An Experimental school trend. Book

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An Experimental school trend.


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Life suddenly became tough with mom suddenly falling ill and compulsory education is done. now I don't have any money left to join high school. Join Rexa Valarine as she strives for a scholarship at a former all male school for her further education. She is quite but friendly. let's see how she makes so many friends and enemies on her path to finishing higher education. The education system I write might be different from reality as am combining various countries systems. Please bear with it. The places, names and characterization all are plainly my imagination. It doesn't mean anyone. The story belongs to me.please don't copy my work. it's a draft in my brain. I'll try my best to update frequently. not gonna be too lengthy. I hope you will support me in continuing with my writing. do leave reviews,comments. I welcome them wholeheartedly.


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