1 Out of the ruin and into the ruins.

"5 years have passed since the Jedi temple was ripped to shreds and Anakin betrayed the Jedi order, I once looked up to him as my Hero. He helped the Jedi hold back the droid army and he was one of the few Jedi that were not afraid to act, it seems that it stems towards murder of children as well. I believe that it was not his fault but the fault of the order for not teaching him to not give into temptation. "

Max was speaking to a holocron that he had kept with him since he had found it 5 years ago in the ruins of the old parts of Coruscant, the holocron spoke to him and lead him to its location. Once he picked it up, his mind was invaded and the bones in his body were changed drastically. it was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Once he awoke form the pain, vasts amounts of information was floating around in his head, it ranged from the old locations of the Sith order to the Eternal Alliance and everything in between. He learned of the locations of the Outlander's vaults, the Outlander was the last person who united both Jedi and Sith to create an order that ruled the galaxy, keeping both the Empire and Republic in check.

Max was in love of the idea that an order that had both the Light and the Dark sides of the force managed to work together for a large period of time. He wished that it had never ended, that the cooperation between the light and dark was still possible. He decided that no matter what, he would attempt to bring the Eternal Alliance back and balance the galaxy once more.

The Holocron also warned Max about hidden threats in the vast unknown regions, they included the wreckage of Iokath that had super weapons hidden in vaults, the emperor known as Vitiate who was allegedly killed by the Outlander and a being known simply as Abeloth. It told Max that in order to survive he would need to understand the knowledge he was given and understand what it meant to balance both sides of the force.

Max smiled as he recalled the last 5 years he had spent training in both the light and dark sides of the force, according to the holocron he was Knight level in both the dark and Light and it was now safe for him to leave the ruins. The holocron would often speak to Max but only while he slept, this lead Max to think that it was either genuinely speaking to him or his loneliness had driven him partially mad.

He enjoyed the fact that he didn't know which was the case, he had trained in the 7th lightsaber form that the Holocron had shown him, he was far from mastering the form however he had made outstanding progress considering he had never held a lightsaber.

"That night has haunted me every time I close my eyes, I was the only survivor, I have lived in the ruins and under city for the last 5 years. I have ran from clones and killed my fair share of people but no more, I will rise from the ruins, I will rebuild the Eternal Alliance from scratch if I need to. Step one is to access the vault on a planet known as Odessen somewhere in the unknown regions. Well I guess step one will be to get a ship to fly me there..."

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