manner of creatures both standard and mystical in appearance and abilities. The wolves lived and ruled over their territory with great ferocity and pride in their traditions.

However, there were still areas in their territory that were not always guarded, these areas where monsters and lesser tribes of almost feral creatures would drive off all attempts to tap into the rare and untouched treasures that lie within them. One such place that has gained a reputation for itself would be the Willow brook Forest, a massive forest full of all manner of creatures and possibly even more. However, rumors spread through the other realms that this was the home of the Wolves themselves, and where so many who dared to try and gain access to their secrets would meet their untimely ends.

Today would be one such day, as a traveler from a nearby realm had gone out into the forest, their motivation for entering the forest was unknown. They would be harvesting resources that were not theirs and taking the life of an animal of the forest without the forest's permission. However, It would seem that they were not unaware of the dangers as they took on the form of one of the inhabitants of the forest as they harvested their kill.

Soon enough the sound of the crack of a twig would be heard by the Demoness's hiding spot. The sign that someone was walking nearby, it sounded loud and caused by a rather large individual. The figure walking through the brush would be none other than Roth Blackmaine, The Alpha male of the High Tooth Clan of wolves and one of the most renowned warriors of his people. Towering over most at an astounding seven feet nine inches tall, charcoal grey fur would cover all of his body, all except his neck which was as black as the night sky. His eyes were a bright emerald green and scars and tribal tattoos would cover his battle-worn body. He would wear a rather simple attire consisting of iron shoulder and shin guards and a leather strap going from his chest down to his waist were a loincloth would cover his manhood. On his hip would casually bounce a rather impressive looking long sword and sheath as they walked around.

He would pause for a moment as he sniffed the air, catching the scent of blood in the air, and something different, something feminine, something...that smelled like the outside world. This would induce a growl to emanate from his mouth as he placed a hand around the grip of his sword as he scanned around the area as he slowly walked through the brush, attempting to locate what he could smell before letting out a loud howl to alert his men who were nearby of something was wrong and to keep on alert now as he began to follow the scent.


The demoness had managed to get a good distance away from the place she caught her kill. Now getting out rope and hung the corpse from a tree branch. Getting out some knives and portion size bags to place the meat and pelt in. Getting to work as she sliced the deer in even size portions, minding the pelt as there would be some value in it once she sells it somewhere. Her skills were that of a pro as she didn't make one mistake in slicing. Soon enough only the bone carcass was left with some fats keeping it together.

Now she was near a stream to wash off the excessive amount of blood that would help preserve it more and not attract enemies in the area. Now packaging the produce into the bags before placing it in a small sack that hung from her waist. A magic sack that could hold more than necessary, having a space of its on. Wrapping up her things before her ears twitched at the sound of a twig snapping. Putting her on high alert as someone else was in the area. The smell of a dominating alpha male wolf was yards away from where she was.

"Damn..."She muttered under her breath as she finished up cleaning and made a stealthy break for it. Not taking a chance to stay any longer in the high hopes of being captured. And she didn't dare try to change back to her demon form, in the chances of her being found, they wouldn't be able to tell what she was unless they were highly skilled in disguise detection. And to make sure the chances of her being caught were slimmer she cast spells with her scent on it in various directions, to try and throw the persuader off.

This wasn't her first rodeo, and it wouldn't be the last. Especially when she heard the howl alerting the wolves in the prostate area. Now the different scents and presences were running all over the place. She took her chances and jumped into the trees and maneuver from tree to tree. As wolves were more than likely to try and find intruders by the ground. She had the advantage now, she just needed to make it to the borderline.


Roth would have been hot on the trail of the intruder's scent like a bloodhound to an escaping prison. He was not able to tell who it was, but the scent was not one of his clans, and so he took it with great seriousness as he made his way through the bushes. He would draw his sword out from its scabbard, revealing it's detailed and intricate design along the blade, looking to be forged of a rather unique style and material as he quickly used the blade to cleave through the bushes that blocked his path, letting him traverse through it all with a better pace than just pushing through it.

But soon enough something would cause him to completely stop dead in his tracks as he suddenly was overwhelmed by multiple other scents that came into play. It was clear that this intruder was magic user and was trying to mask their escape. Unfortunately, for them Roth was a master tracker and was able to pick that true scent of the outsider out from the mess. Quickly taking off in the right direction towards where they went.

Soon enough the wolf would make his way to the river where the demon would have been cleaning up after butchering her kill. He would kneel as he noticed a bit of blood staining the ground along with what looked to be disturbed rocks and grass indicating that someone had recently been standing there before moving off in a direction. He would let out a huff as he quickly took off in that direction as he continues his chase. Knowing that the others would be taken off by the other scents it would be up to him to capture them.

He rushed towards the borders of the territory; he would start to hear something above him in the trees. He would look up into the treetops as he noticed movement inside of the branches. It looked to be a small creature of sorts, canine in appearance but no doubt heading for the borders. With a swift reaction, he would pull from the back of his mouth a hatchet as he lined up the trajectory if the figure rushing on through the trees. He would calculate where they would land next as he wound up and chucked the hatchet into the air with a great force.

The hatchet would begin to soar through the air, spinning until it would finally hit its mark. That being the base of the branch that the alpha had guessed to be the figure's next launching point. The blade cutting deep into the wood as it now destabilized the branch so that when the slightest amount of pressure would be applied, the branch would snap and fall to the ground, and hopefully either bring the intruder with it or cause them to lose their balance and must catch themselves.


The demoness really was keeping track of her surroundings and if anyone had caught up to her. At first there wasn't anyone as the other wolves were distracted and went in those directions of the scents. But the one who she wanted to fool the most was gaining on her. Even with the trees help she was not able to break away from this one. Soon enough he was right below her as she was jumping from branch to branch.

She glanced down to see the appearance of the alpha. It just had to be the alpha and not one of his commanders. She would have easily been able to deal with them. But he was going to be a bit more challenging, since he was able to keep up with her in this speed and had a lot of stamina. And not only that but he was not fooled by her scented spells. Choosing her weapons and coming up with a plan to delude him until she crosses the border was the only thing on her mind. That is until the branch underneath her gave way and she was now falling.

Her cloak hood falling back to reveal her facial features and long red hair. Her amber eyes glaring at the alpha that had put her into this situation. Twisting her body as she got out her bow and arrows. Aiming three arrows at him and firing. Then firing another arrow beneath her into the tree as she caught herself. Swinging back up and landing on the ground without breaking anything. No longer having the advantage of the trees as she was now on the ground facing the alpha. Taking a stance as the arrows she had aimed at him earlier had missed him as he dodged.

The arrows weren't purposely trying to hurt him but to stall him as one exploded in his range causing some of the trees to catch fire and fall. The demoness wary of her surroundings went to try and make another break for it. Even though the chances of getting away were slim she was taking everything accounted for. As the small chances were the way to escape. She wasn't going to give him the privilege of stalling for his pack to arrive as that would spell out more trouble.

The Alpha would smile with delight as he watched his attempt to slow her down was successful as the branch snapped below her and started to cause her to fall to the ground below. But what he did not expect would be the fact that she suddenly was able to recover mid-air as she retrieved her weapon and began firing a volley of arrows at him. As he charged, he would bring up the side of his sword in a swinging motion in front of him, allowing the first arrow to smack into his blade as it ricochets away from him and slammed into a nearby tree where it exploded. He would then bring his shoulder guard upward as the second arrow smacked into it, dinging from the hardened steel while he rolled to the side to dodge the third from hitting him. Even though the attack caused him to stagger a bit, she was now in his playing field as they landed onto the ground as he proceeded to go into a fast run. But as more arrows were fired into his direction, he would quickly adapt to his ranged adversary as with one powerful hand he would pick up half of a tree that had fallen nearby and held It up to him as a makeshift shield to stop the arrows in their tracks as he continued his relentless chase of the outsider.

It was clear that he was growing annoyed with this outsider as the arrows thumped into the solid wood of his makeshift shield before he thought of his next plan as he used his strength to hurdle the trunk towards his prey. But here is where he would hope their perception would be their downfall as they focused on the wolf chasing them, he would throw the log purposefully over her head. This would cause the log to become an obstacle that if not paying attention would be her downfall. Even though he was beginning to run out of time in his attempt to capture the woman, it was clear that he had no intentions of stopping. This woman had come into his lands and stolen from it, he only saw a criminal and an outsider with a heavy debt to pay for the theft and now the destruction of the forest that they caused. He knew if he would catch her, they would regret the day they ever thought they could enter the wolf's territory not phased. This whole ordeal was like a cat and mouse chase. The wolf chasing the demoness as she was clearing trying to escape its claws. And she was barely doing that. This alpha wasn't like any alpha being she had dealt with before as he was cunning and clever with his skills and uses of the forest. And he was getting irritated the more she fought with him. And her firing arrows were only leading to her disadvantage even more.

Only a few meters away from the borderline and she would be home free. She was so focused on that she didn't realize that he had thrown the half tree in front. Catching it by the last split of a second. The demon's bow changed into a scythe. Using the blade and attached it against the tree and swinging her body around it. There wasn't enough time for her to completely deflect her movements and she completely lost balance and control. Leading to her tumbling to the ground with her leg twisting in a bad way. Rolling and then slamming against a tree as she fell to the grassy floor. Holding her leg in pain as she pulled and damage some muscles and nearly fractured her bones. Her weapon falling several feet away from her, leaving her completely weapon-less. Despite her being in pain she was now trouble with the alpha now coming towards her with anger and the look to show no mercy with her despite her being a female. She growled in pain as she tried sitting up, pulling out a dagger as he got close and tried to stab him with it. Even though she knew this was useless, but she wouldn't go down without a fight. He deflects it with his sword easily, but she had resolved and determination and continued to strike at him, not letting him get a moment to rest. Her brow sweating from the pain she was dealing with and the how she put in a lot of energy and magic to try keep him at bay. But the more she attacked, the sloppier her attacks became, leaving a lot of openings for him to strike.

The chase was finally at its end as the wolf watched the demoness topple over and lose her balance. Only to end up injured in the leg as she now was finally in his grasp as he jumped onto the trunk, he used to finally end this chase and leaped down onto the ground in front of her. Panting heavily as his fangs were borne at her with his sword tightly clenched into his hand. He would rush to the demoness as she put up what she no doubt felt like would be her final stand with dagger in hand. Fighting through the pain as she trusted that tiny, edged weapon towards him. The Alpha would easily bring his blade up and deflect each of the blows as if he was now toying with the woman. But soon something would happen that no doubt would chill even the hell fiery heart of the demon, he would begin to smile as he brushed off attack after attack Soon, he would catch the woman's blade in his guard and would fling it away from her, sticking into a nearby tree. Once the opening provided itself, he reached out and grabbed her by the throat, lifting her off her feet and slamming them into a nearby tree. He would lean in close as he stared into the discussed Daemon as he slowly sniffed her and let out a low growl, "You are not from here woman. Reveal your true form before I run you through and impale you to this tree." He would command in a deep and angered tone, waiting to hear her response as his eyes glanced over their body.

This demoness really was going to be a pain in this alpha's side as even when her last thing was thrust out of her hand, and she was now pinned. Completely trapped by him she didn't dare falter as his demanding tone and demeanor didn't frighten her. Having dealt with difficult situations as he threatens her with impaling her. Scoffing in his face as she glared back at him. "Why would I do a stupid thing like that? Might as well impale me, canine. Get it over and done with. Not like I can die from it anyway" She muttered out glaring back at him as his threats were useless as a demon was more than capable of dealing with excruciating pains as their bodies were meant to last. Making it hard to kill them. She didn't like how that smile he gave early gave her the chills. But he was one son of a bitch if he was able to make her body flinch from just that expression. "Never did I say I was from here. Save yourself the trouble and just try to end me now. I rather not have an audience as my life leaves me." She joked as her eyes continued to glare at him as his eyes wondered her body. Despite how rough it had been the demoness body was very pleasing to look at. Very developed as she had nice curves, smooth skin, nice size breasts that weren't too big to grasp. And she had a fighting spirit in the face of danger. Not many females now a days had that. Well not any he might have encountered that last so long in his presence. Roth would look to the demoness as he held her against the tree. Listening to how fearless they were about death and simply asking him to end it right then and there for her. But what she didn't expect would be a light chuckle leaving the wolf's maw as he spoke up in his low tone as he sheathed his sword.

"Oh no my dear little outsider, I don't plan on killing you. Your fighting spirit would be put to such a waste if I were to simply kill you. Your athletics, your resilience, your...body. All of that would be put to a pathetic waste if I were to just simply give your body to the forest. Oh no I have just the perfect Idea for you~" The Wolf would remark with a slight hint of lust in it as he let his free hand slowly move up, using a clawed finger he would press it against the female's belly as he slowly tracked it up her body. Tracing up the middle of her chest and then around one of her breasts as he grabbed hold of it as he gave it a light squeeze. His fangs would slightly showed as he gave a low and lust-filled laugh as he slowly took his plan into motion.

The demoness waited for what he was going to do next Never really expecting him to sheath his sword. But his demeanor and expression changed. Seeing and hearing the hint of lust from his eyes and voice she knew exactly what was going to happen. Of all the things instead of death this alpha was going to screw her. Just perfect. She thought glaring harder at him. She struggled in his hold trying to be released as he groped her breast. She growled in warning as her tail hairs stood up on end. Not exactly happy on what he was about to do. "You damn males. If it's not about killing you replace it with sex when it comes to a female.." She muttered out and groaned as she moved her injured leg which was not good. He had a nice tight grip on her keeping her placed against the tree seeing his larger body come closer to hers.. "I am not a fucking succubus...Let me go!" she yelled at him wanting to change back to her demon form now but her power was still replenishing itself so that would take some time. Seeing as she still had some fight in her would prove to be more attractive as other females would have been crying at this point and begging for mercy. "I swear I'll rip your damn genitals off and shove them down your throat so you can fucking chock on them..." She threatens baring her smaller cute fangs at him. The Alpha simply laughs at the Daemon's remarks and feeble attempts to struggle against him. All of this was only bringing him more delight and made him even more eager to have her pay the price for entering his forest as he moved the hand that was on her breast and wrapped it around her throat as he squeezed just enough to limit her breathing as he kept his body propping her back against the tree as he spoke. "You threaten so much, and yet you are the one who has been bested. I honor your attitude of never surrendering and I promise that from one warrior to another, this will be enjoyable for me at least~" He would snicker at the last part as he soon forced her muzzle against his as he kissed her deeply. His warm breath exhaling out of his nostrils and across her exposed face and neck.

Soon his free hand would go right to work on taking what was his, His claws tore into what clothing the demoness had on her, letting what clumps of clothing she had as they fell to the ground. Once her body was fully exposed, he would simply toy with the little daemon as his hand moved to her crotch, moving his thumb right to her clit as he pressed his digit right down onto it. Rubbing their clit in a slow circular motion as he no doubt would start to feel her body betraying her. His own heart beginning to pick up pace as his body began to heat up and repair for mating. He would break away from their kiss for one second as he let out a lustful growl and spoke "Mmm~ My dear I can feel your body warming up to my touch. You should let your body free itself and just let it out, my dear. You might just enjoy it~ or not, either way, I'm going to enjoy leaving my mark on you!" Oh, she wanted to punch that smirk right off of his arrogant face. As he seemed to be enjoying her struggling and refusing to obey him. Probably had enough of willing bitches before. So, his interests would fall on any female that put up a fight and was not afraid of backing down. He now had both hands wrapped around her throat and tighten his grip making it harder for her to breathe.

He was going to have to do more than that to make her give in. Having went into other species territories where she literally fought to stay alive. He had completely changed his motive. If she were a male, she would have been long dead, well that is if he could take down a demon, that is. Each species or race had an alpha or dominating being, considered to be the leader. But if another leader from another land was to challenge and overpower that leader than they would be superior. Such events haven't happened recently due to everyone being sectioned off into large spaces. Giving no reason for others to cross over, well unless you were a fugitive or rogue like this demoness here. What the demoness was not suspecting was that he would force a kiss on her. The last thing she was expecting was him performing such an action when he was going to force her to have sex. Not liking how things were turning out as her body was now exposed to his. Her smooth skin that in certain places had tattooed markings, like carvings against her skin. Some wrapping around like vines and producing flowers, while on in particular would catch and eye on her stomach branding her as a fugitive. She was an outlaw in the demon kingdom. One who was dangerous to her own kin and was not welcomed.

She growled no longer able to take more of his actions and bit his lips forcing him to pull away. Her small teeth and fangs managed to draw blood from his lips. She growled with hatred in her eyes despite her body betraying her as he fondled her. "What's the point in allowing you to see my satisfied and pleasure face and hear my sounds? I am not willing. And you can't force it out of me. And I have been with 'bigger' males, compared to you... You seem like a little pup" She insulted, clearly mocking him. Trying to rally him up as she couldn't do much else. The wolf couldn't help but let out a delightful laugh as he pulled away from the little disguised demoness sank her fangs into his lip. However, he would not be upset or mad at her, quite the opposite as his tongue ran across the part of his lips that was bit. Soon looking right into their eyes as one of his hands quickly released free from around her neck as he spoke up in a low, hungry tone. "My dear sweet little outsider. Mmmhmhm you fail to understand the magnitude of the station at hand. I am going to take what is owed to my people out of your body the best way I have for someone with such...assets as yours~ And don't you worry too much my little treat, I'm going to make sure you never forget it." He would snicker as that hand of his slowly began to slide down to the collar of their top before ripping it away. He then would move down to their bottoms before tearing those off as well. Leaving them now completely naked and exposed as she was still pinned to the nearby tree. He would let out a guttural growl of pure desire as he then slowly moved his hand down to the now exposed and soft slit that was her pussy. Letting his two middle digits slowly slip into position right above their clitoral hood before pressing down and underneath it to lightly pinch and fondle their clit as he snickered. "Mmm such a beautiful body~ if this were your real form, I could see you being the mother of many of my pups~ but for now breaking your mind a little is good enough for me~" His tone of voice pissed her off very much so as her eyes burned with hatred for the male that held her by her will. If she had the energy and magic powers back, she would have wiped the floor with him. But she still hadn't recovered yet. And her leg was hurting even more with the position they were in. She gritted her teeth to keep from crying out in pain.

"You are one sick fuck.."She muttered through her teeth as he fondled her body. His claws would go from her neck to her breasts. He groped them before his head lean down and licked over them. Getting a taste of her before things got even more heated. Sweet of course didn't like him touching her in a way as he seemed to be enjoying this. Her body shuddered as he rubbed at her clit and folds. He sure was trying her. She wanted to strip him completely of his pelt and wear it like a coat once he commented about if the form, she was in was real, he would have no doubt try and impregnate her with pups. Even if she had been born like him or his females, she wouldn't have birth him a damn thing. Scoffing at his last sentence. "Like that is going to happen. But you can try mutt." She insulted him as if beckoning him to get on with it. Breaking the mind of a demon was near to impossible. As not even witches nor wizards were able to find spells for such things to happen. Even the demon race couldn't break their own kin minds.

The wolf would stare right into the demon's eyes with a devilish grin plastered across his muzzle as his fingers continued to fondle her clit for a bit before he would retrieve his fingers before bringing it up to his maw as he took a light whiff before letting out a low chuckle. "Mm such determination and vigor inside of you my little prey, but I can smell your sweet little body is already betraying yourself, soon enough you will break to me and learn your place." The wolf would remark as he paused for a moment before letting that large tongue of his flop out of his maw and drag itself up along the juice covered digit. Letting himself taste just how sweet and intoxicating they were as he then added. "You don't taste like you're a wolf, no no..more sweet, more potent, more..demonic.. It has been such a long time since I've tasted one of your kind in a while."

The Alpha would snicker as that same hand soon moved back down to her crotch. But this time his index and ring fingers would curl slightly as they line up just at the front of the females dripping slit as he flashed a toothed grin before sending them upward. Spreading that tight little entrance wide as he slowly made his way into her tunnel. Their sooth and velvety walls enveloped his digits as they slipped in inch by inch until he was knuckle deep and the tips of his fingers lightly pressed against her cervix. What he did next was something Sweet did not anticipate would happen. And that was he would go down and lick at her entrance. Her cheeks flushed red as her hands went down and tried to push his head away from her opening. Not wanting him to do anything else with his tongue... "Y..you.. bastard!" She muttered and gasped as he shoved his fingers inside of her. This was clearly embarrassing as he was just enjoying this to the fullest. The iris in her eyes shrunk a bit as he described how she taste and mention her demonic background. How he hasn't tasted someone like her in a long time. Now he knew what she was, and she was really in trouble. Trying desperately not to cry out, as that was the last thing, she needed was for him to hear how good he was making her body feel. Her hands manage to move his head back so he wouldn't try anything again with his mouth nor tongue. But this made it harder for her to stand. As she was now balancing on one leg up against a tree with this fully energized male wanting to have a go at her.

Not capable of standing any longer she fell to the ground, which was bad as her leg hurt even more. She cried out in pain as she held onto her leg. Now it was swelling in the spot where it was most likely dislocated. As soon as Sweet lost her balance and came crashing down onto the ground. The wolf was quick to move right back on top of her.

Soon another one of his kin would show up as well, looking to the situation with a toothed grin as he spoke up. "I see you caught our trespasser Alpha, and you're already claiming her. Do you require my aid?" he would remark as he rested his hands on his side. Roth would look over his shoulder as he smirked and simply replied, "Take your rope and tie this little slut's hands to the tree, I don't want any interference while I take what is rightfully mine~" The wolf would nod in agreement to his Alpha's request as he retrieved his rope from his belt before moving around to the top of the little daemon, he would then grab a hold of their arms as he lashed the rope around their wrist and then pulled them up and over her head before lashing them to the tree, leaving only their legs free witch the Alpha would soon grab a hold of and lift up and over his shoulders as a toothed grin came to his face as he looked down to the no doubt soft, and wet clit that was in front of him before looking up to her eyes with a sly grin. "You will break little daemon, and you will do so, soon enough." He would growl before he would force his muzzle back down and his tongue would find its self-slipping right into their slit, twirling around softly inside as it caressed her inner walls now.

Sweet tried to push the damn Alpha wolf off her as he got on top her. Still in pain as he was clearly not caring if she was hurt. Why the hell would he? She growled and her iris in her eyes shrunk when he ordered one of his own to tie her hands to the tree behind her. Even with her hands tied she struggled against the rope making it cut into her skin. But the pain wasn't as bad as when the alpha lifted her legs over his shoulders. She cried out in pain and glared at him with hatred in her eyes. He was enjoying every single bit of this as he was going to make sure she suffered every bit of this. And now there was an audience behind him as he watched intrigued and lust in his eyes. Grinding her teeth shut as she tried to hold back any more noise from them. Not wanting to allow to entertain them more. This position was very much uncomfortable for Sweet as nothing but jolts of pain surge through her being, more so than the pleasure he was giving her.

That was the only thing she could thank for. After the humiliation of that Alpha wolf violating her and left her there covered in his sperm. Sweet was beyond the angered emotions. She wanted nothing but total revenge. And was she going to get it. During the few times she had managed to grab hold of him before they tied her arms up. Her hands contain strands of fur from his body she manages to pull off without him noticing. Her energy and powers came back as she forced herself to relocate her leg before getting up and leaving the wolf territory. For now. There was going to be something big soon, so the alpha wasn't going to know what hit him...

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