An unknown world
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An unknown world


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What is An unknown world

Read An unknown world novel written by the author Tim.B.Suana on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Barry, a 13 year old boy who wants to enjoy life just like the other kids, but there is just one thing which shatters his dreams. That is his psychic powers which awakened within him at the age of 6. Once he graduates from primary school and is about to enter middle school, he wanted to enjoy one more night to stay up late to do things that he wanted to do. Suddenly, he found himself to be unusually sleepy and fell in a deep sleep. Then, he finds himself to be in another world which is quite similar to his world. But in this other world, there is magic and all sorts of magical beasts and mystical beings. Follow the adventures of Barry as he ventures into this unknown world, which will change both his life in the reality world and the unknown world. Enjoy! Note: Any names, places, events, incidents, company names, trade names, etc. which bears any resemblance in reality are entirely coincidental.

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Hello there, I am just here to give anyone who wants to read the review section first before reading the first chapter of this novel. The reason why I am here is because I am going to write down the lists of tags under this novel. Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Magic, School, Supernatural, Paranormal, Mystery, Slice of Life and Romance.


(Review intended for anyone who wants to read reviews first before checking out a book) This is just written by me for anyone who wants to read more information about this novel before reading its first chapter. Here are some warnings and advices before reading this novel: ~ In some parts of the chapters might contain some disturbing scenes which includes blood and gory and as it is also under horror category, so be prepared for some jumpscares, truly disturbing horror scenes, scary depictions in the form of text, terrifying actions by any of the characters (including the main character), ghosts and much more. ~I advise anyone who thinks this will be an isekai novel should probably drop that thought now as it is not going in that direction. ~ Any stunts that are performed by the characters in this novel are advised not to practice it at home or at any place at all as it is dangerous and may pose a threat to your health and safety.


I am just writing this review as a brief introduction of the novel and what to expect from this novel. I don't really think I need to introduce who is the main character of this novel and his background as you will be able to read that in the first chapter. So I am just going to tell you that the story from the first chapter to the latest chapter, it would be one thrilling ride as you will be mind blown by how the story progresses and realize that the story in the first 21 chapters is only a small part of the beginning of a much bigger event and will have more mysteries in the second 21 chapters. **What to expect from this novel: • Main character has psychic powers • Adventures • Mysteries behind all the actions of the characters. • Action-packed story • Horror • Supernatural • Paranormal


I am just writing for anyone who wants to read this review. For anyone who likes to read the reviews of a book before reading the first chapter, you are welcomed to read my review of the story first. The novel An unknown world is a story about a boy named Barry, who is a 13 year old with psychic powers. The story plot may be confusing for anyone at first, but that is what the author intended to do to make it as a mystery. But before anyone of you could even say that this novel might be categorized in the 'isekai' category, I would like to urge you to drop that thought as it is not really going in that direction. But it is merely a part of the beginning of the story. So if you want to know what are the lists of tags for this novel, someone else will be helping me with that.


The story of the novel is truly worth reading. I would like to recommend this novel to all the readers out there who has nothing to read for now. If you truly enjoyed reading the novel and want to support it, the author of the novel is more than welcomed to invite you to support it. It wouldn't really matter if you don't want to support it, the author wouldn't force you to do so. As long as you have read it and (at least) give a comment about it would make the author happy enough.


This review is written for anyone who likes to read reviews first before reading the first chapter of a novel. I am writing this as a purpose for anyone to figure out if they are these types of readers. Plus, it is also to say for whom this novel is intended for:~ • Fantasy genre book readers • Action genre book readers • Mystery genre book readers • Supernatural genre book readers • Horror genre book readers • Romance genre book readers • Thriller genre book readers


Great job of making a nice novel, dear author! Please keep up the good work, author! As long as you don't drop the novel, we will keep on supporting your novel! This absolutely deserves the 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Are you bored in your head because you have got nothing to read? Don't know what to read, you say? If your answer is yes, why don't you give this novel a try? If you give this novel a try, who knows you might fall in love with it as you read through the novel's chapters. Trust me, I was also one of those who had nothing to read at first. But when I was recommended by one of my friends, I gave this novel a try. And what do you know? I am now a loyal fan and supporter of this novel. So, how about you? Will you give this a try? Well, of course... the chapters available are limited for now. But I am willing to wait for the next chapter. So keep up the good work, author!!👍


This story is truly worth reading! I would like to recommend this 💯 percent to my friends. Great novel!!! 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! Keep up the good work, author!


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It was really worth the time reading this novel. Even though there are not really a lot of chapters available to read, I still enjoyed reading it nonetheless. With just that few chapters available, you were able to hook me up onto the story! Keep up the good work, author!👍


Wow, you made such a wonderful novel indeed! At first, I thought that this would lead to becoming an isekai novel. But it turns out that it is only a small part of a bigger event that will soon take in the future chapters of the novel. This might turn out to be a really thrilling story indeed. Keep up the good work, author!


The Character Design and World Background is fine and Even Though I Only Read A Few Chapters, I Can Also Tell That The Story is Developing Well. But I Have A Few Comments Regarding Some Problems That I Noticed In The Earlier Chapters in the Novel. One, There's No Dialogue Whatsover. Lastly, The Author is giving way too many Details About What's Happening in the Novel All The Time. I Mean, This is The First Time Ever That I Have Seen A Novel With No Dialouge and Just Details and Narrating.


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