So one fine morning he decided that he would give Kate boys dress up and so he bought a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and shoes for Kate then he took Kate to a barber and gave her a boy cut.

It never seemed like she was a girl, but Oliver felt happy seeing her. Oliver's gold shop was near to their house, so Kate visited him frequently, Kate even visited markets and other shops to satisfy home needs, she herself would go and shop for the house.

But you know that every child grows up, As Kate grew up accidentally her tooth gave up. Her big sister Lobby fell on her due to which her tooth looked ugly on her face, but Kate was a spirituous and an active girl from her childhood she loved playing basketball.

She used to play basketball every evening and slowly she got tanned. People started making fun of her including her own family members except her father. At times she was broken hearing all this stuff. But she was never disappointed

She was very courageous. Her mom frequently used to scold her but father Oliver always saved her from mom's scoldings but the whole day he couldn't do it. He would come home at nine by that time Kate used to fall asleep. Once when Kate was running in the garden she fell and hurt herself.

So she went to her mom and said that - "mom I've hurt myself while running can u please first aid my wound" At that time mom Anna was very busy so she said - "let's deal with it later kiddo" and then she left from there. Kate felt it to be painful.

So she decided to go to father Oliver but she knew that at this time mom wouldn't allow her but she slowly crept out of the house her sister lobby saw her leaving and said to mom.

There father kept band aid to the wound and sent her back home with some chocolates and toffees. Mom was waiting on the door for Kate and when she came mom said-"Hey my sweetheart where have you been so long dear, tell me." Kate did not reply anything. Anna's BP arose and she took Oliver's belt and bashed her towards the wall.

Kate cried alot that night, but the next morning she was alright. When the sisters were very small they loved each other alot but now they used to make fun of her. Carol hated Kate alot. She never spoke to Kate politely they mostly used to fight. But Kate was close to Daniela.


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