In a cold, dark, recesses, corner of a room.

The flicker of monitors adjacently set in front of him was the only company he'd ever had since holing up here since… well it doesn't matter. In spite of the poor and sad condition he lived in, the room is fairly neat without a speck of trash and dust associated with such pond scum who leech to nothing but society without ever contributing anything in returns.

"Sigh, even if you say that… whatever, listen, I don't want to hear any of your bullshit anymore. I will not go back, I will not step outside, I will not meet anyone anymore."

The phone was casually thrown behind him, only lucky to land on the mattress delaying its demise. The person in question ruffled his unkempt hair, sighing before turning his attention to the only escapade he had.

The man has really messy hair, although not very long to the point it's similar to seaweed, but he just couldn't careless of his appearances. His beard too fell into the same state of disregard, and his eyes had grown an eye bead beneath. He cares about superficiality no more unless there's occasion where he has to go outside to the blinding and harsh reality.

Even the portrait hanging beside the wall indicates otherwise. A tall and sturdy man in a suit smiled proudly as his right arm tightly but gently held the woman by his side. It's a wonder why he still kept the trinket. Or maybe he had already forgotten his surroundings that the picture never registered to his mind, not helping him shut off all sources of light in the room.

"Hahh, Dido you're cute as ever…" Muttered the old man, everyone would flinch in disgust if they were in the same room as the man.

"M-Master... I am honored to receive your affections, but... this is most unorthodox..."

He would shamelessly, repeatedly click the mouse button in a certain area of the 2-dimensional woman, earning a special trigger that would cause a fixed reaction from the woman. With a sloven expression he repeatedly harassed the picture.

"Ugh… back to farming I guess, wait for me Dido-chan."

"Thank goodness they added the auto-farming feature, it was such a hassle to level them manually until they reached the level cap."

His head then shifted to the unattended monitor on its side. There are 4 monitors in total atop his desk, three were set up adjacent to each other and the last one was fixed above the center monitor.

The monitor to the left he used to emulate a few gacha games he addicted to. The right he used to browse the internet. The monitor in the centermost he used to play games, or generally anything that required his utmost concentration.

On top is a table of analytical reading and graphs. He'd amassed quite a fortune before turning into a useless NEET by investing in stock and crypto, even today. With the problem he faced with his former lover, thus the trauma he had forcing him to stay indoors. Entrenched with deep misogyny, he carelessly blames the world for his misfortune, and had swear to never date a 3d disgusting woman and to never trust the society who had betrayed him.

Currently, he was playing a game, or to be exact, a visual novel; eroge; dating simulator, or the likes called Dies Irae. He was surprised with the esoteric philosophy presented inside the game, expecting the usual kya kya situation and playing with right hand holding the computer mice and the other one furiously rubbing… another kind of rodent, a beastly one.

Yes, if you're asking. He doesn't wear an inkling of clothing or any kind of articles on his body. 'It would save the water bill,' he defended. Even with his amount of wealth, he came from poor household, and as such he's quite stingy with his fortune. Perhaps also due to this, his former ex never realized the actual wealth he had, and he'd dodged bullet with that one.

"Is there any choice where I don't have to fight Heydrich and join him instead! Ahhh this is frustrating, I kind of agree with his idea."

The old man half-shouted, carried away with the atmosphere the game created. Truly, men never grow inside.

"Ah it would be great if I had those kinds of powers. Creating reality as you wish? Rewriting the universe? That would be great."

"Heydrich why're so manly!? I'm touched to even admit your defeat and congratulate your opponent unlike a certain ancient king goldy who shares your monikers."

In the end, he had already forgotten the original reason why he plays the game but at least he got what he needed.

The game finishes with a black screen.

"Great, now to try another route. At least the H-scene is unlocked once you finish the game."

However, before he was able to click, a great light enveloped his room. He looked below to see some kind of darkness with light outlines sucking half of his feet and dragging him to quagmire. It was as he swallowed by a black-hole.

"Oh crap! You've got to be kidding me! Help!"

He desperately clung to the chair which was mysteriously not getting dragged by the darkness emitting light on its boundary.

However, his struggle is pointless.

"Ahhhh! Let me see my girl for the last time! DIDO!!!!!"

It's only 4 years later that they found the house empty and the computer screen still cracking despite that. Thankfully, the memory was corrupted in that long period, making it harder for the alphabet agencies to track him down.

Not like it was possible in the first place.

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