It didn't take much incentive after that. He'd taken the liberty to jump through the second balcony, with Lisa still faithfully clinging to his arm, and open the window to his room. Rin doesn't have to explain to the adolescent young inn-keeper the reason why he brought a woman to his room late tonight.

He felt like a burglar who had just taken his share of fortune, going back to his dinky room, while salivating at the prizes he had just stolen.

Lisa has claimed her spot beside the rather small and humbling plain white bed of his. Rin sweated nervously.

"I- I think I'll take a shower before this! I must be stinking for all of that hard-work today haha…"

"And where are you going? There's no bathroom as far as I recognized this area," She must have enjoyed the way he squirmed around under her charm, "Unless you plan to take me there. Claimed me then in front of the Public. Of course, fufu~"

The way her sweet, melodic, voice echoed through the end of his ear made the throbbing harder. He gulped.

"Hey, Lisa… are you serious with this… there's no going back." Here stood a woman he barely recognized a few moments ago, and she'd willingly throw herself at him.

"Are you getting a cold foot now? What a shame -I've prepared myself too you know" She stood up, her figure a head shorter than him, but it didn't relent her to look up to his face. Her finger traced the firm muscle beneath that white cloth.

His reasoning has taken its toll. Screw consequences.

Slowly, his hand, guided by the act of instinct, felt the smothering heat. Shakily, he traced the slim waist of hers, feeling up the soft-smooth and silky skin beneath the purple-colored fabric until he gradually relaxed. Rin felt the warm breath -equally sweet tasting as her scent, reminding him of the wine she drank before; his hand then peered below, coping with the plentiful derriere.


With her ample breasts heaved against his chest, she moaned on the ministration of her bottom as Rin kneaded it experimentally, gently, fondling each of its fleshy textures. The jittery gasping furthered his added lust as his other hand peered further below until it fell beneath its crack; the flirty woman is unsurprisingly wearing so little beneath her sexy-witch dress as the thin fabric separating her womanhood from being exposed is being played by his finger. Lisa too had embraced the man she chose.

"Hya~h… ahh... Enjoying yourself now… aren't yo- hmp-!"

Rin chose to reply by pushing the buxom woman against him; shutting her lips down, meeting the membrane which tasted intoxicatingly -She'd to nudge her feet forward so he could claim her lips; her generous breasts heaved erratically at his treatment -the man barely stopped both of his appendages, caressing any of her sweet-spot below, earning a steady but muffled moan against the deep kiss he gave.

He growled until his lungs began to burn before breaking his venture -gazing into Lisa's half-lidded eyes -and then kissed her again; the older man never stopped his hand, a finger entrenched deep into her womanhood, and the fabric of her panties followed inside.

Both were satisfied with their remarkably innocent smooches, but a tongue began to prod on their partner's orifices. Lisa didn't want to stay on the passive sides -her tongue invading Rin's cavity -but her composure crumbled the moment Rin touched a particular spot in her womanhood, rubbing it erratically.

"Hya~ mmh… mh… mh… not… hm~ … there…"

Rin intrinsically knew that when a woman demanded to stop, they wanted it to progress further. He rubbed erratically at a particular spot within her womanhood, which is surprisingly shallow, but Rin didn't think further as he assaulted the Librarian with renewed vigor.

Her sweet moan made him to unconsciously stroked his throbbing crotch against her damnable fat thighs. She soon gripped at his waist as her life depended on it, and he felt that it'd become hard to move his finger as her insides contracted and wet juices started to burst from her inner chamber.

Rin saw the half-listless eyes the generous woman has -he brings his hand, cupping the edge of her chin and tucked it forward in a lock of deep kiss. The lewd moans muffled as their lungs burned and the sexy Librarian reached her orgasm.


She saw stars. The thrill had come too close.

Her grip grew weaker as their tongues parted -she fell to her bottom and her large hat fluttered across the room; her generous chest visibly hefting up and down at the pleasurable sensitivity she just felt. A pool of liquid had gathered beneath her. The Librarian raised her head, gazing heatedly at Rin.

The man was about to pick her up but a purple shock came from the witch. He gasped at the burning sensation on his waist as he fell to the bed.

"Fufu~ That's what you get when I tell you to stop but do not stop." The witch-woman panted. Her smirk muddled with the crazed-eyes she got; Rin swore he saw a lovestruck symbol on her meadow-green eyes. She licked her lips, straddling him above his crotch: "Now Big Sister can't take hold of it anymore. You get this now, Rin, don't you?"

He gulped and nodded hurryingly but a pain came to his chest as he saw another purple zap in his vision. The She-witch giggled, but he could only lay there submissively as the position had been switched.

"Now let's see the restless beast hidden here. Hehehe~"

Lisa passionately rubbed the throbbing member still covered in the thick fabric he wore -noddingly satisfied with the current state until Rin painfully groaned at her latest treatment; clearly deriving enjoyment from his struggle.

Lisa giggled again; her head closing in on his crotch, using her deft finger to search for the knot that tied his pants. It came undone as the Librarian peeled the trousers like it was an expensive treat.

It slapped to her face. Gasp. Lisa remarkably wide-eyed at the sight and her ragged breath couldn't be concealed anymore. "Fufu~ What a splendid member. I can't be more disappointed than this."

She cupped the tip forward, blowing it; earning a pleasurable gasp from the old man as it twitched against the cold air. Lisa didn't stop there -daintily, her finger traced each of its veins, teasing it up in a fixed motion until another zap could be heard from Rin's ears.


"Impressive. It managed to get larger. Fufufu~" Lisa cupped her cheek, laughing mischievously at the trembling member of his.

"Get over it, woman."

"Well, well, be patient… The reward is coming soon."

He felt the cold air as Lisa stood up -he didn't dare to open his eyes as fearing it would earn him the sight of another purplish shock. Inwardly, Lisa was her limit. Her womb was aching with terrible need from the beginning -something struck her inner-switch. his pheromone had thoroughly intoxicated her.

She loves the moment every time she's able to trace the firm muscle in his chest, lining its abs, and nuzzling his beard. Her below drenched at the deliberate action - something she believed would derive the greatest pleasure both of them could experience.

Lisa ripped her panties with a swift application of her vision. Her hazy, muddled mind had made her to not be able to think so clearly. Only the needless sensation so her naughty hole could be stretched, filled to the brim, and until her womb couldn't contain any more of his fertile seed as it splotched outside, emptying the disgustingly bloated stomach, with her panting like a dog beneath its weight; only to see the sun rise and they would do it again and again.

The witch leaned forward, her hand backward-grasping the engorged cock and lining it up in her pure and prized sanctum. "H-ah!" The tip begins to sunk in but was met with fierce resistance, Lisa could only gasp in amazement that it barely fit inside her.

Rin growled, seeing the fumbling Lisa with his cock - the man quickly shot his hand, straddling her waist, and demanded the tip of his raging member be let-in inside her vehemently tight door. "Hy-amph~!" Her pussy secreted more juices in response; Rin moved his hip in a short-burst -battering the door in quick motion until he could lodge the tip inside -her hefty bottom jiggled about and Lisa tensed, her back arched -once again seeing stars to her vision. She'd cummed for the second time, each more pleasurable than before.

Her orgasm had made it easier for Rin to progress further - the man bucked his hips and battered whatever resistance she'd remained, plunging a fourth of his dick length as he felt the motion tore something inside her. Rin quick to come to realization.

"O-oi Lisa don't tell- mmph."

The Librarian shushed him forward with a finger on his lips. "Just for you." She closed half of her eyes and smiled mischievously -this news only redoubled Rin vigor as he forcefully thrust his hip to her womanhood once again; claiming, marking, and declaring, the woman as his.

"Hya-hk… mm!" She moaned, gasping at his rough motion. Lisa was far too accommodating in his advances as the older man beneath her was bathed in her squirting juices to ease the pleasurable pain she felt from being deflowered.

No one would reproach her advances, despite her appreciatively blessed figure, but her flirty attitude has mostly dissuade any potential suitor to pursues her any longer. The union between her and Rin had made her chest tremble in happiness and soon the feeling was translated to the transmitting pleasure that constantly pulsed to her brain, heightening her already sensitive senses.

Rin moved one of his hands to the bountiful chest she had as it heaved up and down at their motion. Their hips conjoined with each other, "Look, Rin, our crotch is glued together so lewdly ah~" The man growled -groping her chest before pulling the dress downward that had kept it hidden so far.

The older man nodding appreciatively at sight. Her nubs were erotically hidden from the puffy areola, but nothing an administration from his hand could handle. Lisa sweetly gasped, her nipple ached; she unconsciously adjusting to the movement of his pelvis, her hand tightly gripping his stomach.

Her walls had crumbled, Lisa groaned in lust as the full length of his member finally sank deep, breaching her inner sanctum repeatedly. Eager to hear her delightfully sweet moans, the older man repeated his motion, burying his dick into her snatch, his shaft fitting snugly inside her certainly-virgin sex. The thought he had deflowered a proud member of the Knights rekindled his motion doubly, eager to claim her as his; shaping her love canal to his own likening.

He pinched the stuff off her pink and fully-erected nipples, now no longer shy, and retracted into her breasts, earning another sweet gasp from Lisa.

"Hya~ Ha… Ha… Hamp-!" The Knight Librarian heatedly mounted him, eager to pierce herself upon his spear; her fold retracted pleasurably on his dick, mind-numbingly massaging the throbbing shaft as he pounded her balls-deep to meet her eager motion. "R-Rin, H-harder… Harder… Hya-ahh."

He redoubled his effort - the sound of slapping lewdly echoed across the room, matched only by the constant moan coming from the enchantingly beautiful Librarian. Her face flushed and mind muddled in terrible neediness; she loved every stroke of his shaft against the wall of her pussy as it stretched to its limit, adapting to Rin large member.

She knows she can no longer be satisfied with anyone else nor would she have the thought to do so. He's mine. He's mine. He's mine. He's forever mine. Lisa delightfully met the thrust of his hip – She can't let go of him; she'd tasted the forbidden fruit. Not with this pleasure pounding deep every single day, every time her loins ached. The Librarian kept secreted her love juices as she'd a constant blissful orgasm every-time her partner breached the door of her womb.

The man beneath her drawled - a growing pulsing of his cock inside her snatch, foretelling a beginning to her. His thrusts quite quickly sped up, losing their slow but deep thrusts in favor of stronger, faster ones – the ensuing slaps of flesh muted only mildly by Lisa's panties, the muffled smacks of flesh just as lewd as they would've been otherwise. She trembled achingly, "Hol-.. haa… my… hand Rin!" The man still complied in his jittery rushes, letting go of her large and pillowy tits, and grasping her hand as they held tight together.

Rin groaned as the Witch suddenly got tighter, her walls conforming to the shape of his cock and smothering him with her wet heat, encouraging him to buck his hips harder and pound the Librarian-girl raw, loving the naughty smacks of her tender but spongy flesh. Thigh muscle clenching accordingly with the amount of meat she packed inside; Lisa moaned rousingly in response, the sound of skin slapping together rapidly rising in tempo. Rin fucked the sexy-librarian as she was the last woman on the planet -heat rising up but he didn't resist it; he gritted his teeth in a groan.

"Shit, shit…!" Rin kept thrusting regardless, and finally the heat peaked. "FUCK!"

Lisa moaned to the ceiling, arching her back, hand holding tightly to her new lover. He buckled his hip, penetrating as deep as he could go - the tip of his shaft peeked inside her womb, as dollops of white raw cream erupted inside her, flooding her sacred garden, and planted his seed deep inside. It was the first time he had let out his cum ever since he'd arrived in this world. Instinctively, the she-witch, still in her orgasmic trance, jerked her hips downward -Her lover shaft scraped her innermost wall, intent to milk out every drop of his fertile seed inside her.

The knight-librarian, chest heaving erotically as sweats glistened her silky white skin, shuddering and twitching. She'd fallen from fatigue to his wide and welcoming chest - hands still glued together in spite of it. Her womb had filled to the brim of his baby batter, undoubtedly impregnating her with the sheer amount should she not prevent so - only his large cock prevented and clogging the cum to stay inside; her own orgasm waned along with him.

Rin enjoyed the clenching pleasure as Lisa's pussy still passively tried to coax him out of his seed. He smiled as she approached closer and mashed their lips together - but he was far from satisfied.

"Now get up your ass."

Rin deftly let go of her hand and turned the woman to her stomach as she gasped at the sudden and rough motion. Her womanly body obeyed, rolling over without much resistance as the man raised her ass up, granting him an inhibited view of her glistening bubbly butt-cheek -dick still lodged deep inside as semen trickled between the gaps of their union.

Delightfully he began to work.



"Ah~! Ah… Ah…!"

Lisa panted and gasped, her bountiful breasts flaunted pressingly against the cold window, sharp cries echoing lustfully throughout his room. Rin pounded the buxom she-witch balls-deep from behind, hands on her wide hip, and bubbly cheeks followed by her fat thigh trembled resoundingly to his thrust. Constant slapping, skin against skin, were keep resounding, as Rin railed against the knight-librarian, fueling her with his base desire.

Grunting, the older man, moved his hands to her taut stomach, then easily taking a cupful of her large breasts -Her moan is progressively getting harder as he pinched her lovely inverted, now fully-erect, nipples. She gasped at the feeling -arching her back she shot her lover a needful look as the man only let out a smile and cusped her cheek to give her what she needed.

Her walls clenched tightly despite the numerous abuse his cock thoroughly gave her the whole night, lovingly caressing and stroking each of his lengths.

"I-Inside, please… inside…" She begged with teary eyes and punctuated her gesture with a mini-orgasm to deftly coax him semen out of his robust and reinforced balls.

"Say it louder!" Another of his hands gazed downward, pinching a nub of her clitoris, earning another sharp cry from the buxom-witch. "You want it, do you?! You want it deep and knock you up with a large belly. Say it out!"

"Yes… ah~" She gasped when he flicked her engorged nub, "Fill me with your warmth, darling!"

His hips worked on auto-pilot as he slammed forth against her ass -red mark started to accumulate from the abuse her butt endured. The woman reproached by shoving her ass back with a moan, jerking it so his shaft could rhythmically reach the deepest part of her.

Rin shoved forward as Lisa could feel his breath just beside her. He growled into her ear, biting into her earlobe. "Hya~" The woman had too many sensitive spots or maybe it was just him. Rin couldn't complain as he nibbled on her soft flesh, loving the way she moaned and trembled in his ears.

"Please, fill me already…" Her moan progressively grew needier and Rin refocused his pelvis so it met with her movement. He groaned at the sudden tightness, indicating that she was about to reach another climax. He held her hand and used the other to turn her head backward, cusping her chin, and claimed her lips in a deep kiss.


He buckled with the final thrust as her womb sloshed at another batch of deliveries knocked into its needy hole. "Hyammmph~!" Lisa sweetly moaned and her walls clamped against his throbbing shaft - a trickle of cum leaked out of her tightening hole into the wooden floor as it couldn't contain more of his thick dollops of cream. The two of them groaned tiredly and slumped against each other to the surface, raggedly panting with members still refusing to be apart.

He took another deep breath and embraced the whimpering moan Lisa -her eyes lidding to exhaustion but satisfied after a night of an almost endless session with her new lover.

Then, without warning, Rin grabbed her hips, yanked her around to face him - and balls-deep inside her again.

"Hy-Hyaah!" Lisa's eyes bulged at the almost endless drive of the man above her. Her mind melted and her womb lowered when she felt the weight of the man above her. Rin silenced the mewling Lisa with yet another kiss, forcing his tongue inside her cavity.

Her body jerked, and her inside spasmed at the forceful thrust -moaning lustfully as he roughly and rapidly pounded her; her back flattened against the drenched wooden floor. The constant orgasm had left them both very sensitive as his dick blazed and blitzed forward to her quivering womanhood -semen constantly sloshing out each time he pounded the woman into submission.

''M-Mmyaah~!'' Lisa cried into the kiss, their lips jerking apart from the force of his pelvis-smacking thrusts.

Until soon he couldn't press on and bottomed out again, a mini-orgasm washing over him as the buxom witch clenched tight, and came too – crying out into his mouth as she climaxed.

For hours they kept on doing it. He pushed her onto her front. He carried her around whilst he fucked her. He bent her over and pulled her hair. He bent her over the drawer. He dragged her into the door and impregnated her over and over again, creampie after creampie filling her womanhood with his seed until it poured out of her.

And by the time the morning came, Rin would wake up on the floor nude with an equally-nude Lisa on top of him, fucked raw by his bestial, drunken lust.

Though the most embarrassing aspect was when they woke up, and after apologizing profusely, the first thing she said, demurely with an innocent blush, was-

''It's alright... I've always wanted to have a family...''

His world flipped from a single meeting - in the blink of a single night.