Outside, in the street.

Rin asked the guard where he can sell most of the trinkets he found, and he was directed at a pawn shop adventurer and traveler often use in the city. He doesn't know the general price of the goods in this world as such he let himself to be immersed inside the busy market to gleam some information.

The coin is called mora, and he still wonders how people carry such large amount of coin and counted them beforehand but apparently there's a card that is able to hold a large amount of the currency like a wallet of sorts.

He just hopes it's not very expensive as it's a magic item and carrying jingling coins everywhere will be such a hassle.

Most of the time he stands and pretends to browse on vendor who sells food and daily necessities. And it can be inferred that ten thousand mora is enough to live sparsely for a week if you cook food yourself.

He paid that full amount for lunch in the Good Hunter with Klee before… but the food is good enough so he hopes he can splurge from time to time once he finds a stable job, though he prefers it's not very constricting as he needs to find a way to activate the compass.

The adventure guild seems to be lucrative opportunity and depending on their policies it may suit his lifestyle, but he will check that out tomorrow.

For now, he goes in the general direction of the guard pointed where the pawn shop is located. The place is located beside the main street so it was rather easy to find.

He sold all the accessories and trinkets he found, and it netted him a good thirty thousand. They also sold the mora card for fifteen thousand and surprisingly a magic pouch that had been enchanted with spatial engraving making it able to hold more item contradicting its small size.

He bought the small variant for ten thousand after haggling the price. It has the size of a small satchel and he ties it on his utility belt near where he stored his sword. The shopkeeper said it can hold as many items as one barrel's worth but has the risk of the content spilling out if handled poorly since it's pretty cheap for a magic bag standard.

He was fine with that. Rin knows the pain of a soldier who used to carry weight up to 90 kilogram or about 200lbs in long combat patrols that could last for weeks or months. Not to mention if your teammate was injured, you're expected to carry their sorry asses alongside the extra baggage.

Merely being able to hold that considerable amount and not having to feel the weight is already a godsend for his sense who was just ordinary earthling before.

Other than the convenient magic item, Rin also bought a set of underwear, surprisingly this world has jeans so he bought that too, alongside a suspender and also a white second-hand button-up shirt. He can't wear his uniform all day long, can he? It's not like he's some kind of fictional character that could sustain themselves with only one set of clothing.

After being satisfied with his purchase, Rin goes to the lower district to search for an Inn. He was tempted with the one on the upper but ultimately refrained since he's not sure how long his money can last.

Wandering around the busy street, Rin finally found one Inn. It's located at the eastern wall of the city just beside the street. A wooden sign with carving of a bed is telltale enough for him.

The building appears clean and pristine enough that he didn't doubt the quality. It's not like he had much to complain about with the amount of money he currently has.

A bell rang when he opened the door.

There's a young girl manning the desk behind. She looks having fun scribbling something into her book as Rin approached the desk.

"Hello and welcome! How can I help you?"

It didn't take long for the girl to notice his footsteps.

"Are there any rooms available?"

"Certainly, sir." The girl smiled amiably, "I assume you want a single room? How long will you stay?"

"Uhm… before that, how much does the Inn charge for a single night?"

"Well we have discounted prices if you plan to stay longer, but for a single room it's usually four thousand mora apiece, including breakfast and dinner, also we have free laundry service! As for the bathroom, we have neither, but don't worry, there's a public bath within five minutes walking distance from here if you need to wash yourself. Payment upfront!"

He mulled it a bit longer before nodding. "I'm not sure how long I will stay, but how do ten days sound?"

"I certainly understand. We can extend the time if you wish so. Ah, where's my manner, I'm Maria, besides me there's also my Older sister in case I'm absent from the front desk."

"My pleasure, I'm Rin."

"Then Mister Rin, I hope you enjoy your stay. I'll guide you to your room."

Honestly, he was taken aback with how mature and professional Maria is. Girls surely tend to mature faster after all. Thinking along, he followed the petite statured teenage after paying the agreed amount.

The place is well maintained despite the simplistic decoration and furniture. Though one thing is for certain, the owner sure loves potted plant and carpet.

"Please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything."

Maria then left him alone after handing him the key. He turns the knob. A bed with a small table besides it, clothing hook, and a few cabinets for storage. He found a few candles inside it. There's a window overlooking the main street below.

He knocked on the wall. Yep, it's thick enough, so noises shouldn't transfer easily between. He's already given a high evaluation so far for the inn.

His luggage is fairly light consisting just a few clothing articles he bought earlier stored safely inside the satchel.

"Despite being in a new body, the age is pretty much similar. The backpain has getting worsened since then."

Unclasping the cape and hanging it on the hook alongside the sword belt and hat, he creaked open his old bone by doing light stretches.

It was fun and all until he realizes he already halfway through spending his estimated average lifespan on a normal human being… well if he's still human at all that is. The backpain is merely a phantom pain and not actual ache he felt in his old world.

The body may be old, but the soul stays young.

"I should go to the public bath maria talked about."

While saying that he stored all his belongings to the satchel out of fear of thief. In the corridor, there's installed a mirror. His curiosity reminded him of the state of his unknown appearance.

"Still, isn't this too drastic for bone structure change? I practically changed my race."

He was a pure-blooded Caucasian before, but looking at his face he's certain he's an Asian, a Japanese to be exact.

"Honestly, what is wrong in summoning western people instead you make them Japanese for some reason. Is this how people in other nations felt when Hollywood always had the alien to invade America?"

Though he had to admit he's much more handsome in his new appearance, and not to be narcist or something, in his defense it's not his original face as such at least he had a degree of unbiased view.

The swept-back hair while lush, is already starting to grey out. His beard was neatly trimmed, and all it's a complete three hundred degrees turn. Seriously, is there anything he should hate to whoever summons him to this world?

Satisfied with his curiosity he headed back to the stairs leading down below. He asked Maria who still attended the front desk the direction for the public bath.

"Ah don't forget to come back in time if you don't want to miss out on dinner!"

"I'll keep that in mind."

He nodded at Maria and headed outside. The birds are flocking home, nesting amongst tall roof and windmill as orange sky painted the horizon. The cold wind shifted through the city's corridor and he felt at peace.

The bath is as expected since it's the time where people already wrapped up their today activities was packed with people though not to the point where he has to squeeze himself like sardine in a can.

It's been a long time since he has had a hot bath like this. He shut his ear off from outside noises. Some brats were grinning from ear to ear as they looked at the other side of the wall where the woman section resides.

A time of well-spent youth. Oh, how he missed it.

"At a time like this a cold drink would be nice haaa…"

"Hear hear old man!"


He opened his eyes to see who replied to his muttering. It was the man beside him. A young man with a well-built body, probably an adventurer or similar rough occupation judging from the exterior alone.

"There's nothing to beat the smell of alcohol after a long day of work, right?"

He closed his eyes again. "Maybe."

"What's with that half-assed answer," The young man grinned, "How about we have a drink after this?"

"It's very tempting but I have to refuse."

"Hmm is it your wife or something?"

"Now that's funny. No. I just recently came to this city you see; I need to recover my fatigue or else this old bone would creak endlessly."

"What, it's just like that. If you never taste Mondstadt's best wine then I swear for a sip and then all fatigue will fly away. You'll forget your bones exist hahaha!"

A drink is nice on this cold evening, but he tends to get carried away. "Again, I refuse." He didn't budge a bit although he feels a little bit sorry for the young sod.

"Speaking of which, what's your name young man? I'm Rin."

"It's Bennet."

"Feel good to be young and energetic is it. What are you doing?"

"I'm with the adventurer guild. Haah, and here I thought I would get a drink companion."

"Why are you so desperate anyway, it's not like the pub will be empty of patrons."

"You look strong and I was kinda excited to see someone new…"

"Hahahaha, you're surprisingly innocent, Bennet!" He bottomed up all his amusements in one go, "Next time pick a nice girl instead of this decrepit old man." Tears welled up and he had to stop when another bath-goers gaze landed on him.

"Jokes aside, maybe I'll take on that drinking offer. Not today, certainly." Rin said, "Also, do you have a piece of advice in how making money around here?"

"Money? You strapped on cash or something, old man?" Rin nodded firmly, "Well you can try signing up to adventurer guild since we have always overflown with request and commission. Ah, let me think, right, how about mining sounds? There's a nice mineral deposit east of here and the blacksmith never had enough of them, moreover with the recent dragon attack, the demand for weapons has gone up. Other than that, maybe herb gathering or hunting, the cook and alchemist certainly needs them." Bennett said.

"I'm sure it's not the only option. But I think it's the best option if you don't have enough skill or connection to get a job inside the city."

While it may look like the young man disrespected Rin who had experience years ahead of him, it's practically almost useless in this world. He was formerly a soldier, then an enterprising NEET scum after retiring.

Most of his skills are related to his former job, and he doubt there exists an advanced computer in this world. He has some knowledge in gunsmithing but he's not sure if he can make it without industrial grade machine and chemical. And surely it will be both time and money consuming to experiment.

Rough labor is certainly the only activity he suited currently unless he joins an army of some kind.

"Hmm, I understand. You have my praise, Bennet."

"… thank you." The young man said bashfully. Surprisingly, he's weak in certain areas despite his carefree and outgoing demeanor. Analyzing people had become a certain hobby of his after being cheated once.

Rising up, he covered his lower body and thanked Bennet before making his way to the changing room.

"Next time I'll treat you to a drink."

"I'll remember it, Old man!"

"Haha sure."

He was let out of contention once he was out of the establishment. Seeing the still busy street despite the sun going down, he wonders if there's a brothel somewhere. It's a city of freedom, surely they have one. Even if there is, it's not like he had the money to hire one anyway.

Thinking such thought the old man walk away to the direction of the Inn. He's goal for now is to make money to support his life hood while he's in this world.

Certainly, he was thinking of settling down but not sure after the last disastrous affair he had. It can't be that bad… the average woman here is good enough to make them a top model should they stay in his old world.

Well, let's come what may. The future is uncertain, even for a god like him.

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