1 Chapter 1

Ji-tae wake up don't l-lose your con-scious!!! Hey wakeup! someBODY HELP! HElp us! With that taehyung lost his connection.......

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Taehyung screamed and woke up by sweating hard. Then he looked around and saw it was his room and sighed deeply. His nightmare sometimes made his afraid to sleep. He couldn't fall asleep again now. He looked at the clock and saw he was already late. "Shit"!

Kim Taehyung is one of the most successful businessman of the country. Whatever he wants will be in front of him within a blink of his eye.


Nerd taehyung was walking into his new school and went to principal's office straight to get his schedule. It was his first day in the school and he didn't wanna get into any trouble with anyone here. Besides his one and only friend waved at him from far. She was his childhood friend and grew up together almost for 10 years. Basically she is like a sister to him. When taehyung's mom passed away his family (his dad&himself) shifted to another place in korea it self but far away from where they used to live before. Now they are back to their old place so taehyung and Ji-tae reunioned again. More so (back to school scenario) it seems like people were already busy because of their schedule and classes.

Suddenly, everyone's attention was on certain person and pointing in a particularly direction and almost everyone started whispering. Following everyone's gaze taehyung and Ji-tae saw a girl entering the school hallway and everyone couldn't stop staring at her including taehyung. She was stylish and simply beautiful.

I think she is the most popular girl in this school..., taehyung thought. Taehyung knew she was out of his range like every other girl in this school and he knew he was a basic nerd. Books were only his buddy's besides Ji-tae.

Suddenly ji-tae woke him up from his thoughts by flipping his hair. He smiled at her and she had a question mark face.

Is he staring at Y/n? The most famous and arrogant girl of our school and smiling like a pabo? Ji-tae thought..

Yaa!!! You better avoid her she isn't that good as she looks and besides her boyfriend Mark who always and almost bully everyone here, u better avoid their gang.

Arasseo arasseo, he said and stood with his emotionless face again. Someone from behind suddenly came and pushed taehyung and he fell onto the ground.

??? "Hello shithead"!!!

Taehyung was surprised and didn't knew what to do or say and he didn't even know who this guy is and why he pushed him. Ji-tae helped him to get up and stand on his feet..

??? Seems like a new shithead nerd is here and what were u looking at before?? And people and started gathering around.

I was n-not looking at any-thing before n-nothing. Taehyung got little scared as be never fought in his life before.

?? Look here shithead my name is Mark and Y/n is mine.. Understood? U keep your damn eyes off her.!! Understood? He looked at taehyung angrily.

Y-yes'! Taehyung replied and was shaking and afraid of what this guy might do and thinking what ji-tae told his aka about Mark before.

Mark grabbed Taehyung's books which were on floor and threw them outside the window and everyone were laughing and Mark just went away while whispering "She will never even look at a nerd like u" which was loud enough that Taehyung could hear.!