1 Prologue

In 1030

Near London, a man was walking with determination his name was Merlin emery a duke in England he was walking to London to find someone after he got a shocking news from his dead wife margana emery or as the rest of England call her morgana lefay.


we see a man on his knee before him there was a corpse that once was his lord and his best friend Arthur pendragon, and a dying woman that he once loved before darkness took her from him 10-year briar,

Morgana "so, that my end as her eyes was getting more clearer, Merlin thank my love for freeing me from it"

as she saw the crying man who freed her from the darkness her husband Merlin Emrys, she felt her end near she wanted to tell him an important news" my love sorry for causing all this problems for you", he said"NO it was not you, it was that bastard herpo who casted that spell on you which nearly drove you insane" she said"no if I had tried to fight the curse harder it wouldn't end like this "

She continued "before I die i must tell you an important news before I left you I got pregnant and I had a son 9 years ago, which I left the town where we first met" as she said her last words she saw Merlin nearly passed out either from exhaustion or shock in this moment she felt death taking he and she said "thank you, Merlin, for everything" then she closed her eyes for eternity, he said "nooooooooooo"

End of the flashback

Merlin who was walking sadly he said: "sorry Morgana for what I will I do to protect our son I must do it"

AFTER 1 minute ( he teleported )

he arrived at the town which he grow up into and fallen in love with his wife in, when he teleported to the town he felt a trace similar to him and his wife aura, he followed the trace he saw a boy who look like him and have his mother eyes a beautiful green eyes and had the strongest connection to the magic that he has ever seen in children he checked his core by casting a spell he found a shocking thing he found his child core at level 3 he was sure that his child didn't know about magic he tried to cast a spell to determine why his son have a strong core, got the results that because himself and his wife was strong that helped to raise their child cores, while he was checking the boy core he heard, "BOY come now immediately" the boy said"yes father."

He followed the boy to a blacksmith shop after entered the shop he heard the same voice of the child father was reprimanded his son "James why you stayed outside late you know you could be killed by an evil wizard or witch"

the boy who is called James"sorry father I was playing with my friends"

Merlin said"hello are you the blacksmith of this town I remember gorge rose was the blacksmith "the blacksmith said: " yes gorge was my father hello my name is Colin rose the current blacksmith of the town and this my son James rose"

Merlin "sorry for the question is this your son ?"

while he said that he saw the man begin to frown , while he shifted his gaze to his son who was entering the back-store he said"no he isn't my son I found him with my wife 9 years ago he was abandoned in front out house why are you asking????"

Merlin said, "only asking he felt familiar and he don't look like you"the man said,"do you know his parents?"

Merlin said "no he only looks familiar"

They talked few minutes about trivial things Merlin saw James to come from the back door,while James was nearing them. Merlin casted a sleeping spell on Colin while said "sorry for doing it", James saw that and was shocked he said, "what did you do?"

Merlin said " nothing he will be fine after few minutes " then he said "sorry son I must do it for you for our family" He took his staff out and casted a ancient spell to block the child core and his bloodline, then he obliviated his son and casted and casted another spell that was a sleeping spell. After that He left the shop he said"this spell will block the bloodline and the core of his son and descendent for a long time but will keep his bloodline safe for a thousand years"

End of chapter

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